Reviews for Made of Stone
TiaKisu chapter 2 . 1/24/2012
Oha, what an interesting plot. And weird as this may sound, but at least for now reading it doesn't really hurt as in a way it's just plain intriguing. I mean, Jide really is a person you want to know more about. With her pride (I call it pride for now) and her way of treating the captain she seems to be a bit like Maeve. And she seems to have a secret, too.

I guess such spirited and in a way mysterious poeple are really what that man needs. Anyhow. The only thing that had me wonder was how suddenly Sinbad changed back from being slightly annoyed by her attitude to giving her a rather seductive smile. On the other hand, when we watch S2 it doesn't seem as something that unusual of course.

Now, to not forget about the rest: I really love how Bryn's becoming like an advisor to him. A friend or sister maybe whom he can ask for help. And Doubar had me crack up right away. "Why should you always find some fault with me… - he muttered, but I waited and he confessed". LOL! He knows his brother alright. And I can SO picture Doubar trying to easen the mood before breaking any news to Sinbad that he thinks the latter's not gonna like.

All in all a very interesting chapter. Looking forward to more!

Love, TK :D
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
Oh gosh, this fic is brilliant! Very insightful. And so moving in its very own way. You portray Sinbad's despair perfectly, and you do so with Maeve's wish to help him and with her pain once he seems to move on. I love it how you described the relationship between the captain and Bryn for it's pretty much what I always saw in it as well.

It really is hard to see Sinbad moving on in some way, even moreso as somehow he's not moving on at all. And though the hurt is gone, the emptiness he feels may even be worse to him. It's part of the healing process I understand, only do I not know whether he could ever heal at all. He just understood that all the girls he had never were able to give him what he truly wanted - and needed - yet he uses the same scheme on Bryn. Luckily she is such a sweet one as to understand why he did what he did, forgiving him what could have ruined their friendship forever.

I truly, truly hope you will write on, dear, because you certainly caught my attention! Your 1st person style is really good and very in-character IMO; and the story line you set up for this fic is really intriguing. Thanx for sharing this one with us, and do write on!