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AliDee chapter 3 . 12/27/2011
OhMyGoddd. I have never read a fanfiction were itwas jus EPIC. I honestly want you to finish this story. I have never like Finn and Rachel together but this is the first St. Berry story that not only do I like, but has me on edge waiting for the next chapter. Don't be surprised if you pass the 100 reviews mark with this sizzlin hot story. Props to you!
desolee chapter 3 . 12/27/2011
Having the Phantom OBCR on while listening to this resulted in the most OMGWEFWF experience ever. I freaking love dark!jesse
auhaes23 chapter 3 . 12/26/2011
Woo, it was ... so strange and not excepted ! I really didn't imagine a chapter like that ! Indeed, that's dark ! It was a great chapter, the words were strong, hard, violent, powerful(?), well very good ! I don't know where you go to find ideas like that but that was ... special and incredible ! Really, this chapter confused me ! I had already imagined a Jesse like this one but never imagined to read him like that ! Well, I don't know what I can say except that this chapter was AMAZING and very well write !
MsTyp0 chapter 3 . 12/26/2011
Ummmm Yeah. Wow. That was beyond hot.
Elle Loves Glee chapter 3 . 12/26/2011
Good God! Hun if this gets any hotter i will be an Elle shaped puddle of goo when it is complete!
majestic seahorse chapter 3 . 12/26/2011
Thank You for this chapter! I loved it. :) Of course, it could be because I am a hard-core St. Berry shipper/believer... (I don't like Finnchel, no matter how hard I try to learn to like it.)
lylyevans chapter 3 . 12/26/2011
oh i loved it, i love all of jesse;s ministrations, but i want to see them hanging out, talking, doing simple stuff like in the end!
desolee chapter 2 . 12/26/2011
AAAH jesus that's hot
Broadwayfreak5357 chapter 2 . 12/23/2011
Loved this :) Idk if I reviewed the last chapter, but :) :) :)

I was confused in the beginning, but then I remembered that Rachel hasn't figured out that Jesse dared her :P She should have figured it out tho! I was she stupid? lol :)

I 3 Brittana Rachel friendship :) She's prolly gonna go to them after she finds out its Jesse, bc who is she gonna go to? Finn? blechhhhhhhhhhhhh XD

I'm really excited to read the next chapter! Have an awesome Christmas :) We love you too :)

xx Sage
The Fluff Queen chapter 2 . 12/23/2011
Two things. Better yet, make it three.

One: I have a new story of yours to obsess over! That's awesome.

Two: I loved the Pezberritany dynamics and I'd love for that to carry on. It was amazing. Can I ask for more of it?

Three: Evil of you to stop where you stopped. But I love how everything screamed Jesse, only Rachel was too deep in denial to see it. Poor girl, can't wait for the next chapter.

Happy Holidays!
auhaes23 chapter 2 . 12/23/2011
Woo, this chapter was unexpected ! Really, I didn't know what was the landscaping ! Well I know that some girls do that, but there's any word to say this action in french :o Well, I like Santana, she's funny and she reminds me of "Dr House" so great chapter ! It was so good to read you :p

Merry Christmas to you too
michemistic chapter 2 . 12/23/2011
I can’t condone that Rachel is going to (as far as she knows) a stranger’s place without a form of self-defense. While she doesn’t have to bring a derringer, at least a pepper spray helps. And no, I don’t see a difference between her rape whistle and a regular whistle. If she blows it (hurhur, “blows” *gets hit upside the head*) people aren’t going to go, “Some girl’s in trouble!” They’re going to grumble, “That’s so annoying, what kind of parent lets their kid use a whistle at this hour?” Especially if she’s going to live in NYC, she needs to know how to protect herself. How about a martial arts class to add to your repertoire?

Interesting that Jesse is living in Lima by himself. Why not his hometown Akron or his uncle? But I am digging that he has a place all to himself, the privacy will come in handy and Rachel’s new key will be put to good use. Clever, the mystery of the letters is fun and he still has the upper hand even when they’re not seeing each other. Of course he has the best food for Rachel’s veganism; he knows what his baby needs.

“my own”-I put my hands in my face, closed my eyes, and giggled. The fluttering won’t stop! Hello new favorite term of endearment with a slight possessive undertone!

“the sound of an organ”-my immediate reaction, “no way! NO WAY! SHUT UP! OMG he’s playing “Phantom of the Opera”…HE IS! YES! Take me I’m yours Cris! THIS IS TOO PERFECT!” Foreshadowing! I’m so giddy!

Sure the Phantom may not get her in the end, but the heavily disliked sequel and Phangirls will tell us otherwise.

“She hadn't wanted it to turn into this, though.”-I do. Come on, this is dramatic and mysterious, how can she not be eating this up? Come on touch the (glorious King sized, four poster) bed! You’re going to get well acquainted with it anyways…

“you'll be happy here. Please, think of my home as yours for the duration of our time together”-you remember my twisted request for Jesse stealing Rachel to make her his and not letting go until she submits? I’m getting those slight vibes of that prompt here and I’m savoring it, the suspense is building and it’s going to be superb when it all comes together. Even if that’s not you intent, I’m still going to run with it because it makes me satisfied.

With all her insistent mentioning of Jesse, Shakespeare’s, “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks” is all too appropriate.

That she’s purposely trying to annoy Finn so he’ll leave her alone is all too telling. I revel in their break-up. Anytime now.

For awhile I’ve been speculating that Santana doesn’t take Will’s Spanish class because she’s already fluent (although it’s an easy A for her). I also don’t think Rachel’s in it because I don’t see either girl in Will’s class. Maybe the girls are taking French with Kurt instead? I have a crack!theory that since I consider Rachel Sephardic, she knows a bit of the Spanish herself (probably not fluent, because she’d brag about being bi-lingual) and understands some of what Santana is shouting when she’s pissed off. It would certainly be interesting to see the girls throw in a few Espanol during a conversation.

Okay, I was just as confused as Rachel when Jesse mentioned, “landscaping” my thoughts were on par with her, “Why is he asking her about yard work? How is he going to plant in his condo? Is this some goose chase to throw her off? You’d think guys would know more about this kind of stuff. What’s with it being in the bathroom, did he know that would be the last room she would look, so that’s where the last note should be?” Then Santana’s Cheshire smile gave me warning bells. I laughed because even though I didn't know what she was grinning about, the image of it was so funny, especially with an alarmed Rachel. Then the, “session” being mentioned and everything clicked. Actually it was more like a million mega-watt fluorescent light bulbs went off and the Obvious Fairy hit me in the head with her mallet (as I like to call it, “the boink of duh”). Though wouldn’t Rachel be, “fastidiously groomed” (maybe not as extreme as a Brazilian, but still) due to her ballet leotards. Oh dear, why am I even taking such great thought into this? What is wrong with me?

“Whatever they're planning, I thought you were smart enough not to fall for it."-Like how you dumped Rachel and agreed to go out with both San and Britt while still dating her? I noticed that Finn constantly doesn’t look Rachel in the eyes when they talk too, he’s usually staring sideways.

"And even if they did, they wouldn't spend it on—" My mouth is slacked open and I’m going, “Oh bitch, no.” Dump him NOW! That she’s settling for, “reality” is heartbreaking. What she has with Jesse is so beautiful and because they’re soulmates, it doesn’t feel, “real” aka disappointing. That’s what a lot of us do, we have low expectations and anything better is labeled as a “fairytale” because it seems too good to be true.

Is it bad to say that I approve of the Lopez-Berry-Pierce friendship? Rachel can relate to Santana’s heated firecracker outbursts. While her and Britt have an emotionally innocent nature (as mentioned in, “See If I can Sleep”) and of sweet, girly playthings, “you like TinkerBell and care bears too?”

What a trip, to have your bullies turned teammates, to possible friends do this for her?

I’d be freaking out too even if this was with my best friend.

As surreal as the scene was, it was nice; I really found it enjoyable (probably due to my love of empowering girl friendships). It felt like they were bonding with the talking and Santana took care of her. You don’t have to have sex to be in a relationship, but there should be sexual chemistry, a feel of desire. Rachel fervently described her make-outs with Jesse being, “erotic and romantic”-and that’s JUST making out with him. I should note that no other guy she’s dated has ever been as praised as high as him. As you wrote earlier, with Finn it’s awkward and there’s no chemistry, no charge whatsoever. Oh and as much as I cackled like a hyena, I feel embarrassed for Quinn.

HA! Santana joined her in the shower no qualms. For someone that insulted Rachel for awhile, she had her most ammunition (asking for a session, grooming her, naked, showering together) and yet she didn’t say anything mean at all. I think her past insults to Rachel’s appearance are just talk, not actual honest opinions. She didn’t say anything negative about her looks, ESPECIALLY in the nude. So progress! Next stop are the girls sexy underwear shopping…or better yet, none at all, thank you Santana and Brittany! Thank you for keeping Rachel in her naughty schoolgirl look that's commando to boot, it's MUCH appreciated.

Of course he’s playing a sensual, seductive *and dark* serenade/mating song. This is getting serious and chapter 3 can’t come any sooner.

Merry Christmas my beloved!
kezztip chapter 2 . 12/22/2011
That was a lovely chapter and the perfect Christmas present. I am absolutely craving the next! Happy Christmas to you and yours!
lylyevans chapter 2 . 12/22/2011
you are evil absolutely evil, but i love you so much and i beg for un apdate, finally we see jesse!
androgenius chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
"Rachel immediately snapped that she understudied for noone" - oh my god this is so, so Rachel

"But both her fathers' people were slaves once" - jfklds;jfkld;ajlksd RACHEL oh my god she would so bring that up

"Oh, god, what if they got nothing?" - this would 100% be rachel's concern, YEP

"But now—now it's like your hotness level went up by, like, a whole Britney." - this is fantastic! IT'S SO SOMETHING HE WOULD SAY!

I honestly thought it was Jesse in the audience, but using a decoy- that's clever! I'm so glad that it was driven up so high :p and I loved how fiercely Rachel terrified the living shit out of poor Chris! But no, this is an excellent setup. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Things here have been... insanely busy, what with it being around the holidays and me working around the clock ): how have you been holding up?
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