Reviews for Children of the Future
MandyinKC chapter 45 . 9/22
The end. I could feel Hestia's incredulity. "/A baby?/" I liked this. So many fun story prompts just waiting to be explored. I might have to read Godparents next.
MandyinKC chapter 44 . 9/22
And I spoke too soon. I think I agree with Antoinette. Five is enough. This was sweet. I'm happy for Colin's big family.
MandyinKC chapter 43 . 9/22
Ah, another girl, and a squib. Very creative. It occurs to me that Louis is horribly outnumbered at Delacour family reunions.
MandyinKC chapter 42 . 9/22
Oh, yes. I think Seamus is an all or nothing type of guy. He'd either be the first or the last to do anything. And I like pairing him with Demelza, another creative pairing.
MandyinKC chapter 41 . 9/22
Ah, another girl for Dennis. I'm glad they visited all the important places, although I do question the wisdom of traveling so near her due date! I like all the French names, btw.
MandyinKC chapter 40 . 9/21
Poor Gabrielle. I always think of her as being gentle and romantic. I'm glad you tackled a difficult subject!
MandyinKC chapter 39 . 9/21
I think I've told you before that I thought Luna's children were much younger than the Weasley Next Gen. (In fact, I think Luna was probably 40 before she had kids.) I like the bohemian feel of Luna's life and marriage. Very fitting. Do they live in Xeno's old place?
MandyinKC chapter 38 . 9/21
Oh, I do like A Dennis/Gabrielle pairing. I think it's very sweet. And I like the adult life you envisioned for him. And Fleur's papa is the editor of a newspaper! Great and unique detail.
MandyinKC chapter 37 . 9/21
I like the surprise nature of this pregnancy. The Goldsteins are a very sweet family.
MandyinKC chapter 36 . 9/21
Oh, Ernie and Susan with a little Gryffindor. I bet that was bewildering for them (and a bit exasperating). I like that Amelia demanded a sibling. A girl should always know what she wants.
MandyinKC chapter 35 . 9/21
Ah, sweet Sam. Romilda is certainly a woman given to passion. I kind of like that. I also like Michael as an Auror.
MandyinKC chapter 34 . 9/21
First, I have to give you kudos for unexpected and creative pairings.

My favorite part is Roger laughing. That would so be me! I'm glad they gave their daughter a 'p' name.
MandyinKC chapter 33 . 9/21
Justin and Verity! I was wondering who Justin would end up with. I'm interested to hear your headcanon for Verity, as she seems to spring up out of nowhere in HBP. And it really must be love if Justin was mesmerized by her magenta robes!
MandyinKC chapter 32 . 9/21
Ok, you had me concerned for a moment with all that "a part of her being ripped away" bit. I'm glad Lavender survived giving birth! And another Gryffindor, of course!
MandyinKC chapter 31 . 9/21
Yay, Lucy! But poor Audrey. It was very brave for Percy and Audrey to try again after everything it took to have Molly. And I like the middle name.
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