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MayContainHyjinks chapter 34 . 8/20
Dear Bookworm Gal,

Fairly odd parents. Much like spongebob. I caught the occasional episode but thats it.

Wasn't norm the odd(hahaha) professor?

Back on earth? Where off earth did he end up?

You were aiming for sad childhood. You got it! Amanda is getting all the hugs for her birthday!

I'm not sure where i am, rolling on the floor laughing at the befuddlement of Norm or beyond sad for Amanda.

Ya know. I'm starting to think Norm has a noble streak in him.

One wish down. Two to go. These two better stay friends by the end of this.'re moving them to canada? Where Norms "arch nemesis" lives? Oh boy. Talk about recipe for disaster

Equal opportunity bully what? Hahaha

Yay Amanda has a friend!

I apologize for the lack of comments but the reading is to engaging right now :P

Amanda is going to go to the dance with Timmy isnt she. XD.

Holy crap. That school is a mess of triangles. Aren't they too young to be doing this stuff? I mean, at least danny phantom was teenage age'd

/puts on hardhat and closes door on concrete bunker. Hopefully the war isn't so bad it'll break into here.

I take it you like Chinese take out?

Yeaaaaa...I dunno about that. She's a smart cookie. Everything is going to crash down on his head isnt it

Alright! The crowning moment of the chapter was awesome! Although I'm a little worried about leaving the lava lamp behind.

Either those were first names to pop in your head or i spy a megatron reference and a betty boop reference.

Unwritten Laws of Popularity? What! Hahahaha.

Hm. Good thinking Trixie.

That invention actually worked?

Well now. Thats a bit of a cliff hanger.

Poor Amanda. I'm with Wanda! Hug Powers activate!

Awww. Thats awesome!

Hahaha Ho ho ho Heyo Santa!

Awww. christmas celebrations!

/huming along "walking in a winter wonder laaaaand!"

Awww. What a nice letter.

Hehehe double agent Norm is on the case

Cliffhanger! Time to get my hang-glider.

Go Amanda!

What a day, whew.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! Well. That happened.

Foreshadowing. Oh boy.

A boil. Really? Breaking reality?

Bob has been unleashed. Hahahaha

Yeaaa. There's no way to plan for the end of the world being the result of that plan.

Big boss fight. Noice

Norm! No!

Wait. Crangoof. What kind of sound effect is that.

Hehe Norms bringing the calvery

Boom. Boss defeated. Or rather. Bob defeated.

Yeaaa. When Timmy puts it like that the fairies and others are kinda being a jerk.

Aww. Thats a cute ending.

Why do i get the feeling you're going to break the system again.

Yup...there it is! Hahaha

That was the perfect ending. No and, if or buts about it.

That was an awesome story! Thank you very much for writing it.

Thanks for the story!
TheCopyUniverse chapter 34 . 8/7
This story was amazing, all the way through. I did like how you left it ambiguous as to who Timmy married, and it did make sense, too: Norm probably didn't care much about learning the names of Trixie or Tootie. Thanks for writing/typing this story, I loved it so much!
musiqriter chapter 34 . 8/2
I've read this twice now because I love it! honestly I'm afraid to read any other fanfic from this show cause i know it wont be nearly as good as this l. ik alot of people might have already asked but i just have to ask myself. can you do like a short chapter just so we can see how the fairies reacted to Timmy?
queenfirst chapter 1 . 7/17
Wow, these characters were developed so thoroughly with just a single chapter. I bow at your author-iness.
EllaDeWriter chapter 9 . 7/13
Oh, wow! This story is so amazing! I can just imagine a scenario so perfectly based on the way the characters are being personalized here. That's so amazing! :D!
Sora chapter 1 . 6/24
I hope someone write "Reading: Never Had A Friend Like" and "Reading:Tales as Old as Time" like everyone's stories. Please?
Because I wonder fairly oddparents' characters' reactions to alternative universe or memories.
Innieminnie chapter 34 . 6/20
Yayayayayayayayay~! I knew something like this was going to happen, but you can rest assured you did worry me for a second when the thought of Norm wishing himself dead to join her crossed my mind! Still, this was the best ending, and you totally made me cry! One thing though, I kind of wish the side story/sequel would have been a continuation of this story because...Timmy as a fairy and Amanda as a genie! Oh how interesting! Anyways, great story great everything.
Innieminnie chapter 32 . 6/20
Now I just want Norm and Amanda to be together hopefully Norm uses his wish to turn her into his genie daughter~
Innieminnie chapter 31 . 6/20
Why?! I doubt he's gone for good, but still! My prediction is that they escape with freed norms help and go to the pixies and anti fairies to cash in a favor...then they seal the evil but not before something happens making norm use his wish to turn Amanda into his real genie daughter...
Innieminnie chapter 27 . 6/20
Oh nooo...I have a feeling that she's going to wish either children never forgot about their godparents or they never left them...and then bad stuff happens and she has to wish for a reset...and forget. Then Norm uses the birthday candle to either free himself or become a normal human to help the Amanda that reverted to her previous self...or maybe she'll wish to become a genie like Norm and they can be a family...I like the second one best... It's better for my heart!
Innieminnie chapter 26 . 6/20
Blah~ I want her to either wish for three more wishes or wish that his lava lamp becomes one with himself so he can have both freedom and his usual powers! Mostly because I want her to end up wishing she was a genie too or his know? While having freedom as well
Innieminnie chapter 25 . 6/20
Ehhh~ here's to hoping Norm suggests she's wishes for three-no a hundred more wishes~
Innieminnie chapter 20 . 6/20
Links don't work on profile, otherwise I would love to look at Amanda! I even tried looking up the specific devianart account but...well I may have done something wrong...err..or maybe I saw the wrong link? Eh
Innieminnie chapter 19 . 6/20
I totally expected Amanda to free him anyway lol
Innieminnie chapter 17 . 6/20
Noooo Amanda-a-a-a~
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