Reviews for The Alphas Seer
Omega-Maharan chapter 54 . 10/20
MAKE a sequel, PLEASE!
valeriecavin87 chapter 8 . 10/8
love the story so far
Aiyanna Clearwater chapter 48 . 10/4
Actually, I don't think that you have any jealousy! I think that this is a very realistic approach to a possible outcome of canon Bella not getting her way. Even with Edward trying to reassure her of their safety in battle, common sense should have told her that his being present during the battle would've only strengthened their position. However, her concern was only for Edward while she had his coven and an entire pack risking their lives.
freayamichealson chapter 54 . 6/9
i love you fir creating this story!:)
urworshipfulness chapter 3 . 4/3
Your Bella is incredibly out of character. She wasn't really hateful and jealous... more pathetic and indecisive. This story would be excellent without the bashing.
PiperRoseHalliwell chapter 52 . 3/1
What happened to that bitch Bella? I would have thought Brook or Jake would have pressed charges against her or at least told Charlie how his nasty assed daughter had turned out. It was never said, are she and Edward still together? If so, how could he still be with her after all the shit she's caused? We already know Rose never liked her but after this, she must despies her more. How did the talk with Carlisle go? Brooks okay which is good but what happened to Bella's life after? Did it fa apart? I bloody hope so!
Guest chapter 53 . 2/21
Great story but it feels unfinished. What happened to Leah and Jasper, did they find their mates? Where did Alice go and why? What happened to Bella, did she go to jail? Did Edward stay with her? Gazillion questions... Unanswered :(
Guest chapter 54 . 1/29
Read this all in one day I love it so much!
inuyashademons14 chapter 29 . 9/19/2016
it be awesome to do a sequel with all their kids and nicky?!
inuyashademons14 chapter 1 . 9/10/2016
I am random wake upd
inuyashademons14 chapter 54 . 7/28/2016
inuyashademons14 chapter 10 . 7/27/2016
loving far
kyuufox23 chapter 54 . 5/26/2016
Love, love, love this story. Did jasper meet his mate though?
EmberBeastie chapter 41 . 4/26/2016
...poor billy...
skyblue881 chapter 54 . 4/17/2016
This is probably one of my favourite twilight fics, I've re-read my favourite chapters soooo many times! I absolutely love the storyline, and it just has the perfect amount of angst and love. Jacob and Brooke are so cute! And I love how Brooke is the perfect alpha female, and has improved the pack on so many different levels. The way you've portrayed Leah and Paul is really nicely done; they just seem so much more real in 'The Alphas Seer' than many other fics. I like how you've developed a bit of every character and not just the main one. It was also refreshing to see Bella portrayed as the villain, and she totally got what she deserved in the end.

Thank you so much for writing and finishing this story, I absolutely love it, and I hope you continue to write stories.

Best wishes,

Skyblue881 xxx
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