Reviews for The Bringer Of Destruction
Zurrick chapter 41 . 7/28
So I just finished reading this entire story. This is my first review for it and I feel kinda bad about that. It is such a great story it deserves a review after each chapter it really does. However while I was reading it was like this, oh another chapter I'll just review the next chapter, oh another chapter goody goody. Now that I'm finally at the end for the moment I realize how wrong I was. I should have reviewed every chapter if it just prolonged the story a little bit longer because now I do not know what to read haha. Seriously good story though and I cannot wait till Miranda gets her memory back and stuff. It's going to be great when everything starts to click into place. Thane is going to be recruited and so is Tali but then also the loyalty missions as well which I wonder if Miranda's is still going to be on Illium. I cannot wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good writing.
Silver Water 7 chapter 41 . 6/10
Wow, the Hunter Project conspiracies, and the plot thickens. Although, Shepard is right, they don't have time for their shit. Can't wait for the explosions and mass destruction when the team catches up with this group! *evil laugh*

A bit surprised that Keya didn't put 1 and 1 together and get that Persephone is (or at the very least, closely connected to) Shepard. The introduction of Chekov is going to be interesting. I can't wait to see how she's going to affect the story later. A bit surprised everyone isn't being more careful about talking about all this stuff (the Hunter Project, the Ashvaylin and other secrets) on the Normandy what with all the bugs and EDI. Then again, Kasumi probably did something about them. Anyway, amazing chapter, keep up the fantastic work and update soon!
bluemarlin chapter 41 . 6/3
Wonderful chapter. So happy to have another update to this story. Especially enjoyed the ending scene. Looking forward to more.
Liege Lord chapter 41 . 6/3
Excellent as always.
Their mission being to find Seph is interesting, I look forward to seeing how that turns out and if the HP and Alliance superiors do indeed turn out to be one and the same.
A possible Shep clone already other than one made by TIM, interesting possibilities there.
Nice to see some more history of the ashvaylin, how all this plot ties together and fits into the ME'verse is something I'm highly anticipating as I love what you've got so far.
Aeryn chapter 41 . 6/3
YAY! Loved this chapter, thanks!
Bodiqua chapter 40 . 6/1
Caught up with awesome storyline again. Now hurry your arse up and get some more chapters on here...or emailed to me
Jade Cherry Blossom chapter 40 . 5/26
I love this story! I can't wait to find out more about the beasts living inside Shepard and Chasen.
Silver Water 7 chapter 40 . 5/19
Just binged read your story and I LOVE IT! So does Shepard have another addition to her team in Chasen and Keya? Please say yes! From what I see so far, I really them. Poor Shepard finally gets confirmation that yes, she has been unknowingly experimented on in her youth. Poor girl. At least she has Miranda to help her through this ;).

Will Ashley join the crew soon? And how are you going to write her reaction to not only an alive Shepard, but one in a relationship with a Cerberus agent? It's going to be heart wrenching I bet, no matter how she reacts.

Anyway, great story, keep up the fantastic work and update soon!
EAnIL chapter 40 . 5/10
OMG! You are alive! Its been years, years I tell you. It's nice to see your alive and writing this story again. So thank you for sharing Im really looking forward to the next installment.
Guest chapter 40 . 5/1
Great series! Thank u for continuing
Guest chapter 40 . 4/22
AHHHHH! Love it so so much. This is by far one of my favorite femshawson fanfics! So happy for update, made my day.
Morakir chapter 40 . 4/19
Well, suffice it to say that I'm rather pleased this seems to be back on track. It's one of the best Miranda/Femshep fanfics around and the long wait was rewarded with an interesting chapter about what exactly 'the beast within' entails. Keep up the great work and here I am sorely hoping the next wait won't be nearly as long.
oldmansecret chapter 40 . 4/14
Haven't seen this story in a while so had a chance to read through it again. Still loved it a second time. The interplay between Miranda and Shepard is fun and interesting to read, and the gradual discovery of what is going on with Shepard's mind has been really cool. The relationship has shifted nicely between goo like fluff to hot heart pounding erotica without being too over the top. I'm really enjoying the original characters and introduction to new elements like the biotic brain animals.

One concern I have is the lack of depth to the rest of the normandy crew. We got some good depth to Kelly, Kasumi, and a bit of Garrus and EDI. But the rest we just haven't learnt a lot about, for instance how does Jack feel about not being the head bitch on crew? Or Mordin (With his background in STG and science) feels about how out of control Shepard can be? (I mean he created a sterility plague to keep the Krogan in check, feel like the guy likes things predictable. Or Grunt, how does he feel about being in this new place with all these strange characters?

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing more in the future.
Morakir chapter 40 . 4/13
Aww yiss! It updated again. Currently doing a second reading and I'm only on chapter 8, so it might take a little while before I can read this one. But I'm atleast super happy it's showing signs of life again. Cheers, mate!
angelhalobroke chapter 40 . 4/13
Welcome back, great update, thank you
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