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Toastiness98 chapter 9 . 2/11/2012
MORE ! I loved it ! :D cant wait to see what happens!
Toastiness98 chapter 5 . 2/7/2012
loveisalifetimeproject chapter 9 . 2/1/2012
Update! Update! Dear God Update! This is becoming my Favorite story...Ever!
xGLEEKYx chapter 9 . 1/29/2012
You know I love you. But right now I really /really/ hate you. -.-
CanaceErinn chapter 9 . 1/29/2012
The conversations with Tina and Santana were my favorite parts of this chapter. I like how there's an uneasy truce of sorts between Santana and Rachel - they're never going to be good friends, but it's intriguing that Santana is being so helpful as far as relationship advice goes. I'm also glad that Tina didn't flat-out condemn Rachel for her changes.

Let's see, what else? Seeing the POVs of both Rachel and Jesse was very nice for this chapter, and the cliffhanger was pretty good too. :-)
frenchirishjewel chapter 9 . 1/29/2012
i completely adore this fic and need you to update asap!
Phoenix South chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
I really can not believe that Rachel will accept the marriage proposal of Finn I wanted to vomit when I read the news that's true? I'm wanting to punch something at the time preference of the face of Ryan My dear you just do not match Cory they are weird together, I agree with all who say he is too big for you, I love Groffchele they have a connection so special I wanted to have a friendship like this is so lovely to see the two together It is so easy to imagine them as a pair of lovers, like how Androgenius plays with it in their fanfics you really twists to make it happen at some point!
Phoenix South chapter 9 . 1/29/2012
This fic is really amazing you can take us to the skies and calm our heart St Berry I promised myself I would never hope for any couple is fictional but inevitable when you see that spark and begin to enjoy it the first moment I I have only two shippers that I love you to my sorrow were not well used by their creators but okay it is important that the fanfics there to make us happy And every time I read one chapter of this fic I can not understand why Rachel handed Finn on the show every time I see that episode I have the impression that it gave the Finn out of pity and not because she wanted the first time Rachel had to be with Jesse because we want epic romance Ryan Murphy you are an ass!
michemistic chapter 9 . 1/29/2012
As long as St. Berry sex is happening, I’m game, but there can never be enough dark St. Berry sex either. The next time the darkness does happen once more, I’ll make sure to prepare my deep red candles and wine glass for ambience-and the smirk of wickedness, can’t forget the smirk of wickedness.

Honey, I wouldn’t worry about the interview, its just talk where celebs aren’t allowed to say anything negative, especially about their work (which is why it’s so obvious RIB is making Lea go all ra-ra for the show and the sorry excuse for a “couple” as seen in her Tweets). I’m POSITIVE Groffchele joked about THEM being hired as a duo. This isn’t the first time they played passionate, charismatic *unfortunately doomed* star-crossed, teenaged lovers…~THAT SING~!

Oh Jesse, he’s got it so bad. His uncle has a nice home, was there really only one room for him? Did he HAVE to sleep on the lumpy futon? Tsk tsk.

The appeal of befriending-oh who are we kidding? Totally seducing a hot young singer was the deal breaker/motivation of the “acting exercise” and doing a favor for his coach. His equal and that “he couldn’t have her” just makes him want her all the more. I still question why Shelby would even think it was a good idea for her 10th grade daughter to spend time with a very experienced older boy (Shelby, heck all of Carmel knew Jesse’s reputation). Making me joke, “Jeez Shelby, I know you want your daughter and all, but do you want a granddaughter to go along with it? Hmmm…that means she’d have Rachel and a baby, gets to have her cake and eat it too.” Hahha, poor Rachel, first it’s our want of Jesse and Shelby plotting to get Rachel to join them in VA. Now in your latest chapter of Asian F and in my ramblings, it’s to get her knocked up. Better get some good birth control and a spray bottle till you get that Tony Rach.

“and imagined what the future could have been, were he allowed to keep her. They would be perfect together.” That’s what hurts the most about being a St. Berry shipper, or just any “non-endgame” shipper. “Wishing only fools the heart” and “We could have had it all” are such bittersweet ideals. Thank you for fixing and improving our love with your writing.

What Jesse’s picturing is really a prediction for their future, like when they’re being all domestic with the cooking. I’m sticking to it and no one can take that away from me *cradles it protectively like a dragon sleeping with their bounty*

Holy Toledo, I just realized…we’re finally in the complex psyche that is Jesse St. James! Thankyouthankyoutthankyou! It’s like Rachel’s rescuing him from the darkness and despair just as Jesse saved Rachel. Together they hoist each other up to the heavens!

And NOW we get to see them asleep with each other. May I be so forward to say that Rachel’s ONLY wearing one of his black shirts? ;) Oh I find it hilarious that you do NOT want to mess with Rachel’s sleepy-time. I know I’m one of many who get batshit if my precious slumber is disturbed.

“She was the cause of his conflict, but she was also the only balm. Making a new, better memory in that place had been perfect.”-Wait! Are you holding out on us? Was there some hanky-panky in the Spartan room we missed out on? Oh and the whole cause and cure analogy is all too befitting.

*Snorts* Come on Jesse, even if Puckerman deflowered her, you’d still be jealous. Not that I mind, FICTIONAL jealousy is hot (at least on the guys part, what was that about me being a bad feminist again?).

“Perfect. She was absolutely perfect. Jesse closed his eyes, prepared to go back to sleep. Whatever dreams lurked, nothing could be better than what he now held in the real world.” Guh. I just want to kidnap you, fatten you up, and give you bear hugs so you can just write for me forever and-well hello officer what brings you here today and are those restraining orders I see?

I’m so entertained by Rachel and Santana interactions; I think you had way too much fun with them. It’s chocked full of humor. I’m so into Rachel once again choosing her clothes, but the statement of the repeat outfit is what’s really strong, striking and “Daring.”

Again, I’m so amused with Santana’s trap, come on Rachel you’re a trope buff!

Oh sweetie, there’s nothing “convenient” when Jesse Jr. wants to play. As seen when he woke up, he too gets the drawbacks of having to wait for his love. When it comes to Rachel, he’s always in the mood, even when she’s not physically there he’s errr…“thinking” about her. So no, he’s not cruel and selfless enough to not play with her. He’s much too greedy for her for that; otherwise it’s un-pleasurable punishment for the both of them.

“She wouldn't put it past him to use it as an excuse to spank her again—he was definitely an ass man”-Even Jon is one (at least he’s one when it comes to Lea) and I can’t blame Jesse, we’re all aware of Rachel’s delicious bottom. Speaking of her sweet behind, poor thing is getting all hot and bothered while panty-less. Imagine the horror of getting all wet with nothing to contain it; the micro-mini skirt doesn’t help matters.

As much as Tina can be…unwelcoming of Rachel, out of the original five, she’s the least hostile towards her and even teetering on neutral. That she’s one of the sweetest members is probably one of the biggest reasons. So if I had to say choose the nicest out of the original five towards Rachel (at least in season 1 and most definitely the first 13 episodes) it’s Tina. I still love their moment in “Regionals” with Tina’s cheer, “we’re so getting second place.” To Rachel’s zealous, “screw that, we’re gonna win this thing!” So I like that she’s worried for her here and in this timeline, she’s the closest thing she has to a friend (asides from her best friend Jesse). I get why Tina isn’t reprimanding Rachel for cheating, because she cheated on Artie with Mike at summer camp. You can’t chastise what’s inevitable.

Are they on stage doing choreography? Because I’m sure Rachel has dance clothes because there’s a severe lack of undergarments. Which I’m sure the boys (Puck especially) will appreciate, Rachel better come up with a way to not perform any arabesques.

As much as I despise Finn, I like and feel for Carol and the weight of what she’s gone through only to realize her grandchild wasn’t even hers. She deserves an apology from Quinn, especially since the woman could barely afford to feed her and her son, let alone two more mouths. Another problem is that since Rachel’s too afraid to confront Finn, it gets bottled up until it reaches the boiling point. So instead of conversing, everything just builds until it cracks and there are un-salvageable arguments where nothing is constructive.

Ooooh, is it her phantom giving her that backstage tryst? And right next to her team too.

We’re about to hit the double-digits love! YES!
kezztip chapter 9 . 1/28/2012
I've loved these last 2 chapters, expanding on the effect Jesse's deception had on him personally. Also love the up-front Rachel in this chapter, unashamed of her sexuality or public opinion. A girl like that could rule that school! Well done as always!
Broadwayfreak5357 chapter 9 . 1/28/2012
Really? You had to just leave it at that? Of course you did :P I feel like I'm repeating myself lol :P No dark sex? :( hahaha pshhhh who needs plot lol :D yeah I heard the same interview! & i was! way beeter chemistry! plus theyve been best friends for like 7 years...anywayyyyy :)

I loved this! Even without the dark sex...jeezzzz what is wrong with me these days! XD Well I love every chapter lol :D

Jesse's dream was interesting :) I liked how we got to see his side of the story & about his uncle's house etc :)

Hahahaha loved the whole interaction with Rachel & Santana lmao :) Mr Schue is still clueless as ever :P Why wasn't finn school i forget. did he get suspended or something? or just not show up? cant rememberrrr :P I loved Tina and Rachel's conversation :)

Hahahaha the effect that Jesse has on Rachel and visa versa is interesting. SOULMATES! jussayin :D

Awwww Santana & Tina stood next to her :) Whats with the walk of shame lol? that took guts :) I was slightly proud :D

Quinn needs to get over herself. and really, just go out with finn, so that Rachel and Jesse can be together. bc finn and quinn really are perfect for each other lol :P

The ending! really? I don't suppose we could find out soon? or I can have a hint? :D

Fantastic chapter as always! Can't wait for the next chaoter! really enjoying this story!

xx Sage
CanaceErinn chapter 8 . 1/22/2012
I'd just like to say that I'm a big fan, as well as a Phan, so the combination of Phantom and Glee is a lot of fun to read! You've done a great job of writing all of the characters - Rachel, Jesse, and Santana in particular. It's also good that this won't turn into a pregnancy story. I'm looking forward to future chapters (and hopefully Rachel chewing Finn out, or something for all the drama he caused? He's so clueless). :-)
lylyevans chapter 8 . 1/22/2012
I want to see more of Rachel making friends with the other girls
Broadwayfreak5357 chapter 8 . 1/22/2012
Thank you for having Rachel not get pregnant! that would have sucked! I mean, a stberry baby would hit the genetic lottery, but not right now thankyouverymuch :)

Hahaha ok taking your advice from you A/N the bottom lol :P Ignorance is bliss? lol :) thats why you clear out the history! my parents would spaz :P

Anywayyyy :) Love this :) Hahahaha I love the convo w Rachel's dads :) & how Hiram is automatically like heyyyyy Jesse. I mean, come on, they know Rachel too well to not know she's talking about Jesse :D

Awwwwww Jesse kept everything from their relationship :) :) :) Adorable :D :D :D

Can't wait for more :)

xx Sage
Phoenix South chapter 8 . 1/22/2012
Well I had to research I'm really curious how it will use the''thing''if I knew that Ryan Murphy would do that shit with Glee Rachel I would have twisted to lose her virginity in the power of Madonna I miss the epic romance . Cris you are amazing I really wonder Jesse doing all these things and it's so nice to imagine it happening I'm not just talking about sex but also the attitudes of all it takes to get Rachel back anxiously awaiting the next chapter
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