Reviews for Knowledge Bleeds
Strefe chapter 1 . 3/17/2015
Apparently I already reviewed for this back in 2012 but I would like to do so again. Looking back, I failed to properly convey my reverence for this piece, because I do not merely 'love' it - I adore.

This fic is, hands down, my all-time favourite one-shot and one of my favourite fan fictions ever. No, I'm not flattering you, I'm being quite serious.

Genesis is my favourite Final Fantasy VII character and arguably one of my most favourite fictional characters of all time (I tend to favour the selfish types). Which is why I judge those who write him so critically - fans just seem to be generally incapable of getting him right (most commonly, he's either a flirty 'queen' or a quick-tempered manic). Seldom do I see someone embrace him so well in their writing. I can completely immerse myself in this fic without ever thinking, "hey, I think that's inconsistent," and I do truly appreciate that.

I've read this story many times and will read it again in the future many more times over. It pains me to see that you have so few reviews for this because it's a rare marvel of in-character Genesis.

So I thank you for the second time for writing this. It's so simple and direct with bonus points for writing it in-line with the actual game. I will probably read fan fiction forever and never again find anything I like quite this much. I will, most definitely, be recommending this to other people whenever I'm presented with the opportunity.

P.S. I had to log out to post this since wouldn't let me review twice. 'Strefe' is my username on this site.
Strefe chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
This was excellent! I believe you captured Genesis and his thoughts perfectly. Everything you wrote totally fit with Crisis Core too. Thank you for writing this! I loved it!

*Adds to Favourites*
tomorrow4eva chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
Dark and eerie. Enjoyed it.
me malum chapter 1 . 6/23/2012
Wow. Just, wow.

I love this deeper look at Genesis's motivations and feelings. Especially the second section- his thoughts really seem to fit the bitterness of his character, and leave a rather somber shadow over the rest of the fic. The first section can only be called a black hole of a beginning- as in, once I read it, I was *not* going back.

It's the bits in brackets that kill me, more than any other sentences. Each one just- maybe it's the being in brackets rather than the choice of words, but they stand out as particularly poignant, and particularly heart-breaking.

Such a good job here, instant fave. Thanks for writing!
Lioneh chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
...this was brilliant. The style is so...I don't know, it seems simple, but it's just so poignant and strong. Anyway, I really liked reading this. It's like you just give little hints of what either Genesis or Angeal might be thinking or feeling, and leave the details up to our imaginations. In my opinion, that's really effective and adds a lot to the story.

Anyway. Fantastic work. Brilliant!

~ Lioneh