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Justice Tokidoki chapter 5 . 5/20/2015
Hahaha, I always enjoyed this chapter a lot more than I should have. Seriously. Sora's logic is flawed at times, but here it strikes true to a lot of things that it's hard to refute him, and Riku is the most susceptible to it given his feelings for Sora. So, it's basically a wreck, though admittedly a pretty funny wreck. Hah, poor Riku.

But, as a reader, it was just a lot of fun. What Sora said about love was interesting and something I didn't necessarily catch the first time reading this (cause I was too caught up in other aspects of the absurd idea . . . and the bear analogy. That was too classic). But Sora does have a point there. Love is undefinable and it's been causing humans confusion since we first came around. There are supposedly six aspects of love anyway, including love for family, friendship, acquaintance, physical love, etc, but it is all still love of some type, so Sora isn't wrong there.

Still, it's a pretty messed up idea, not to mention not telling Kairi defeats the purpose of her being unoffended with Sora playing along this line because of his absence of romantic attraction to Riku. But it can't work like that. But it really shows in how Sora feels right in doing this, in the fact that he doesn't feel the same as he does with Kairi, but what he feels for Riku is stronger than just plain friendship. It shows us that love can't be put in a box, and it's not just the typical lovey-dovey man/woman type of relationship. We all love and we all love differently, and this is why Sora's idea works on some level (minus the communication flaws). Haha, he really did trap Riku into this, and Riku can't help but go along with it since he's not in full denial anymore. He has to think of a way to deal with his feelings for Sora, and unfortunately Sora beat him to the punch with a solution. Hah, bad timing there.

I really like the breakfast scene though. Despite everything happening to both of them, it's clear they've known each other for years and they have a certain type of rhythm together, whether they acknowledge it openly. That's what I've always enjoyed about how you write Sora and Riku's relationship in your stories, friendship or otherwise.

Justice T.
Justice Tokidoki chapter 4 . 5/20/2015
That dream is so cruel. It really is. It's funny how you had to give a warning for it, with it being written in italics and the fact that Riku doesn't question or get freaked out about his surroundings just shows that it's a dream. Still though, dreams can be really messed up, and I like how you incorporate aspects of Riku's problems into the dream through him actually interacting with his friends. It's a pretty low key dream in terms of abstract symbols, but it makes perfect sense considering what just happened to Riku the day before.

I also like how you went over Sora's feelings in the beginning of the chapter as he starts to reason and come to the conclusion of what Riku was feeling. I like how caring and thoughtful he is, how he's willing to protect and keep the people that mean so much to him. Of course, his idea might not be the most... efficient and ethical way of doing it, as the ending quote shows. I always laugh when it comes to situations like this, because knowing you and your writing style, this is normally when the fun begins (for both the reader and Sora, not so much Riku, haha).

Justice T.
Justice Tokidoki chapter 3 . 5/20/2015
So many emotional transitions in this chapter. From shock, to confusion, to resentment, to guilt, to shock, to startled passion, and then... PANIC.

Hahaha, yeah, but really, in some ways, this is a pretty uncomfortable chapter because it's clear from this chapter how Riku feels and how Sora is oblivious to the associations with this type of intimate behavior. It's also sad because, whether willing or not, Riku was taking advantage of Sora, but one could say the same thing for Sora too. They were both using each other and that's part of the reason why their relationship fell into a weird, gray form of existence. The ending is pretty heartbreaking as it marks a line that's been crossed, a secret finally revealed, and the knowledge that nothing will be the same after this. It's very hard to read, in that respect, and I have a hard time when I get to that section knowing the type of consequences that can result in a parting like that.

People have different ideas about intimacy and what counts as too much. Many probably don't think of kissing as being that big of a deal. I have to say though, this story probably contained some of the most intimate kisses I've ever read. Sometimes they were pretty awkward to read, but other times it really showcased aspects of their character and seemed very intimate in other ways, in ways that were at times more powerful than even a sex scene. So, I applaud you for that. I don't know how hard it was to write some of these scenes, as intimacy can be hard to balance write within a story, even when the story itself focuses solely on that, but you did a great job balancing out the physicality and enhancing the experiences with how each character reacts and expresses themselves in what some might seem to be a trivial action. Great work!

Justice T.
Justice Tokidoki chapter 2 . 5/20/2015
Hahahaha, oh Sora...

This chapter is nice because it starts showing things more from Riku's perspective. I like how you contrast him with Sora. Riku is clearly in self-denial that he has feelings for Sora, and it's interesting seeing how he explains away the feelings he has during the practice kisses. As for Sora, it's just fun watching him experience things like this for the first time, and seeing him fuss over things like if he's doing things correctly and whatnot.

One thing I've always liked about this story is how you treat Kairi. Sora and her have such a lovely outing together and it was written well and true to them. Many authors tend to make Kairi very mean or unbearable when it comes to Soriku-focused stories. But you still end up giving her depth, though in this chapter she's still more of a side character. But it was really cute when Sora finally kisses her, but there's something also bittersweet about it. Seeing him realize the difference in kissing her points to several things true to real life. Kissing can be amazing for some, but for others it can be a huge "meh" or even just boring. It also can point to there being no physical attraction. Of course, in some ways, it's really to early to tell if Sora doesn't feel any attraction towards Kairi, but it's still foreshadowing if he's so busy focusing on the details of the kiss that it takes him out of the moment when he is with Kairi. It's hard to say if that's due to him trying to manage everything and make it perfect, or if it's because he's not fully attracted. Hah, romance is tricky that way.

But again, this aspect is pretty realistic, especially with how Kairi is clearly pleased while Sora is the one who is worried. Just goes to show how people can often interpret situations very differently, especially when there's very little communication. So, solid chapter! *claps*

Justice T.
Justice Tokidoki chapter 1 . 5/20/2015
Well, man has it been a while. I remember when I first read this story years ago. The premise is very, very common, but I was still pretty new to fanfiction so I wasn't aware of certain tropes and whatnot. But for me, this story stands out because it was the first time I ever really gave the Soriku pairing a chance, and the character development and descriptions you used made it hard for me to deny its existence. I don't really reread stories on here as often as I used to with school being my first priority, but... this story somehow sucks me back in every couple of months. Especially when I was stressed about something, or feeling worried, I'd come back to this story and it would make me feel better and smile. Consequently, almost every time I read it I would binge read through the whole thing, because I couldn't help it.

But this time I'm reigning myself in. I'd like to review every individual chapter because that's what this story deserves, so, at long last, it's time for me to give an official review of the first chapter! I'll try to be fair as this is one of your earlier works, so I know it's not as "clean" grammatically as some of your other stories.

So, I'm just going to start off with Sora who begins the story. Automatically you capture his voice very well in the third person, it's like the narrative is literally seen through Sora-lens. I couldn't help but smile as he takes his frustration out on Riku's door, how his scatterbrained mind sends him from one dilemma to the next. It's really easy to picture the myriad of facial expressions as he's standing there on the porch. Another thing I like is seeing how you integrated aspects of the videogame history to your favor here. Exposition can easily turn people away, and you border on the line between too much. But, you actually do a great job balancing out the suspense as the reader waits to find out what Sora's problem is with a good dose of background info. It's not overwhelming, and even if someone hasn't played all the games, they can still follow along. I like how you account for the absence of Riku's parents too, you really cover a lot of loopholes throughout this chapter.

It gets even better as Riku shows up. I've always loved how you've written their banter, and it's still a delight to read today. Sora is just too adorkable and caught up in his own problems that he misses the telltale signs (foreshadowing) of how Riku feels about the subject (especially considering Riku is the blunt/straight to the point kind of dude). As for me, I really liked how you set up the pieces with Riku's attraction early on. And it's cool that Sora isn't completely oblivious either. It really shows how close their friendship is that Sora even RECOGNIZES some of the signs Riku is showing, he just doesn't take them as seriously as he should. And that's pretty realistic given their personalities.

Speaking of realism, I liked how you developed this problem in the first chapter, along with delving into why this could be such a big deal for Sora given his "Saving the world" past. It makes sense for him to be so worried, and it reminds me of how I felt about my first kiss too (ironically, I was around Sora's age when it happened also). It's interesting how much people worry about this, and how to some it's a big deal and to people who've experienced it, like Riku, they know what to expect and to think about the idea in a calm way (mostly). I just like how you treated this idea, as a lot of people who have played with this idea tend to come at it from it just to hook Riku and Sora up. Not to say the story didn't start that way in your head, but you build up to the problem and give it weight and depth that I haven't seen very often. So, I really appreciated that.

So, even if a little wordy when it comes to backstory, this was a great set-up chapter. It builds up the tension well and maintains the pace once Riku enters the scene. It also highlights the confusion and awkwardness of such a natural thing. So, kudos. :)

As for grammar, the main thing I noticed were some words missing from sentences and a "bee" that should have been "been". Besides that, this is a very smooth first chapter, and it makes me eager to continue forward.

Justice T.
MonoChromatic chapter 1 . 4/22/2014



Cherry20052 chapter 13 . 8/7/2013
That was a very well written story. Loved it!
BerserkerNobody chapter 13 . 3/14/2013
I don't think I could have found a better written Sora/Riku if I tried, this story had everything.
It had thoughts, hesistations, assumptions, and you wrote awkward situations like cliffhangers.
Normally, I would stop reading stories on the spot if something got awkward, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from this.
You're a damn good writer.
Miss Alice Heartless chapter 13 . 8/5/2012
I am so glad I stumbled upon this story, 'cause I think it must be one of the best fanfics I've ever read. The way you work with their thoughts and feelings is just incredible, there wasn't one part I didn't enjoy reading. I'm really jealous of the way you write, your descriptions and the way you chain it all together. And I loved your Sora. A lot of people write him as too oblivious. I know he IS oblivious, but you showed that he can be really perceptive and even a little cunning as well (while still being as goofy as always of course). The humor was brilliant too, I had a small laughing fit at Sora's explanations with the panda's.

So thank you so much for writing and posting this story! :D
Justice Tokidoki chapter 13 . 6/3/2012
This was surprisingly one of the best sora/riku story I ever read. The descriptions and imagery was perfect, your characterization of riku was spot on, and you even knew how to work in the humor.

I laughed out loud during sora's enthusiasm and determination when he forced riku to go on a date with him. The pet names in particular cracked me up. I laud you for those scenes.

The resolution was handled nicely, and despite what happened between sora and kairi, I appreciate how you developed kairi and how she's still willing to come back.

There were very few minor typos in this story, but the delivery was perfect and I enjoyed the entire ride.

Great job!
Miss Macabre Grey chapter 13 . 5/20/2012
Madam (sir?), you really must remember to label this as "complete" later or else you'll give us all horrible false hopes. Rather cruel, right?

I really should have been doing homework, but this just became too addicting. Thank you for being alive, Master-Sensei. I'm so pleased with this, if not rather pitying Kairi; she really hadn't done anything wrong. Poor dear. But! I like Sora with Riku, so this story is total pwnage. UDABEST!

They really need to watch more action movies. They are far too violent with each other, but it beats permissive Ukes and Overbearing Semes! You're style is fantastically in character! Especially Wakka and Tidus moments. Those were GLORIOUS!

With Sincere Adoration,

Miss Macabre Grey chapter 12 . 5/20/2012
Oh, dear. So I think I found at last one grammatical error! At last! It was a out your use of "who" over "whom" after a preposition. I'm so happy I that someone as wonderful at writing as you can make mistakes! Otherwise I would have began to worship at your feet! XD

I like Riku's and Sora's sass. It's like you… I don't even think I'd be able to comprehend your mastery of dialogue if you tried to explain it to me for years. The wit is jaw-dropping and this story is one of perhaps 4 fanfictions I've ever truly laughed (read: slight giggle) from. Your just a literary genius, and I thank you for being alive!

Sorry for the small review,

Cassiopea11 chapter 13 . 5/20/2012
I love this fic, it just makes me giggle at times and aww at others. Great job, update soon xx
Miss Macabre Grey chapter 6 . 5/20/2012
What are people thinking? GET MORE REVIEWERS RIGHT NOW! This story is golden! I am so appalled you have so many chapters of well structured, grammatically correct, plotful, entertaining, and witty writing for so few reviews? Do you know how hard it is to find an author that puts a comma and not a period when needed before the end quotation mark?

YOU ARE THE ONE! You amaze me and I apologize for such an I adequately short review, but I care more about actually reading this amazing story than reviewing it.

Later with Love,

g-peachy-chan chapter 13 . 5/19/2012
Oh God, it's done? Can't believe it...

The chapter is so sweet. The story itself is amazing! Thanks for sharing, I liked it a lot! (though I DO feel SORT OF bad for Kairi... But still, I like Sora and Riku better xD)
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