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Aquawyrm chapter 40 . 7/11
Poor Ursa. Well, maybe she'll run into Zuko and Iroh and actually tell her kids that they've got a half brother.
Selena92 chapter 40 . 7/11

I love Toph and how she accepts Zuko.
Poor boy was really scared she wouldn't...sad but also weirdly cute. Makes you want to hug him.

Don't know if I've mentioned this in my last few reviews, but I am delighted that Iroh and Zuko are together again.

And now staying at Toph's...wonder how that will change the course of the story? I mean, the GAangs reaction and...will Zuko start to accompany the Avatar full time and befriend him and his friends sooner than in canon? And what about Iroh? Whatever happens next, I sure hope he and Zuko manage to stay together.

About Ursa...well, I suppose I do feel sorry for her and especially her family, but...I'm still angry at her regarding Zuko. Very angry. If it wouldn't hurt Zuko, her new husband and their children, I'd want her to die. That aside, it's sad that those poor kids have now been uprooted. Just because one has an ability.

Would love to read more about the crew...and I still hope they'll manage to escape and reunite with Zuko and Iroh soon (I have to hope they will eventually).Nakki, too, would be interesting.

As for Azula catching up to Zuko and Iroh...hope it's gonna take a while to achieve. Their next encounter will certainly be interesting but I could do with a bit of a break...and Zuko certainly could, too. Kid needs to rest up and relax.

Looking forward to your next chapter.
Selena92 chapter 39 . 7/11
Phew, at least they're still in the dark about Zuko's dragon identity. Was really worried there. Azula using Zhao as her pawn is no surprise and it was only a matter of time either way until she would connect Iroh and Kulo...even though I hope she won't ever find out, part of me cannot wait to "see" her expression when she finally realizes Kulo is Zuko. She grew up with a DRAGON. And Ozai...once he realizes that his son is actually far more powerful than he ever gave him credit for...hopefully he'll be properly ashamed/angry of/at himself for being so stupid and driving his own kid away.

Yay, Toph in the next chapter!
Selena92 chapter 38 . 7/11
Damn. OF COURSE Zhao found his way back to the fleet. Hopefully, Azula will simply kill the guy. He shouldn't be left alive...he'll try to go after the Moon again, or some other stupid thing. And him in cohorts with Azula...nope, not a comforting thought. Hopefully, he's got no clue as to Zuko's dragon identity...and Azula doesn't find out from the crew. I mean they wouldn't intentionally betray Zuko like that, but Azula is manipulative- if she knew there was something, she'd find out eventually.

Love Nakki's new "plan"..really like that guy- hopefully he will not end up betraying Zuko just to make things more interesting...

As for Aang. Poor kid, I want to hug him. But Zuko was right to be angry. Aang may have had not much say in the matter, the Avatar state did take him over after all, but he needs to realize the danger he poses and he needs to actively work on making sure nothing like that happens again. He needs to learn to control the Avatar State, NOT let it control him.

Looking forward to Toph. Always liked her a lot, especially her keen senses and understanding of people's motives (loved her attitude of refusing to just view all firebenders/Fire Nation People as bad just because they're Fiee Nation...
Selena92 chapter 37 . 7/11
Wasn't really daring to hope there, actually just intended to torture myself with reading it through once more, but...

Great chapter. I could hug Nakki right now...saving all those people- that was great of him. Pity Zhao will get the credit.
Speaking of...Zhao is still alive then? I really hope he's at least utterly unable to do any more damage. For Zuko's sake, I kinda hope the guy is alive though...asshole or not, for Zuko each life clearly is worth saving and he'd surely take Zhao dying despite his actions to save him personally.

Zuko's "fight" against the Avatar-Sea-Monster was couragous, stupid and awesome. Typical Zuko right there. Had he had the ability in Canon, he would have done the same, I'm sure.
But dammit, I knew it would happen eventually, but Katara of course saw the transformation (that part is ok) and now thinks Zuko attacked Aang. He didn't. He attacked an out of control Avatar and not even to kill, only to protect. I hope she realises that.
At least Iroh is there now...I missed him and Zuko together.

Loved the brief scene with Zuko's crew. Hopefully, no one remembers Zuko's connection with the dragon...I mean it has to come out sooner or later, but I'd rather it be later.

Once again, thank you for returning...because my muse would draw a blank trying to mentally continue this awesome piece- always does when it's a story written by another that is not finished.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/5
I am loving the way you have been going about this story especially with zukos youngest half sister being a fire bender in the next chapter I do hope you can focus more on that many Ursa could end up running into zuko and Iroh in gaoling, Ursa and zuko could have their well needed talk and Iroh and the others could talk and maby learn some valuable skills from Iroh. I really hope that the youngest sister starts traveling with zuko and Iroh maby the older sister could be a earth bender and could learn from toph. But thanks for the long chapters and the good stroy. :)
NB132 chapter 40 . 6/26
Nice zuko character, hope you do another chapter
lauren.kennedy.794 chapter 40 . 6/15
come on now. you can't stop here!
Sand Soldier chapter 24 . 6/15
Ffs i have work in like 4 hours. Legit spent all my night reading this and i cant seem ti stop.
Guest chapter 40 . 5/25
Yes an update finally! Take your time! I love this story!
Guest chapter 9 . 5/5
I like the dragon. She's cool
The Jingo chapter 40 . 5/1
This is amazing. How haven't I see it before?
Luna Lillyth chapter 40 . 4/22
*incoherent screaming* 3 Ah, I love this story so much!
ForeverRainingFire chapter 40 . 4/21
Great chapter! I really enjoyed it!
sasch93 chapter 1 . 4/19
Please man, don't stop writing on this masterpiece again I bloody beg you!
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