Reviews for Slow Down
ilzehs chapter 2 . 8/22/2013
Slap me for not reviewing it yet. This is BY FAR my favourite thing written by you. Well, besides The Lesson. But this...This tells me how you can do wonders with horror and psychological thrillers. I absolutely LOVE you for writing a Adam story like this one, specially with Randy in it because you know my feels about Randy/Adam, LOL. Jeff was nuts but damn good one in this.

I have bombard you with enough reviews in one hour lol. I guess one more will not hurt ;)

Jeff is obsessed. Can you blame him? Adam is the definition of a true masochist. Responsive slut. On top of it all, having that innocent beauty that can blind you. He is a prized possession.

For someone who doesn't like Randy, you write him awfully good and perfect. That scene...It was fearful but perfect. I love Redge in any flavor. Even when Randy is a manic. Because you know its easy to buy him as such considering his on-screen persona.

Wohaaaa! That sneaky freak! Okay, I am scared to shit! Adam is trapped there with two abusers! But we have established that Adam is a little masochist so...

Aw, I love it when Randy calls Adam buttercup. Its kinda cute despite the scary horrible aura that is in the air right now.

So in a way, Randy does love Adam. But is generally an asshole. Got it.

- "Fuck... oh, Adam... yes, squeeze my dick, clench it just like that... fucking slut..." "Noo... god not again... please... not... not with him here... oh god oh shit..."

That alone just rocked this chapter. How freaky can it get? How mind fucking can it get that you rape someone's boyfriend right in front of them and talk dirty like that...Now THAT is what I call a low blow. You. Are. Awesome.

- The man next to him would be extremely attractive if he didn't have his dick buried in Randy's boyfriend's ass.

See? Low blow. Despite that image being beautiful, it should totally get Randy all riled up. I don't blame him for losing his mind there...That is NOT what you can deal with.

I kinda felt my heart melting when Randy came to the realisation about what happened to Adam, and how Adam was so ashamed and helpless. This is written so perfectly...Again, the picture is running in my mind.

These lines are doing things to me! Adam being such a mess...Jeff being such a calm psycho...Randy watching his boyfriend being taken by another man right beside him..seething..Dammit...This is doing things to me!

- "Get your fucking hands off him, you psycho bastard!"

Cute. Despite how he treats Adam, at least he doesn't like anyone else's hands on his baby. You can expect his kind to slut out his boyfriend ya know.

At least Randy got Adam's thong in his mouth...Some consolation?

Smack me. This is serious.

- Hm. Damn, Adam, you sure did land a fine one. Too bad he's an asshole.

That's why you are an awesome writer. You know what I mean.

Is it wrong I am getting all hot and bothered while reading this? I am a freak. I don't mind. This is too good. Too delicious. Three gorgeous men. Fucked up rough sex. Such a willing bottom. Who am I to complain?

He's Adam Jeff, that's how he fits it all in him :P Adam knows how to make a man happy...Just look at his ass.

Don't mind it but I am loving that despite Randy's assholishness, and his boyfriend being humiliated like this he still haven't given up on Adam. Like he still consider him as his. That's kinda sweet.

- "So hot, bouncing on that dick," Jeff murmured as he pulled away. "Fuck yourself on it, Adam. Trust me, this will be the most mind-blowing goodbye sex either of you will ever have."

That was the hottest and scariest thing I have read so far.

DP on Adam by my favourite boys? I LOVE YOU. So sickly hot and beautiful this is! Yes Jeff, that ass is incredible. To look and to fuck. I think every guy will second that :P

Damn and Adam snaps! That was unexpected yet not surprising! So he really is a little freak deep down inside? Yup, and I LOVE it. Poor Randy...He probably never saw it coming.

Dirty Jeffy! I am soooo much enjoying this! Yes, that beautiful little doll is made to be worshiped and as psychotic and violent Jeff is, I love the fact that the difference between him and Randy is clear...He is fascinated with Adam and wants to enjoy his beauty. Whereas, to Randy he was only a possession. Beside rare moments of love.

- He wasn't just a whore. His baby had broken.

YES YES YES! What a SICK and demented piece of writing! I want you to write more horror! Specially with Adam! Maybe Adam and Jay? That would be epic...

Oh fuck Jeff's dirty talk...Rubbing it in Randy's face...Literally and figuratively :P Adam being so responsive is so hawt! He really is a cockslut.

The images Randy is on the receiving end on...*DED*

That dildo and Jeff both doing the job...*Double DED*

THANK YOU for not killing Randy! It would have hurt me personally, lol! Adam...such a sick little bitch...He's gonna be Jeffy's little whore on the streets as they carry on with their crime life...This is fucking amazing.

Oh Daddy! Perfect ending! Yes, Adam has the power to have his men wrapped around his finger! Or ass :P

This was fucking truly perfect and amazing. I LOVED this DP on Adam. I will love when you do Jay/Adam/Jeff :P
TheGirlInThePinkScarf chapter 2 . 5/11/2012
I feel like an evil dirtier and sick slut than Adam is for absolutely loving this!

So hot and so twisted... yummy! :)
JadeRose1 chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
Man this story was hot yet sick...does that make me sick?...well we know that at times LOL
takers dark lover chapter 2 . 12/26/2011
Awesome you did a great job on this story. I love the way you ended this.
Love And Diet Soda chapter 2 . 12/23/2011
Oh my Darling... It was perfect! Everything fell into place just wonderfully and I adored the ending! Always loving the a sick twisted couple, even more when they fit so well.

Favorite Line:

"The man next to him would be extremely attractive if he didn't have his dick buried in Randy's boyfriend's ass."

End note, poor Randy, but at the same time..I bet he had fun ;)


ilzehs chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
Oh my freakin' God! Lady...You have blown my senses. I have been SERIOUSLY depriving of reading something like this to basically recharge my dying slash batteries, & I have to say, perfect timing. I honestly am finding less & less joy in reading lately, & that's quite disheartening cuz I love this thing, but maybe I just needed something like this to remind me how a good read takes it all to get you excited again.

Horror, angst, drama...put that w/ a brilliant writer, & the final result will be AWESOMENESS.

This was perfection! Regarding DP, since it was Randy who got the honor, I really won't complain. Cuz you know it...You can only compensate a Daddy w/ a Randy & a Randy w/ a Daddy when it comes to me ;P Although, I HAVE to say, the ending was so teasing you evil thing! PERFECT opening for a Jay/Adam/Jeff DP, lol! Anyways, hopefully if not your first, Jay/Adam/Jeff will be your second ;)

Also, congrats for getting back to writing w/ such a bang. Brilliant writing. Brilliant theme. Brilliant execution. Brilliant smut. Nice twists. Awesome psychological play. & best of all, ON THE SPOT characterization. Your my queen when it comes to characterization. I got on you for writing the best Jeff...But lately, I think your killing me w/ your Adam more than anyone else. You do magic with him. Nail him like, oh so perfectly.

The set was wonderfully interesting! I liked how it sounded like a stand alone, but then intrigued its readers when it was stated that there's more. I drove myself crazy over the hints & teases you kept giving. I expected Randy to have this kind of a play when you mentioned him, & I was absolutely stunned by the sick twisted mind playing, yet hot as freakin' hell sex.

I'll admit, I really wanted to see a cop Jay getting his hands on a disadvantaged Adam, & I was kinda bummed when I missed the chance to vote, but then when I read this, & more light was shed on Jeff's psychotic character, Oh man...I so wanted to see you write a psycho Jeff. & he was so sickeningly hot here.

I have seen this scenario so many times in my imaginations. Adam's pretty beauty getting him in trouble like this...& damn, slap me if you want but I am so glad you wrote this out. Adam being a masochist is such a turn on. I loved the control Jeff had over him & the situation. I loved the tackling of his emotion when he felt possessive over Adam.

The ending, & how he wrecked Adam...Damn...I don't feel bad at all for getting so hot over this. Adam was a true definition of used & abused here. But damn, Jeff makes such a sexy psycho.

I'll get to rest in next review! Best prezzie we could ask for!
groteskfaery chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
Very nice fic. I must say, Jedam is growing on me... though E&C will always be my favorite. I hope your writer's block has passed and that we'll see lots of updates (BoI?) soon!
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
Oh I know this is going to be awesome! I love psycho Jeffy!

Update soon PLEASE!
LadyDragonsblood chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
My poor baby! Damn Jeffy can be sadistic! Oh run away baby where he can't find you ever again!

What a WOW start to a story! I hope there is more of this soon! I am glad your muses are back on track...been waiting so long to have you start writing again.

Hopefully also new chapters to some favorite stories, like TML and Snowbound? But of course I will love what ever you write!

ooooooooo I am all goosey bumpy...thrilling and chilling and worried for the blond baby!
Love And Diet Soda chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
I'm sick, I loved it. It was perfect. Can't wait forth next chapter.

Love and Diet Soda,