Reviews for A Little Bit of Crazy
Turk 4 Life chapter 1 . 4/3/2013
Man I should be studying and doing assignments for uni right now... BUT I FOUND YOUR PROFILE AND I JUST HAD TO READ YOUR STORIES! :O This one was so cute 3 Yuna's adorable- she's just so meek and safe LOL Squall sounded like he was gonna say "screw this" and walk away at any moment. And Lightning, well, she's just hilarious making Squall do everything HAHAHAH! Loved this 3

AdOkufukai chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Cute and hilarious. Reasons:

One, it's rare for Squall to make a bad lie and turn it into truth in front of those he's lying to.

Second, a nosebleed, even if due to injury, will always say pervert when in front of someone nude or even half-nude.

And third, cooly admitting that one's nose is bleeding to someone who misunderstands the situation stated in reason number 2.

Great work XDD
Blacklistx13 chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Lol that Yuna always the quiet beast. Squall nose bleeding and Lightning half nude now that a pervert signal lol.
Indurrago chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
Oh, nice one-shot. Squall should more mindful of what kind of advice he gives. Hahahahaha. Yuna was pure win in this. Hope to see more crazy awesome stuff from her.

Making out with a cute summoner then geting scolded by a under-wear clad Lightning-Squall you lucky SOB! XD Ah, Bartz and Zidane-the MOMENT KILLERS! :D
Alexander - Godslayer chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
I personally think this is the most adorable portrayal you’ve given Yuna so far, her behavior during the whole “I’ll do something crazy” was just so fun and cute. XD

And Lightning, oh dear, that part at the end with Lightning. You know, I can’t help feeling it’d be more than hilarious if she realized that anything that annoyed her happened as result of her giving Squall those orders, just to see how she behaves when cornered with no one to blame but herself. XD

So, yeah, really nice little oneshot. Kinda makes me wish for more, actually. U

I’ve also read the latest chapters of SCE, so here goes my comments.

Samhain: Well, talk about confusing. If I have to take a guess, that might have been Ultimecia, although I also thought for a moment of Rinoa, perhaps having passed away and currently a ghost, who knows…

You know, though, based on the word "Chaos" appearing early on the chapter, for a moment I actually thought Squall might have come at the party dressed AS Dissidia’s Chaos, which would have been beyond hilarious on its own. XD Sadly, just the Pumpkin King didn’t feel… crazy enough. U

It really gives food for thought. Man, I actually REALLY wish to know who it was, so if you don’t mind telling me, I’m all ears. U

Serendipity: Okay, this was just… ADORABLE. That’s… forget it, that’s all I can possibly say. So cute, so tender, and even romantic for the bits seen in Squall and Lightning. Truly a relationship that is more felt than talked, if Squall’s hand’s got anything to say on the matter. XD

On a side note, I was surprised ‘bout what you said in the Author Notes, particularly because I don’t think I’ve heard you say before that the Harem is, at least for now, meant to go into a Lemon fic. Not what I expected, but interesting on its own right I believe (and justifies a lot Tifa ranking so high XD), I just feel like saying that, considering the number of characters there’ll be involved, I hope there’s plenty of variety and fetishes to explore in that big, incoming event. XD

Already seeing Yuna’s “selfish” side on this one-shot feels a bit like foreshadowing. XD

So… I think I’ve said all I got to say. I’m kinda wondering why you’ve been rather absent lately, but I guess your life must be keeping you busy. Still, here hoping to see more of you as soon as possible.

Yours, "Loves Dorky Girls" Alexander/Alexlayer.

Thien chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Damn, can't believe I jumped through several states of emotions reading this one. I was slightly afraid at first, that this wouldn't end well for Yuna, and seeing the interplay between Squall/Lightning from her point of view didn't make it seem any less pessimistic. And then Squall started talking to her, and it's all light-hearted, feel-good stuff. He's surprisingly good at consoling people when he wants to. The story with the Tonberry is amazing, and I am now craving a 'Seed-training' fic from you, you must have plenty of ideas for that. XD

Anyway, back to the heavy feeling again when Bartz and Zidane came back. After that though, I have to say you've outdone yourself this time. I love how Squall handled this, and I think there was even a bit of 'Leon' shone through this time. More importantly, he gave Yuna not only a chance but also the courage to take it, and to me it's the happiest ending I can get with this type of story. So yeah, very satisfied at the end. Also got a good laugh too. Ending is hilarious. XD

Thanks for writing. This one is a gem! :D
Traingham chapter 1 . 12/15/2011
You know, Squall and Yuna make a surprisingly cute pairing, now that I stop to think back on it, or perhaps its because of the way you handle them. Yuna's thoughts on the commander/sergeant relationship were very much in line with her character, being the person who puts all others before herself, and reading on her clumsy attempt at taking a chance made her appear even more charming.

You certainly get points for Squall's culinary teacher. I haven't laughed out loud reading in a while. (Ok, so I stifled it, but still...)

Write on, mate.