Reviews for Jamais Pur
A2463 chapter 5 . 9/22/2013
Love it
Couture Girl chapter 5 . 11/24/2012
This was dramatic and emotional :'( And this totally fueled my Lucius/Bella crave! They did love each other, this makes our head!canon change a bit, I like it for some reason. But Lucius/Alice is way better ;) also Bella/LV n_n but this adds drama and so much feeling, so sad. Well done!

Much love!

TheEvanescentOne chapter 5 . 9/23/2012
This chapter was just perfect! Thank you for this.
rainbowlollipops15 chapter 5 . 9/19/2012
i LOVED this chapter
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose chapter 5 . 9/15/2012
Well done.
EmMa-Is-TurNiNG-'Le'StRaNgE chapter 5 . 9/15/2012
This was really good,and kind of sad fact that the women were forced into ,loved I do all your fics :D
Mia-Zeklos chapter 5 . 9/15/2012
The end of this one was so heart-wretching and I don't even know why, but I'm in tears again.
Couture Girl chapter 4 . 5/5/2012
*Is dead by the sexiness of Rodolphus*

*Is revived by the reminder that Rodolphus is father*

OH MY! *fans self* this is SOOOO ahh!

I never imagined that they'd do it in the boy's dorm, but it was good :D

Much love!

Thanatos Angelos Girl chapter 3 . 4/13/2012
I loved this. So emotional and I enjoyed the participation of the crows and the birds in this piece. I also liked how she let the rain wash away her hot tears, very poetic, and how you got the feeling of who she was talking to but you didn't know until the last line. I felt that that was strangely appropriate. Anyway, sorry for the delay and I enjoyed it very much. :)
A2463 chapter 3 . 3/25/2012
Love it!

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Inkfire chapter 3 . 3/24/2012
Can't make sense of Narcissa/Lily in my head, but this was really beautifully written… so well done!
obsessivegirl73 chapter 3 . 3/24/2012
I figured out who it was the moment Narcissa said she after "Druella's" tirade. Very creepy. Interesting with the ravens. Nice job, looking forward to more! C
A2463 chapter 2 . 2/24/2012
Love it! Please continue!

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Lady Eleanor Boleyn chapter 2 . 1/24/2012
Oh, Gamma! Your stories are so disturbing, but so good! Great job!
Inkfire chapter 2 . 1/24/2012
This was really nice, I love the way you used the sense of smell here, and the sweetness was pretty well conveyed in your writing and descriptions… The end was quite wicked indeed… Nice!
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