Reviews for Beyond Mending
Dark Tidings chapter 1 . 2/15/2012
as a followup to the other it's perfect. amazing depth of emotion, especially the pain they both endure knowing their lives aren't their own, and poor Severus, knowing she'll hate him. Dumbledore truly asked too much of this man.
Kelly Chambliss chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Wow - I felt this story just as Minerva felt Severus's words - like a punch in the gut, no breath left. It's so painful, yet so plausible and inevitable, both on its own and as the (also plausible) sequel to "Invitation." I find it so believable that they would each react like this: the more it hurts, the deeper it cuts, the less they will show or say; the unbreakable facade becomes all, and yet in it, we can see just how much IS "beyond mending."

There are so many powerful, insightful lines; here are just a few:

-"there is no sense - none! he thinks savagely - in living the life he does, otherwise than as endless penance."

-"he cannot bear it, he cannot walk the path laid out for him if there is any hope, any thought, any imagined trace of another choice."

-"in that deep place beyond reason, where he thought nothing could reach him ever again, he is cut."

-"The words hang in the air between them, palpable, almost visible."

-"Minerva still feels them strike home in ways she had forgotten she could feel"

I like the direct parallels you draw between SS and MM; they're so similar in so many ways, despite their surface differences. For me, this point is a central one in their relationship.

-"they ring out wrong and ruined, there is no place for them, their very shape is incomprehensible. Neither of them can bear to hear the after-echo in the room."


-"The glass falls apart, broken now beyond mending.

Their eyes meet.

Minerva slowly bows her head. 'I see.'"

Very effective metaphor. And she *would* see, too.

Wonderful work. You can't know how pleased I am to hear that you are not yet finished with Severus and Minerva. Even if you inflict further pain on them, I can't wait to read your next.
Batwings79 chapter 1 . 12/15/2011
Another intense story about my favorite HP ship. This one touches me just as deeply as "An Invitation, A Refusal" did and I feel as though this is truly a follow-on to that story.

You balanced the angst and pain between the two of them very well. In this telling, there truly is no 'upper hand' for either of them. Although Minerva does not know 'why' Severus is doing what he is doing, she sees and feels his pain as well as her own. And although it took a fair amount of needling and goading, he was able to see and feel her pain. In their own way, they are two of a kind, equals in ways they have not yet even come to understand.

I hope that you will continue to tell the tale of these two. I hope that we will be able to read if Minerva comes to a sudden understanding of the message that Severus was trying to deliver here, when she finds out that Dumbledore was killed. There are many things that I would like to read about from both Severus' and Minerva's points of view.

I am glad to see that you mention in your Author's Notes that you are not done with Severus and Minerva yet. So I am now waiting on pins and needles to see where you take these two next.

Good Job! More, Please!