Reviews for SI Archives Part 2: A House Divided
Zomvee chapter 6 . 4/23
This is a response to the A/N.
To me what you stated was beyond reason, they should be allowed to be bigots but if they do a crime that is based off of those feelings then they should be charged with a hate crime. Not to mention the whole thing with the police thing is well idiotic since that would be allowing a hate crime to continue, a dude being bigot gets attacked by people that doesn't agree with that person ideology thus is a hate crime.
Anyhow overall this is a good story and series so far.
DarkDarius chapter 6 . 1/4/2012
Hi Guardian,

first of all. Happy new year! And your already pulling out more chapters and stories out of nowhere. Your posting them in an almost impossible pace. And the lenght... is very satisfying. I've read most of your fanfictions till now and i like your style. Especially your technological descriptions from SupCom and your new C&C Story Arc. But could you spread them a bit more? Such bricks of information are hard to stomach. Really my head is spinnig everytime i done reading them. They help me imagine your warmachines and such.

Now i can stop bitching about that. Your charachters are good especially Hanna. I enyoed reading a house divided and really lock forward for more. Write on and keep this fanatstic saga going!

with my best regards

miner249er chapter 6 . 1/3/2012
good ending
Nenfaer chapter 5 . 1/2/2012
Your new version of MCV looks great, and giving it a canon was good idea, at least its not just a target now.

Looks like SI needs a better counter-espionage if they don't want to loose their advantage too soon. Or shoot those who sell their plans...

Also happenings in Alabama will have an interesting outcome it seems... I don't know how it looked there at the time, but buses full of armed psychos are 'funny'.

All in all this chapter is full of more info about technologies and investments... We shall see how that will come out with the new client states...
Anonymous chapter 5 . 1/1/2012
(I have no account sorry!)

Alot of the better writers like yourself have been lagging in thier updates, which could lead to people readers to take a month or so off checking FFN for updates, it's sad really.

On the other hand I like this chapter very well, and I like how you've pointed out some glareing contridicions in racism.

One of the main problems with technology I think is with how much people actually check up of their scientists and developers. Instead of creating things and getting to work, they debate on it until some obscure third party creates it and they still get paid for doing NOTHING! SI doesn't have that problem with Hannah actually being involved and not falling asleep during the technical jargon.

'If you want something done, you have to do it yourself' are wise words, which are never used.

In relation to the crawler: I HATE THAT THING! It's the posterchild for a military outpost, but they make it the 'New MVC' ... it is not an MCV. Mobile warfare does work, but not if the ENTIRE military makes it mandatory. Army's NEED a port of call, a safe harbour brisleing with weapons to dicourage attacks, the the Army can refuel. On the other hand it can defend itself, but you seem to be fixing that problem already, giving MCV's at least some minor firepower.

The pokemon/avatar last airbender thing scary, they are in essence, elemental psykers.

Keep up the good work! (And sorry for my bad spelling but this does have spellcheck!)
Bruto22 chapter 5 . 12/30/2011
coming along nicely .

i take it nato will had to catch up to ussr during fist month or so . therefore thier butt kicked also will there be new si heli/subs/ships? that get sold to allies and si keep newer versions. also will SI make a export version? medium by si standards but hvy by allies and sold 2 increase allied forces? (a affordable tanks without RD costs-seeing SI done it)maybe joint german si project or new tanks etc.
Somebodynobody chapter 5 . 12/30/2011
Oh, and before I forget... notice that they have a some kind of a orca fighter in it
Somebodynobody chapter 5 . 12/30/2011
I admit, when I noticed you were going to write a modified string of C&C events, I ecpected you to completely disrecard the MCVs and throw them to the pin becauce of the inpossibility. For once, Im happy I was wrong :)

But looking at your history-string, I have to ask..

Do you know that there has been development towards Generals 2?

There is a teaser in youtube about it

Thank you for you good work.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 5 . 12/30/2011
Well done Commander.
Nenfaer chapter 4 . 12/30/2011
Finally! Its review time!

The way Hannah deals with politicians... Don't know what to say about it, but it won't be anything negative.

Turning both North and South Korea around is good idea, it will bring in some more interesting.

As for Kain - looks like you are putting in some hidden powers again... We shall see what comes out of it.

And the action in Palestine - several snipers and hostage situation - I cannot remember Hannah using her weapon in an actual fight, not just executions. What are the prisoners going to tell them after a little 'talk'...

As for the head injuries Hannah is going to sustain - well, I have some ideas, one of them is an attack during the wedding, other is there being a brawl at the wedding and the next idea I won't tell you...
Shafter chapter 4 . 12/26/2011
I liked the way you had Kane come into being. That is, if I followed your story line properly. And please ignore my last I wrote that I went and did some research and remembered that Kane was active for at least several hundred, if not thousands, of years. In that time he would have undoubtedly have ammassed followers. If Shepard is going to have head injuries, and they are caused by being captured, please do it realisticly. Please?
Nenfaer chapter 3 . 12/23/2011
I would have never thought that Truman would try to sink Canadian carrier just to stop Hannah... This will turn into an interesting relationship it seems.

That the first war in Palestine went really fast. But the best part was signing of the peace treaty with Egypt just before the UN resolution and the way she dealt with Jewish dissenters.

The fun thing is that the way she works in Palestine should work much better than how the Israel "ended" - one boiling pot where people try to kill each other just because their forefathers believed in different things...

OH... and I had an idea today - why Hannah cannot get Stalin assassinated by her Spec Ops and blame it on someone else, maybe some other USSR party heads to weaken the Union a little.

I know you spoke about making Stalin torture Hannahs look-alikes after every unsuccessful campaign against her, but this can make things a little different I REALLY hate Stalin :)
Shafter chapter 3 . 12/23/2011
I really like your stories and enjoy reading them. That said, you stated that the course of this story would take it through the C&C 'verse. If Shepard is helping the prospective yellow zones now, wouldn't she continue to do so after the Tiberium outbreak? If so, where would Kane get his manpower to build his army/religion/cult to be a threat to GDI? Through this action are you not hamstringing the future Nod organization? I look foreward to how you answer this in your story.
Bruto22 chapter 3 . 12/23/2011
good chapter . nice idea on the plant during the deabate with jews forward to SI next gen war machines and what is the count of front line divs log and air ? cuase you have 10 front 5 air 4 log? is it?

cuase that confuses me and only saying cuase may think you growing troops fron ground during a attck thinking you shouldnt b able 2 do something cuase lack of troops. but knowing you you prob do that at start next war or when got new equip/war machines.
Nenfaer chapter 2 . 12/17/2011
Hannah dealing with Mao is making the things a little more interesting, and the way she is dealing with the whole Korea problem is even more so.

Have to say that Hannah's negotiation skills are great, she can really anticipate what her opponents are going to do... It seems she has something in common with Yuri.

It seems there will be some trouble in Palestine, Is there going to be a new type of tank soon? I know Raider II us only about 6 years old, still a child, but I think they will need something soon...
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