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smouse chapter 2 . 5/22/2014
I can't believe Tony built a machine that creates one of the bigiest cliches out there! (actually, I do) *cackles*
Man, this fic was awesome! Go you!
Crystal M. Key chapter 2 . 9/14/2012
This was hilarious. Usually, I can't stand body-swap stories, but this was great. Thanks! I really enjoyed Steve's snarky comments while being Tony. Favorite quotes:

"What?" Steve yelped, coming closer to squat near him.

"Your fingers are clumsy!"

"They are not!" Steve protested. "I'm an artist! You're just not used to being me."

Tony snorted. "Obviously.

"Besides. It's not my fault that you've got girly hands."

"My hands are not girly. They're perfectly masculine."

"Wow. I wasn't aware I was capable of sounding like such an ass."

"Oh just wait until I flirt with Fury."

He watched as his face drained, turning pale. "You wouldn't," Steve whispered.

Tony laughed again.

"No, I'm serious."

Well, that was Tony's serious voice.

"While you're in my body, Tony, you will get at least eight hours of sleep. You'll eat healthy, and you'll still spar with me. I exercise every day. I want to keep up."

He rolled his eyes. "Fine, fine. Ugh. I need to shower."

Steve's eyes via Tony's face went wide.

"What now? Are you embarrassed? Not like I haven't seen most of your skin anyway."


He watched, amused as his own face flared red. "Is it a problem. I can solve it right here if you want. Want me to? Here." He pushed some of the contraption at his own body and the pulled the waistband of Steve's shorts away from skin and looked down. "Wow. Boy's packing."

"Tony!" Steve shrieked.

"Wow. Didn't know my voice could get that high. Jarvis? Did you have that recorded? Because that's funny. Whatever. Not a problem. Problem solved. See? Go ahead and take a peek. I don't have a problem. Here. You shower, I'll work on this, get us fixed." He smiled.

"Tony! Tony!" a voice hissed next to his ear.

He jerked, flinging himself forwards into movement before he consciously knew what he was doing. Blinking, he frowned up at his own face from the floor, a smile spreading across lips he never saw unless looking in a mirror.


"You were supposed to be out of bed two hours ago."

"And you let me sleep? How sweet of you."

Steve shook his head and sighed. "Come on then. You should probably shower. Then come get coffee. Only one cup though. For you. I'll have your customary four. Geeze, you really need stop drinking it. I have your headache. Thanks."

He grinned and stretched up out of the crouch. "I feel great!"

Steve returned the grin, wry and amused. "That's what comes of taking care of yourself. Go shower."

"Sounds great." He felt more awake than he had in the past. "See ya in the kitchen."

Steve sighed. "Hopefully Pepper made coffee."

"Oh yeah. 'You' signed some papers. They're downstairs in the workshop still. And by you, I mean me. Just let her know they're down there. Grunt when people talk to you and then lose yourself in the decadent taste of supreme Columbian roast. I'll be down as soon as possible."

Steve stared. "I've never seen you so talkative before coffee."

He grinned. "Must be those super soldier perks! Alright. Go. Go get coffee." He waited until Steve was gone before stripping down and stepping into the shower once the water was warm. Bathing efficiently for once, trying to remember that the equipment wasn't his, Tony hopped out, wrapped the towel around his waist and ransacked Steve's drawers for something that wasn't a white t-shirt and jeans. No such luck. Jeans it was, though he did find a red t-shirt with some sort of abstract design on it that Steve probably didn't wear for precisely that reason. He shrugged and pulled it over his head, towelling the blonde hair dry before hanging the towel (mostly neatly) over the rack.

His stomach growled as the smells from the kitchen hit him. Steve's body was hungry. Hopefully Steve wasn't the one cooking, seeing as Tony couldn't cook anything that didn't turn out like charcoal. Quickening his step, he skidded into the kitchen and was faintly relieved to see no one else there. "Remember I can't cook, Steve."

"I know," Steve said, lifting a mug of coffee to his lips.

"You're Tony."

"I know, Steve. No one was here, and you said you'd be down soon, so I thought I would get started and then you can pretend to finish up when someone gets close."

"You're so smart," he teased, grabbing the second mug and pouring himself coffee. "So. After breakfast, Iron Man?"

"Yeah. Sure."

Tony snorted, drawing a glance from Peter filled with wonder and pride.

"I made Cap laugh! He laughed!" He pointed at him, looking to Steve for affirmation. "He laughed! You're my witness." He narrowed his eyes. "Why didn't you laugh. You usually appreciate my jokes."

"Tony hasn't had his third cup of coffee yet, Peter," Tony said gently.

"Oh." He looked back to the fridge before looking at Steve with a wide-eyed stare. "Why are you /awake/?"

Steve stared back over the rim of the cup in a good approximation of Tony's thousand yard stare before appropriate amounts of coffee. "Um."


"I'm turning over a new leaf." Steve tried for a weak grin.

Peter snorted. "Uh-huh." Pulled out the OJ and milk, yanking the cereal down with webs.

"Peter! Don't leave those up there," Tony was quick to reprimand.

Peter rolled his eyes. "No seriously. Why are you even awake, Tony? Did you stay up all night."



"He slept," Tony said casually, stuffing a bit of eggs into his mouth. Seriously. Why was he against breakfast again?

Peter flicked a quick glance at him and then Tony.

"Steve's helping me learn normal sleeping hours," Steve said in Tony's amused drawl. "You know. Like a real boy."

Tony looked at him sharply. He didn't think Steve knew that reference. Though the story of Pinnochio had been around for a while.

Peter snickered. "How's that working for him, Cap?"

"I had to wake him up," Tony said flatly. Tony-cum-Steve's eyes twinkled at him over the rim of the mug.

Steve's brow furrowed and he nibbled his lower lip, clearly focused.

Geeze. No wonder he was never short partners… Tony shook his head. Getting a boner in Steve's body would be really embarrassing. Never mind the twisted reality of getting turned on by himself. He wasn't that narcissistic.

"Sir, it was an off day, and I'm sorry. But everyone's okay, and we—"

"Will be paying property damages for decades!"

"Right. Well, we're going to go," Steve said quickly in Tony's glib voice, "before you pop a blood vessel and bleed all over us…" He turned and elbowed Tony out the door.

"Stark! You better hope all I do is bleed on ya!"

"Shit shit shit shit!" Tony said breathlessly as they escape down the hall and into an elevator to escape back home.

"We have got to fix this," Steve agreed, laughing a little as they collapsed back into the plush seats of Tony's limo and were driven home.

"Oh God. Fury's eye. Did you see the vein? We weren't even that bad!"

Steve snorted. "Tony. You hit Banner with my shield!"

"Hey, he finally hulked."

"I can't believe you've turned that into a verb."

Tony grinned. "Whatever. The English language is my bitch."

Snorting, Steve jostled him with an elbow. "You're impossible."

"We didn't do so hot with the Doom bots today," Tony admitted with one of Steve's shy smiles. "And Tony and I need to practise getting our rhythm back in sync."

"Oh really?" Pepper drawled with an arched eyebrow at Steve.

It would have been hilarious to see his eyes go so wide, Tony thought, if it weren't for the fact that he never did that.

"Ste—He said it! Not me!" Steve blurted quickly and shot past Tony towards the basement.

Pepper squinted after him. "Hm. That's new. He likes you, Rogers."

"I'm sorry?"

"Tony. He likes you. That was impressive." She smiled. "Tell him there are new details about the Soco merger, and there are plans that he needs to approve before the production team moves forwards." And then handed him a stack of papers. "And those need to be signed. Take care, Steve. Take care of Tony."

"I uh…"

"Don't worry about it. Just keep doing what you're doing. He's happier." And then clicked out the door.

"Wow. So not expected that…" Tony smiled slowly and dropped the stack of papers on the table in the front hall before hurrying downstairs. "Oh Steeve!"

Tony grinned, leaned in. Steve leaned towards him. Not away. "I'll show you all the things I like…" he teased.

"Oh God…" Steve said faintly.

"Nah, just 'Tony,' lover boy."

Steve finally grinned a little, letting Tony lean in further and kiss him. "You're such a bad influence…" he breathed in between trading air. "I would never do this—this is so beyond…Tony this is weird…"

Tony pulled back. "Too weird?"

Steve searched his face. "You want this?"

"Hell yes."

"Then I want this."

Tony beamed.
Harm Marie chapter 2 . 8/29/2012
Liked this.
6473634Deactivated chapter 2 . 8/18/2012
That screwed with my head, i'll admit it :D Fantastic! Lovely writing :)

xo MI
TheStereotypicalShipper chapter 2 . 6/3/2012
Kicky as HELL!
random random random chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
Hello there!

Yet again this blows me away that this story only has 1 review. You capture Tony and Steve so well, from their speech to their mannerisms. I just love it!

I really hope to read more from you in the future... Until then, I'll catch you on the flip side!

YovelyYang chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Woah there I havent been checking for a week and there is a whole bunch of new fanfiction.

This one was really S.E.X.Y. XD

Me demands moar! Wisss moar actual action! *coughing fit*