Reviews for Oiroke no Sakura
saashi samy chapter 7 . 11/15
fantastic story

i really like
timmy1022 chapter 7 . 11/4
Aww man, I downloaded this story and was reading it on my kindle when I reached the end. :( I thought it was marked complete.

Great story, I'd like to read more.
DragonDancer93 chapter 7 . 10/1
This story. Wow. I love its emotional depth. Feeling like a man but being stuck in a woman's body is something that I can really relate with. I've known this for a while, but your depictions are so strong. I loved the conversation where Sakura tries to explain what its like to Naruto, That really struck a cord within me, I was so close to crying. This story is so realistic, I love it to bits and pieces. If you know anymore (realistic) stories like this(any fandom) please recommend them to me. They are my most favorite genre, yet they are so hard to find. I read a Sherlock story once that depicted Sherlock as being born a girl, but never feeling like one, and his relationship with his brother. It was a really beautiful story(short but worth every second reading).

I'm really inspired to go make you some fan-art now, no promises I'm not the best at drawing, but I'll let you know if I finish and post anything. Thank you for writing this beautiful story. I hope to read more chapters.
allonsyepicsnowman chapter 7 . 9/23
I love this
1ItachiUchihagurl chapter 4 . 9/14
I love how original this story is and conflicted emotions that sakura/sakumo have is so free and real
1ItachiUchihagurl chapter 1 . 9/14
This sooo funny XD
mizukikage chapter 7 . 8/20
Holy moly. I truly appreciate your story. I feel like sakura most of the time.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/19
Ugh I didn't realize the release of two chapters it's so good saku poverty hits deep
Guest chapter 7 . 8/18
Oh my god update please cliffy is killing me WHAT IS THE MUCUS GONNA DO!?
Lalley chapter 7 . 8/4
I'm really enjoying how this story is going- thank you!
izzy5683 chapter 7 . 7/30
I love this story more please
kuu chapter 7 . 7/24
Yay update! :D
It's been a while since I last read this, the story's getting more and more intriguing it's sucking me right in.
Normally I don't like reading sakura centric fics but this one's a definite exception! Love how you portray identity struggling sakura-sakumo, gives so much more dimension and character, somewhat explains why canon sakura is that way if she was hiding so much of her inner self
Seth7 chapter 7 . 7/18
Interesting story. good job. _
yesplease chapter 7 . 7/16
Aaah I love this, I really need more gender identity fics in like...all fandoms but especially Naruto! this is very lovely and put together, I cannot wait for the next update 3
goldfishlover73 chapter 7 . 7/13
So at the end of this did Sakura turn back into Sakumo?
Other wise, this was lovely.
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