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random person chapter 34 . 1h
This book is freaking beautiful. There ade a few mistakes, but it is beautiful.
QuirkyKim chapter 34 . 4/23
I think the author like playing with peoples emotions.
QuirkyKim chapter 19 . 4/22
fuck I'm crying
ShiftFrame chapter 34 . 4/20
Greeting bookworm gal,
Today, I ventured (for the first time), in to the archives of Fairly Odd Parents. Your story was the first I read in the archive, and proud to tell you, that I really enjoyed it. I loved Norm's conflicting feelings about Amanda, and liked Amanda's personality, ad well as the concept of the story. However, the one thing I sincerely wished you would have added was some form of confrontation between Amanda, and her parents. I would have loved to see Norm do something to them in some form of revenge. But other than that, I enjoyed "Never Had a Friend Like Me," so much, in fact, that I basically read it all today. I commend your writing skills and the portrayal of the many characters, and I hope that your skills continue to get better.

Keep creativity flowin'!~
Intrigued chapter 34 . 3/8
This cartoon is not one that I have really ever read fic from, but I am extremely impressed by your plot and writing style. You manage to strike a good balance between conflict and resolution; not drawing one or the other on for too long. The ending felt well-done and like it resolves many of the loose ends that had been dangling in the back of my mind for a while. I will admit that I just binged this story in the last few hours, and don't regret it.

I wouldn't normally be interested in a book from an author on this site (things that are easily overlooked in fanfic are not in standalone books) but I was intrigued, and after reading the summary, am considering acquiring the ebook.

Good luck in your future endeavors, and I enjoyed the list of quotes on your bio.
Haradion chapter 25 . 1/25
Wow. A reminder he, that Genies are exceptionally powerful.
Do you know where we get Genie from? Its a westernisation of an eastern concept of a Djinn.
Djinns were extremly powerful sprite. Since we essentially mortal.

But they are described in eastern lore as being one of the sentient species.
Humans, born of clay, with life breathed into them by God.
Angels, born of light.
And the Djinn. Born of fire.

But there's the interesting thing about eastern low. Whereas in western mythology, am Angel has the free will to fall - to sin and disobey - the same is not true in eastern mythology. They are immortal, ageless and incapable of such betrayal.

The Djinn however, could. Invisible, powerful, legend says one of them became disgusted with humanity. Iblis. Shaitan. The Fallen One.

That's right people. In Islamic lore, the Devil, the ultimate evil, is a Djinn. An unbound Genie. I half expected Norm to remind people of that. Genies are not nice. They are not necessarily benign. And with the capacity to rewrite the laws physics demonstrates here, well... Just remember. One of Norn's species once sought to overthrow a deity.

Just thought I'd share that insight. Genie can be scary, of written correctly. And Norm was certainly frightening here.
Melody Jane chapter 34 . 1/14
I have read this story multiple times and the last few chapters always make me cry. Particularly the scene I just read. Please update Tale As Old As Time as soon as you can; I love Norm and Amanda together and would like to see more.
Viddaric chapter 17 . 12/17/2016
As soon as I get paid, I'm going to buy your e-book. Oh, and this entire story is pretty great. The only complaint I have is that Amanda, despite being a lovable character, is kinda shallow, but that's kind of to be expected. I've always loved villain redemption arcs and this is one of the best ones I've read.
ConfusedSoAmI chapter 34 . 12/1/2016
It took me 5 hours to read this whole story and I cried about five different times. Can't wait to read the sequel!
FountainPenguin chapter 12 . 11/22/2016
Ah, friendship. That's one of the things I live about this story- it focuses on friendship and famuly and not romance. It's everything I've ever wanted.

I love this talk about the social order, and Trixie having social powers like whether someone's status is raised or lowered. Timmy's taking the blow well. At least he has some experience with rejection, if not this whole unpopularity situation. I enjoyed the mention of Cindy and why he can't ask her too. I hadn't thought about that before, but it's true- he can't very well steal another guy's girlfriend.

Amanda's fortune cookie talking about courage makes me chuckle. Little girl of Leaves.

Poof is trying so hard to cheer his godbrother up in his simple childlike way. Good.

Timmy even got turned down by a nickel. Ouch. And I love it. Time to see what that dance and the future have in store.
FountainPenguin chapter 11 . 11/13/2016
I'd never thought before about Trixie's view of events that almost brought her within Timmy's grasp, but that would certainly be confusing, getting pursued only to be rejected when she tries to take the plunge. Sanjay definitely seemed in character too. The plot thickens.
FountainPenguin chapter 10 . 11/12/2016
"Helping her clean was practical". Ah, Norm, you ol' slowly-going-softie.

And Timmy meets Amanda's mom for the first time. He is not impressed. Sweet of him to take her under his wing as an actual friend now. Poor, sweet Amanda getting hysterical about inconveniencing people. You deserve friends, honey. One day you'll understand.
FountainPenguin chapter 9 . 11/12/2016
Ah, delicious plot. I'm definitely onboard with Anti-Cosmo's "pixies don't tend to be creative" outlook. Shame his own people let him down with elephants comments. "He needed smarter followers" indeed. And it's nice to hear how he cares for his sweet wife.

Things are heating up Dimmsdale-wise too. Amanda's quite thoughtful, worrying about Norm like that. A much better way to write this scene than simply having Norm never show up, I think. It's those little details that steal my heart.

I love Norm's "Wanted to show off the towels?" line. I have such a hard time dialoguing for him myself, but you always seem to nail it perfectly. Excellent.
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 34 . 11/12/2016
I cried. Thank you for writing.
FountainPenguin chapter 8 . 11/12/2016
There are so many great chapters in this part of the story. It slips in so beautifully with the show itself, matching personalities and bizarre events. I love how Timmy, Amanda, and Mr. Crocker all refer to Sanjay and Elmer as back-up friends, and this is a completely normal thing with them. Crocker being his usual spazzing self, of course, and Vicky keeping a chainsaw and flamethrower in her backpack... Things that wouldn't work in a "regular story", but that fit perfectly in your cartoonish take on the cartoon! I love it.

And Amanda has discovered quite the secret of Timmy's! Dun dun dun! Good thing she made that wish. Makes you wonder what exactly the requirements are for splitting Fairies and godchildren, like if fairies need to be seen, not only heard, and if Timmy would have had to be aware of it. Fun stuff to speculate about.
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