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NOT Allowed chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
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baby5oh chapter 3 . 1/16/2012
C'monnnn, update! A cute chappie, but the actual body of work was pretty short ;; Anyway, next time, try to include what the fairies think, instead of just what they do or say. It's also probably better to use the show don't tell principle when doing so. Please also take a new line for different speakers in dialogue- it makes it a lot clearer to read and understand. Apart from that, again, nice chap, and UPDATE~!
demonicsheepy chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Thanks for picking Lexi!

She seems sort of in character but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be one to suggest guy-scoping,at least without some blushing,fidgeting,nervousness,etc.

Thanks again!
PenguinsRcute chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Thanks so much for accepting Kimi, so far she's kind of in character, but it's only the beginning of the story so her full annoyingness and crazyness will show in a chapter or two, lol.

So far so good, I can't wait for the next chapter :)
robobot14 chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Awwwww I was hoping that Dulce would get in :( But this sounds like it would be a great story!
Faded Book-Look Within chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Well.I was really hoping Mia would make it in,but I will still read the story. Thanks anyways :)
A Clouded Mind chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Oh. No Lacey? I thought she was my best developed Winx character yet. And fully original too, never used in any other stories. Oh well, whatever.

If you want to use her later, just ask. :(

Morumotto-chi chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Yay! Looking good so far! I love Summer, and how you introduced the characters! Looking forward to the next chappie :3
Daydreamer63 chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
*Giggles* Essence of Ethine. xD Thanks for letting Lukas and Adine getting in! I'm fine with Addy being a backup, seems more like her anyways. :)

And a quick little tip- When writing, authors will start a new paragraph whenever someone speaks, so for example:

The blonde stepped forward and said in a small voice, "I'm Lexi, from Wonderlandia." The fairies nodded in greetings. The black haired fairy, took her headphones out of her ears. "The name's Arlena. Of Monotone Castrato."

-Correct Version-

The blonde steped forward and said in a small voice, "I;m Lexi, from Wonderlandia." The fairies nodded in greetings. (You can indent here of after this sentence) The black haired fairy, took out her headphones out of her ears.

"The name's Arlena. Of Monotone Castrato."

Sorry if I seem all smartbutty. _' Other than that, your grammar and spelling is spot-on!
The Silver Magician of Chaos chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Aw man, I wanted my OC to in the story, but good choice with everyone you picked. Keep it up...
baby5oh chapter 2 . 1/7/2012
UPDAAAAAATE! Can you at least tell us who made it?
DJustMeD chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
oh, and Chris carries twin long daggers (also white in colour) as a secondary weapon, for when he runs out of arrows
DJustMeD chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Hey since you need more specialists, mind if I submit another character (Mig’s elder brother, I submitted Mig- or Mallory -earlier)

You can ignore him if you’ve enough though :)

Name: Christopher Cyril Klein (nickname – Chris)

Age: 17

Home Planet/Realm: same as Mig

Family: same as Mig

Status (Prince, Squire, etc.): same as Mig

Weapon: a white bow and black arrows

Appearance: He stands at about 5’9 and has a swimmer’s build. His skin slightly tanned, he has an oval face and rather chiselled features. Like his sister he has golden blonde hair. His hair, though short, is rather shaggy. He has almond shaped chestnut brown eyes.

Personality: He is rather rebellious, and dislikes following rules. Though he doesn’t break them outright, he does have a tendency to bend them a little, doing things in rather unorthodox ways. He is very confident and sure of himself, such that he is even seen as cocky at times. Although he doesn’t always follow what he’s told, he does have everyone’s best interests at heart. He cares for his family and friends dearly and he is very protective of his little sister.

Likes: his family and friends, sparring, pranks, target practice

Dislikes: people with rigid mindsets, snobs, bullies, royalty and nobles

Fears: losing someone close

Skills/Talents: He has excellent aim and is great at swordfights and fistfights (he used to get into a lot of scuffles)

Short Bio: He had a pretty bad temper when he was younger and he used to get into a lot of fights because of it (especially with the rich arrogant kids). He had a pretty bad experience with nobles before, as they looked down on him and his family, and he vowed to excel in red fountain and put them to shame. Though his temper has toned down a lot, there are times when he still loses his temper but his sister normally acts as a mediator and tries to calm him down.

School Outfit: usual red fountain uniform

Outdoors Outfit: /ralph-lauren-polo-long-sleeved-for-men-1003_

Weekend Outfit: . ?iid346282&cid11760&sh0&pge0&pgesize20&sort-1&clrBlack

Formal Outfit: .

Pajamas: blue_black_tan_flannel_pajama/thing?id11572500

Swimwear: .

Anything Else I Need to Know?: Though Mig and him have their arguments (they are siblings after all), they are still really close and they look out for each other.
VioletPandora chapter 2 . 12/26/2011
Name: Roshon Williams

Age: 17

Home Planet/Realm: planet Reebok in the Binary Galaxy

Family: Mother, Father, Noah(big brother, 22), Mason(little brother, 12)

Status: Commoner.

Weapon: Purple Sword

Appearance: Black hair, navy blue eyes, 6"3

Personality: Likes to goof off during class, kind, intelligent, sneaks out of detention, tough, tends to do stupid things sometimes.

Likes: Pizza, soda, flirting with girls(except for blondes), spipping class, playing video games.

Dislikes: Homework, detention, jerks.

Fears: Soemthing terrible might happen to his friends or family.

Skills/Talents: Great at playing the drums.

Short bio: His father wanted him to grow up and be a hero so he sent Rsohon to Red fountain.

School outfit: Red Fountain uniform.

Outdoors outfit: Dark denim jeans, black angry birds shirt(the one with the green pigs), green converse sneakers.

Weekend Outfit: Blue Paramore t-shirt, jeans, blue converse.

Formal Outfit: Black tuxedo, black converse.

Pj's: grey sweat pants, no shirt.

Swimwear: green swim shorts.

Anything: Nope.
Moo-cakes chapter 1 . 12/25/2011
I hope you still have room for another Fairy, and I'm going to see if I can make a Specialist for you, too :3

Name: Katalynna

Age: 16

Home Planet/Realm: Andros

Status (princess, squire, prince, commoner, etc.): commoner

Fairy of: She has a Morphix power similar to Aisha's, the main difference in it is that the color is instead a more blue/periwinkle color.

Family: Her Grandmother Draena (70), her mother Alisa (41), her father Reuben (42), and her younger brother Arthur (13).

Appearance: Mid-back length golden-brown/dark-brown hair, with her bangs cut to fall more on her right side, Her eyes are a orange-brown color large-shaped similar to Bloom's, with a light caramel tan complexion and slightly fuller lips, that have a slight purple hue to them. She's roughly around 5"7 in height.

Personality: She's kind of a trouble maker; she has a knack for landing herself into loads of it, she has a tendancy to back-talk or sass people, and sometimes comes off with a bit of a temper. Most of the time though she's just a trouble maker, with the exception of when she's helping out her Mom or Grandmother; She's a very helpful person when it comes to Family and Friends.

Love/Likes: Learning to board, playing with her Dog, exploring new places and learning new things

Fears: Krakens, the Three Ancestresses, Spiders, Snakes

Hates: Misplacing things in her room, getting bad grades on tests/assignments in school, Losing her train of though

Skills/Talents: Lock-picking (one used for many a troublesome time), swimming (fairly good at this, considering her home realm), bashing things (i.e; bugs, zombies, creepy people) with a stick

Pet: Roscoe, a large Husky

Winx Outfit/Attacks: Her top is similar to Aisha's, except in pink/purple, with her skirt being a little more flowing, and a lighter pink for the tights underneath. Her boots are the same pink/purple, but with a pale blue color for the heels/footing, her wings being a little more rounded shape to Aisha's, in a translucent blue, the tips being purple/pink aswell.

Attacks: Morphix ball; a simpl blast of a Morphix energy. Rubber shield; a simple shield to hold infront of her made from her Morphix that repels most attacks. Morphix waves; shooting out waves of Morphix to push back/attack foes.

Charmix Symbol and Hip-purse: Her The wiring is in an upside-down heart shape, with a pale blue gem in the center of it, her Hip purse a blue/purple fuzzy circle, with a design on it in the shape of waves.

Enchantix Outfit/Attacks: Her top is a criss-cross design top in purple to pink gradient, the bottom of it having similar wiring to Stella’s own in pale blue, her bottoms being just like Tecna’s in the same pattern, with the feather-like prongs being slightly more flowing, and in blue and periwinkle colors, with darker purple designs along the edged shape, about an inch above the edge, and more on the right side instead of being centered. The top left corner of her top has three of the feather-shape prongs, with a flowing pink sash going along the cross-cross part of the front of her top, tying onto the bottom right side of the wiring, before connecting to the top of the prongs on her waist. Her gloves are the same blue as the wiring, which is also the same for the footing on her legs that reaches about to the knees, with the gems being periwinkle. Her hair is now about knee-length and much more flowing, the golden-brown strands being in four braids that connect at the back of her head with a clasp, two long braids flowing down to the bottom of her hair, her bangs pulled back a little more like Stella’s, with the golden-brown strands through-out. Her wings are shaped like Stella’s aswell, but the outer rim are the pale blue, with the inner decorations being periwinkle and pink. Finally, her Fairydust charm is shaped just like Bloom’s, but in Periwinkle, with paler pink hearts, and the round vile in the center being fully circular, and more glittering.

Attacks: Morphix Blast; a much more powerful Morphix ball. Rubber Dome; a Full-circle protecting shield, with a stronger bounce-back. Enchantix Waves; Much more powerful waves than her original Winx attacks.

Believix Outfit/Attacks: The braids return in her hair, except it’s a little ways longer, and much more flowing, in a wavy/curled fashion nearer the bottoms, with her bangs loose, and having a smaller braided strand of the golden-brown hair falling to about chin-length on both sides. Her top is periwinkle, with a pale blue vest-like thing under her bust (similar to Bloom’s top), with the sleeves being off the shoulder and the vest’s straps coming over the shoulder to only leave part of it bare, the back of her top having a criss-crossing ribbon-like design on the vest. Her skirt has the same prongs from her Enchantix outfit, except pink and purple now, the rest of her skirt being Periwinkle like her top, flowing out like Flora’s Enchantix dress. Her boots are the same design as Flora’s, except in purple, blue and pink, with socks/stockings coming up to her knees in a sheer-like look and aqua in color, with matching elbow-length sleeves underneath the more flowing ones of her top, and bracelets on her wrists, over-top slightly longer matching sheer-like wristlets. Her wings are Shaped like Flora’s near the top in only a more butterfly shape, with intricate waved patterns in purple over-top the pink translucent color, with the outer edge being a fading blue to periwinkle.

Attacks: Morphix Explosion; she curls into a ball slightly before breaking out and unleashing a large, spherical wave of her Morphix power, much stronger than her original Morphix waves. Rubber Tornado; she spins around quickly to generate Morphix around her, which when shot with attacks with bounce them off in all directions.

School Outfit: A periwinkle and blue mini-dress similar to Flora’s Enchantix one, except with sleeves, and mid-shin height brown boots.

Outdoors Outfit: A pink tanktop with a purple flower on the chest, with a skirt similar to Aisha’s, with striped leggings and brown hiking boots.

Weekend Outfit: An off the shoulder periwinkle top that ends about mid-thigh, with darker purple leggings and heeled boots.

Pajamas: A longer top than Bloom’s from Season one, except in purple and pink instead of blue, with purple and blue shorts.

Swimwear: Rainbow striped tanktop with pink bikini bottoms, tied at the hips with purple ribbons.

Boyfriend?/Past Relationships: None.

Anything I Need to Know?: She’s left-handed and doesn’t eat beef or pork foods.

I hope I didn't forget anything, and I'm excited to see when you write this, after you pick all of your characters.
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