Reviews for Serenity's Prayer
ChristyWIX chapter 52 . 6/21
What just happened? I just read this whole thing and didn't get to read of her change and their 'new' life together. Cranky now. Pouting. Really, really pouting.
ChristyWIX chapter 46 . 6/21
Poor Charlie, he remembered it all. Sigh. I was hoping he wouldn't. This is probably better this way . . . although, if the Volturi ever find out, they'll not be happy in the least. When they were on the plane and discussing how Aro never leaves the castle because of his ego and fear of being usurped, it reminded me of a fic I read years ago. The Aro in that fic would leave the castle and come to visit Carlisle all the time. When he did, he and Carlisle would get stoned together. There was some sort of something that Aro came up with for vampires to be able to get high. He was basically a hippy. Esme would roll her eyes and know Carlisle would be useless for the next week whenever Aro came knocking. It was funny fic. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of it and I don't remember any more than that of it. Thank you for the rec of Meyer University . . . just added it to my TBR list. Sounds good and I like the adventure stories.
ChristyWIX chapter 44 . 6/21
Okay, this whole part of the story . . . from the moment Alice saw Laurent at Volterra, through to this end . . . was waaaaaaaaay too long.
ChristyWIX chapter 41 . 6/21
I was all set to write a big boooooooooo in my review when they thought she may be pregnant. Thankfully, you rectified that by the end of the chapter to receive a big yaaaaaaaaaay from me in its stead. Yes, it was a great conversation they had as a result of what could have been. I hope they stay childfree. Selfishly.
ChristyWIX chapter 39 . 6/21
I rather like this approach. Bella made very valid arguments for why they should go there. I love that it is Rose and Emmett staying behind with Charlie. She is medically trained and Charlie may actually listen to what she decides is best for him to know and not know. Emmett staying for them both, made me happy. I love that the Denali's are going as well. That they firmly stated that they are all one family and that they want this as much as the Cullen's do. I am sincerely hoping Laurent will be very sorry he ever made that decision to go to the Volturi about the Cullen's and Denali's. However, if he was truly mated with Irina, this may have been his way of getting his death. If that is the case, then he gets what he wants . . . and that is unacceptable. He may as well have just come back to the Denali's, to have Tanya and Kate kill him. I really like how in awe of Bella the family is. Both Jasper and Emmett had thoughts about how strong she is and they were fun to read.
ChristyWIX chapter 36 . 6/21
Weeee doggie, that Bella of yours was really annoying these last few chapters. For usually being so selfless, she turned very selfish suddenly. She has zero trust in Edward. Plus, even though this story began with her throwing his lack of respect in his face, rightfully so, her continuing to do so in these later chapters is very exhausting to read. Has she learned nothing from all of this? I guess not. Hopefully, seeing Edward's rage for her saying that to him, with his words screaming at her, it got through to her finally. I actually hope that Rose gets to Bella again when they see each other in the morning. Bella deserves another bout of tongue lashing. And, not the good kind from Edward.
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 6/20
Well, that is interesting. I wonder if Charlie came across Tanya in the middle of the road and she and he are having sex like crazy ass bunnies somewhere. However, if Tanya has Charlie and she's pissed that Edward has married his daughter, it could be a different situation. What would be funny is if they mated. That would be fantastic, as Bella could keep her father. And, it would keep Tanya off Edward and Bella. That would also piss off the wolves . . . and I would love that. What other reason would Charlie and Tanya have for being together, unless they've mated? I love that the drama is happening around Edward and Bella, not to them. That is quite refreshing.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 6/20
I was thinking the very same thing about my husband. Holy hell that was hot. My favorite POV is Edward's in any and all stories. I love when the sex scenes are in his head. Yummy. I also love having his view on most of everything. Although, I really like both POV's and what you've done with other POV's in this. The way he described his love for her in this chapter was beautiful. Then later, his learning that he won't hurt her. That final frontier, for lack of a better word, had been crossed. And, very successfully. Another great chapter. I hope that because you've wavered away from canon in this, that there is no baby. However, I'm not sure if you will, because there are hints of canon throughout. Having opted for the childfree lifestyle with my husband, I love when there is no baby and they are still blissfully happy. It really is possible to love life, without having babies. We love kids, just didn't want our own. We borrow the nieces and nephews and give them back.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 6/20
This was fantastic! Seriously wonderful. I loved the twist on canon with the cottage available to drive to, and so much larger. I think they'll be living their as husband and wife. The family . . . or families . . . Will miss them but, it is what newlyweds need. I adore that she chose his shirt as her wedding night attire. Right as she thought 'there was only one thing she wanted to wear', his discarded shirt popped right into my head. Great minds, and all that :) I loved that he played piano for her and the true beauty of the song he played. Sometimes I wish we could hear the melodies that you authors make up in words for us readers. Their first time was realistic and wonderful. Absolutely beautiful. I loved her tattoo and it's meaning. Her telling him she wants to become his for eternity, just added to the magical night. So well done. So, so good.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 6/20
What a beautiful thing you did. You've taken the canon and swirled it around in a cup and made it oh, so much better. His proposal was wonderful. Her elated acceptance was so surprising. Then! You surprised the reader all over again with her having planned a full wedding, including guests, to surprise him with. His loss of words proving just how very shocked he was. All of the getting ready conversations were wonderful. Especially Bella and Esme's. The wedding was beautiful. Their vows were wonderful. All around, just fabulous.
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 6/19
Why? That is so extremely sad. :(
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 6/19
Holy crap! I was not expecting Charlie to come to that conclusion and be that accepting. What a surprise. His silence on their way home was unnerving. You wrote the tension very, very well.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 6/19
Okay, going waaaaaay back to Rosalie's chapter. I felt she didn't bother to listen to Bella at all. That was my take on it anyway. She came into Bella's home looked down upon her home and her. Than proceeded to berate the hell out of her. Yes, it ultimately got Edward and Bella back together again but, what the hell? I would've though Rose would understand Bella's need for respect in their relationship. The fact that it did not matter to her, only her own selfish reasons, was a little disconcerting. I do like that Bella showed up and waited for him in the dress. I really liked the progress these two are making, as it is far more than ever happened in THE books. Poor Bella with the girls at the slumber party. It is completely high school of, well the high schoolers, to automatically assume that Bella and Edward must be all over one another sexually. Interesting that they have only just started down that path, yet everyone presumes they've been down that road the whole time. I very much like your Britney character. As well as your Angela. And, your Jessica just seems overly jubilant and a little spastic in this, as opposed to how she is normally a bitch to Bella because she is following Lauren's orders. Lauren needs to be taken down a peg. Funny that the boys cornered Edward as well. He was absolutely miserable in that conversation. I did like that he finally realized that they were trying to help him and he listened. Charlie's dinner with them should be fun to read. I do not understand why Bella is freaking out over it. Yes, Charlie could notice they all have the same eye color. Plus, he has to have seen all of them around town. It would be more strange for him not to have seen them in that small of a town.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 6/19
This chapter was fantastic. I really loved that Angela approached Edward and spoke with him. Her words caused him to have a rather large epiphany and I loved how you wrote it. Brilliant.
abbyweyr chapter 33 . 6/19
The vampires in the Twilight universe do NOT have fangs. Why didn't someone catch that. Your repeated use of that is distracting from the story.
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