Reviews for Halves, Pins, Pieces
insert-mello-related-name-here chapter 2 . 12/24/2011
wow, this is truly amazing, BRILLIANT! i love it, you are an amazing writer and wrote this beautifully. Its really moving and just pure amazing. i absoloutly love it and cant wait to read the next 1 :)
crimewaves chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
I honestly don't think I can write a good review that'll do this story justice as I'm quite new to DN, but I'll try.

It's really good. I've read a few of your fics before, and they're all very well written, and you're clearly a good writer. So when I write the part of the review which says -this is what I liked about the fic- it's going to obviously be all of it. Favorite parts are going to be the ones where Near is focused on a little bit- I think he's my favorite character. Early days, though.

It's customary for me to try to be a bit constructive in my reviews, so I've just spent the last five minutes wracking my brains trying to think of something to say on that... Got one. The fic could benefit from more emotion on Mello's part. I understand him as being a very emotional person, and his emotions seem almost muted here to me. Though thinking of it, that fits the tone- it seems quite soft, like blankets. Like it's supposed to remind you of cold days and quilts and wanting a cup of tea but feeling too listless and ill and quiet to go and make one. Stranded in your bed and watching steam rise from the cup of lemsip rather than drinking it. I think I've just managed to phrase that in a way that's unintelligibly vague and possibly negative. It wasn't meant to be- I'm just trying to describe a mood/period that it reminds me of.

I liked it though. Smiley face of approval~ :) Please write more!
Ygrayne chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Oh my. This is a lovely piece. I love how you've taken Mello and Near and set them at younger ages, so that they seem a little more innocent, a little less jaded, but still recognisable. Mello underestimating Near at the start is a nice twist, and I felt it's a very good bit of irony that Near seems to treat HIM with contempt after that.

I thought the Wammy's House life wasn't portrayed with as much detail and depth as in your other, amazing collection fics like 'Under One Roof' (which I loved). But the dynamic between Mello and Near is done really well and the descriptions of how they both stay up late, overwork themselves and fall sick made me ache for them. The ending in particular. Poor, poor kids, what has Wammy's done to your mentality?

I do hope you'll be posting more. I'm looking forward to seeing them!