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AnonymousM chapter 6 . 7/26/2022
This was so cute! Epilogue? Please? Though the story doesn’t really need it, I just want more content lol

You really fleshed out the story well and created an AU with depth. Excellent world-building and character development. In the end, I was even wondering if the League was going to be evil. I also love that all of Flynn’s crimes were to punish people who did his Blondie wrong.

I also love the idea of glasses and sweater vest Eugene, that was adorable. And I really believed Rapunzel felt awkward around people.

The infomercial date thing was cute too. I laughed out loud about the serial killer family cleaning up blood (wow, if someone ever reads this sentence out of context I’m going to look like a lunatic). The combination of sweetness and steaminess was really well-developed too. This whole thing was so fun to read!
CanReadCantWrite chapter 6 . 2/3/2021
AMAZING! Honestly couldn’t put it down (but I had to when I got half way through chap 6 and it was 3 am) and woah the writing it brilliant. And the flirting ugh love it! This is legit an incredible fic and I love it so much so thank you!
Redmonkey3 chapter 1 . 1/15/2021
I’ve re-read this story so many times I’ve lost count- thank you for this story!
MaxandFang101 chapter 6 . 1/9/2021
That was awesome. I don't usually like fight scenes but I really enjoyed yours. I was able to follow all the punches and kicks and spins without getting confused. And I just love Rapunzel and Flynn together. Their relationship as enemies and frenemies and something more. So good. Thank you for writing it!
Fennelwink chapter 6 . 1/8/2021
I've realized this is a comfort fic for me. One I come back and reread every so often because it's one of my favorites. I love it that much. ;) Part of me still wants more from this universe, but the other thinks it ends perfectly as is.
MaxandFang101 chapter 3 . 12/23/2020
Oh god, this is so adorable. I physically cannot contain my squeals. They're just so sweet together and the way Eugene is so good wanting to protect her. Ugh, so cute. My heart has grown three times bigger like the Grinch.
Belle Sudiste chapter 6 . 7/31/2020
Freaking fantastic! So talented thank you so much for this is was perfect
mddziedzic chapter 1 . 6/14/2020
Ok, so I think we can all agree, you need to quit your day job (although I'm sure you're just as good at physics as you are at writing) and become an author full-time. I hope you are reading these responses, I hope you are still writing, and I hope you are well. I'm new to this fanfiction/Tumblr thing, but I am so glad I found your work. Thank you.
Firalyn Tiatra chapter 6 . 4/27/2020
This has been delightful! An interesting premise, well-written, with enough coming at you that you really can't get bored. It had a very "Incredibles" feeling to it, without playing too much off it; and I loved the way you incorporated other Disney characters into the story (though I have to admit that reading some of the other traditional princesses in antagonistic roles was a bit difficult to get my mind around, at firsy).
Not only that, but a lot of the dialogue between Rapunzel and Eugene felt so in-character with their movie-based premises that I could almost hear the two characters saying it! I loved the inclusion of actual quotes, but a lot of the way you worded stuff was also on point (one of my favorites being the "And what am I, a moron?" statement by Flynn).
Any chance you'd think about doing a witness protection program style shot? I thought that could be really fun to read, and still play on the multiple names thing.
Thanks for sharing!
piccolabimba chapter 6 . 4/17/2020
What an interesting premise!
blondie403 chapter 6 . 10/1/2019
I loved this. I loved all of this so much, from the idea to the execution. Favouriting!
Caver Floyd chapter 6 . 8/3/2019
Great story!
Crieger chapter 1 . 7/11/2019
I didn't even knew I wanted this. What a wonderful idea and execution. Rapunzel is cute with that hero attitude through and through, while our boy is doing his thing like a champ. Great work!
linh cinder chapter 6 . 4/15/2019
this whole fic was absolutely 100% crazy banana pants INSANE. how can anyone's mind come up with something so intricate and rightfully convoluted? the Disney princesses as stuffy superheroes? Rapunzel as a hero with Flynn as her archnemesis? Has anyone ever told you you're a genius because I'm saying it again. All I could ask for is a sequel. This was amazing. Thanks for the best few hours of my week.
PenelopeQ chapter 6 . 11/3/2018
My "insides (are) singing" as I finish this absolutely delightful story. From start to finish, this was just about the perfect piece of AU Fanfic. Thank you so much for sharing-you are incredibly talented!
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