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Eraser Bitz chapter 3 . 12/25/2012
I'm BACK! :D

Sorry for the delay in review...I er, forgot about reviewing. Ehehehe... ; Hope life's treating you well though. Oh, and by the way, I couldn't help but notice your profile picture. that...Aomine from Kuroko No Basket? Because if it is. aosuifvaowne I NEED TO FANGIRL WITH YOU! I'm already obsessed with that anime and I'm actually rereading the manga again (I finished it a couple days ago...) and watching bits of the anime. Ahhh. Sorry. Anime fangirlness over. xD

Back to the story.

LOL. You earned a good chuckle with "Clip." Pink and glittery? IF, I love the way you think. ;) "Pad" was simply PERFECT for Kisa and Yukina. And I have to say, I enjoyed "Blaring" quite a bit. And I'm sure Hatori did too...hehehe. Another chuckle for "Catalogue." Oh, if that actually happened, I would be ecstatic to see the reactions XD. For "Game" - Don't worry, Yoko, because Kirishima is enjoying it! And if he's enjoying it, then you'll be enjoying it too! :D

Pffft. Who knew Chiaki could sleep walk? And oh Yukina, aren't you naughty. lol. For "Pig," I feel like I should go "Oh no you didn't!" to Takano. Sassy lady talk. LOL. I'm having too much fun here. True, true, about Hatori drinking. And for "Pot" - someone likes living dangerously. Make sure you don't get yourself killed.

Haha, anyways, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas! Consider this your xmas gift if you would (I would write something for you but I just can't write anything Christmas-y. ;_;) OH. 20th REVIEW! :D YEY! See you in "Over." (Because I have to review that too.)

-Eraser Bitz
Eraser Bitz chapter 8 . 9/14/2012
I need to think of some greeting. Like...Hippo. XD I'm joking, no worries. I have a little extra time on my hands, courtesy of the beautiful weekend I've got, and my busy week finally over! Number 19! I actually really like that number. Oh! Congrats on over 2000 hits! Amazing IF (mind if I call you that? Or maybe just Icarus? Which would you prefer? Or something else instead?)

Crossing my fingers for a truce between Ritsu and Yokozawa. I like this sentence. :D (the sentence "Better.") And the second one is Nostagia? Yeah! "Circuitry" made me crack up.
Oh Kisa. How so like you. But when Yukina wants some, what are you going to do to combat his awesome sparkly power? :D

Hatori diving kinda creeps me out. :c Dunno, but imagining him diving is just...yogurt. XP I did just use yogurt to describe Hatori. XD Technically, you could describe all divers as yogurt. I mean, when you drop yogurt on the floor, it makes a splat/splash. Like divers. (How off subject...)

Aww, how cute. But Hiyo doesn't know how much her dad considers Yokozawa a fine speciem. For "Nail," that one was cute too. Like father, like daughter. Or is it the other way around? Bah. Ritsu, I suggest option A. B is just going to not work. Since you're a workaholic and all. But you know, us fans would be happy with either choice.

Chiaki! I'm proud of you! Asking when Hatori was busy. Smart. Sniggering over here. Ritsu couldn't act to save his life, LOL. And Takano knows sparkle fended the glances off! Not from Kisa though. Kisa's too experienced to let those looks pass his eye. I can imagine the aftermath, Yukina being confused and Kisa being embarrassed.

Huzzah! You know, everytime when I write a long review, everyone automatically assumes I'm talking to someone. Wrong! I'm writing reviews, haha. That was also random. So, to count, I've review three (including this one) chapters so far. Progress! Favorite one was probably "Holiday," or "Unconscious." Non-Nostagia favorite (dear gosh, I actually have to do something like this T.T) was "Nail." Awesome, awesome stuff! (And haha! No weird messups on my review this time! Yesh!)

-Eraser Bitz
Eraser Bitz chapter 10 . 9/3/2012
Woot! I'm back again! :D I figured I should lay on another review, because I think I'm going to be bombed with homework tomorrow. ;-;

Ahahaha! Let me tell you, that was an absolutely PERFECT way to start off. Haha, oh Kirishima. And ahahaha, again, great job. Can we have Kisa attack it? I'll take photos Yukina, I know you wanted Kisa to see your hair first but...when you're walking home, girls are always staring at you because of how handsome you are. Kisa is (sadly) not the first person to see it, I'm afraid. And oh my gosh, dark orange? Ahahaha! You've packed so much comedy already! I like it! And afterwards...Kisa, how blunt. This is hilarious.

Oo, some nice Yokozwaka and Takano interaction! What you did for "Ascending," is And ahahaha, Takano, Yokozawa doesn't. Why? Because he has Kirishima. ;) The next one is aww-worthy. So I shall go awwww. Awww.

Excuse me while I cackle. Oh Ritsu, you just got blackmailed(-ish) again. And Kirishima can't stop being naughty. XD "Walking," made me just go "Aww, how cute!" along with an internal squeal. Takano, you got shown some LOVE! Hatori your bed is currently occupied. Instead of waking the certain someone up, how about cuddling in and getting some shut eye too? I think overalls, my favorite one was "Tab."

Regarding your question - I think it would be awesome to have a part two, honestly. Sentences are good, but since you have already done them, why not try oneshots? But choosing the oneshots option with probably much more lengthy, or at least in my opinion. Sentences will probably be more time-friendly. I would love to see oneshots, but sentences are totally fine. I want this to be not too time consuming, because when you get things like that, people get stressed. So I suppose I would prefer oneshots, but I'm also fine with sentences. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. review down! Another two and we hit 20 reviews! And about the question...I'm sorry if I seemed indecisive, or didn't help much. . Another commenting review...but oh well. I'll be sure to pop in some time again

-Eraser Bitz

-Eraser Bitz
Eraser Bitz chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Oh, I'm so happy I got my homework done, it means I can give this some much needed reviews! This may be a long review (I just wrote a ridiculously long one so the whole deep thinking mindset is still there, LOL.) And I should probably note that I've read this before, and I've constantly lurked around this. XD So, off to the chapter!

I really like your writing style - it flows very smoothly and nothing seems like a mouthful to read. I really like that. And it's okay if it doesn't even out with the couples, I mean, who's counting? Although I do appreciate the effort, it's nice to have variety.

Okay, I admit that I'm a Nostagia fan, but I'll try not to let it bias me on favorite sentences. But please allow me to spew out that "Simplicity" was just so...yum...? Ahahaha. But oh, that's just so Takano. The sentence after, "It," I believe, had me giggling. Kirishima, you sneaky little man!

"...felt the bitter-sweet fall of risen hopes..." That part was just wonderful. Beautiful flow and word choice. "Transport" was very amusing, and I loved how in character it was. The same thing for "Want." The dialogue for Kisa was very Kisa-like. I could clearly imagine him saying that.

I loved "Creep" and not because I like Nostagia! Okay, maybe it was just a little. A little. Takano would seriously do that, and then Kisa and Mino would be like, "Oh, they're such good friends." and nod towards the two. And the next two had me cracking up, someone is being naughty.

I've realized I haven't commented much on Domestica, but I think it's cool how you started with Domestica, and ended with Domestica. Not totally sure you did it on purpose, but I felt that was a nice touch. And the Domestica sentences were sweet.

I realize and suppose that this was really me just going through commenting, and not really much of a was fun to read and I did enjoy all of the sentences (some more than others, 'cuz we all got our favorites). If the spacing of my review threw you off, I apologize. I didn't want it to strain yours or anyone else's eyes trying to read a giant block of text. I'll be back to review again, but it may be for chapter two...or chapter five, or even chapter seven! Wonderful work you're doing.

-Eraser Bitz
DarkFlames13 chapter 8 . 8/13/2012
This is awesome! Keep it up!
i74 chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Everlasting Snow Princess chapter 5 . 6/14/2012
Love! All of theses were so entertaining!
Natakuu chapter 4 . 1/20/2012
Kyaa! I'm always looking forward to your updates. They make me smile like nobody's business. Brilliant job as always, and yes, 'Dog' was my favorite. _ Lolz
Everlasting Snow Princess chapter 4 . 1/18/2012
Love it! I love how each sentence is sweet and cute.
lmeghanx chapter 4 . 1/17/2012
lol, onodera whimpering like a sexy dog! takano is the man!
Miss Mysty chapter 4 . 1/17/2012
Oh dear XD You're really getting good at these. My favorite one was definitely Scenario. Poor Yokozawa, although he's a strong guy so if he really didn't want to go along with Kirishima's antics he could fight his way out.
cigarettesandlatte chapter 4 . 1/17/2012
Oh god :'D Viewing made me laugh SO hard, oh Yoshino you dirty little.. ;D - Dog: Made me surprised, since I could more expect Ritsu sounding like a little purring whimpering kitty :b - these drabbles were a lot hotter than they use to be, but they always entertain me and make me laugh :D Good job!
lmeghanx chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
haha, i luv the kirishima x yokozawa fragments!
isa chapter 3 . 1/2/2012
i love this! It is so sweet
cigarettesandlatte chapter 3 . 1/2/2012
Oh my! These small drabbles are just so cute! My favorite one in chapter 3 is defiantly Clip (; I wonder though WHY Masamune has pink glittered hair clips ;D
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