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PredaraFiore chapter 5 . 8/15/2015
This was amazing tooo! I think your Danny and Rusty stories are great! Their dynamic is awesome, almost as good as the movies.
Peabodythecat chapter 5 . 12/23/2014
This was so much fun! Screenplay for the next movie?
InSilva chapter 5 . 5/15/2012
Well, that is as good a reason as any. And you probably are. I worry about molecular stability.

Can imagine the long conversation talking Danny back from the brink. Not like Rusty wouldn't be any less protective if shoes were on other feet. Providing they had shoes.

Smiling for the Wyatt pov. Oh, nothing like a mark that's about to take a fall. And giggling for Rusty's "We all did" that's law enforcement related.

The raid on the gambling den and that was nothing expected. Thought it might be a Hustlesque twist but of course this isn't the finale. This is like an hors d'oeuvre.

Love all the misdirection at the party. Double-cross on top of double-cross and Wyatt and Terry both thinking they know what's happening and sorely wrong.

Giggling for "Terry glared at him with an expression of deep seated and entirely justified mistrust". Yep. Trust your instincts, Terry. And the slap! Can see the look on Terry's face. Can also see the look on Terry's face when he sees himself as Venus. Terry does not do public humiliation well.

End scene and all is right with the world. Except as far as Wyatt and Terry are concerned. Smiling for Bobby phoning. Good news travels fast. Smiling even more for the bets. Back to "Twenty says he shorts it". Very them.

So yes, did enjoy it. Had no clue where the con was headed, you plotter of insane genius. Thank you for writing. :)
InSilva chapter 4 . 5/10/2012
Smiling for Linus and his phases. Oh, that's a very Linusy word. Right up there with flipcharts. Can see Linus writing earnest tracts. And then DannyandRusty bringing out bestseller.

Wyatt is well and truly hooked. And smiling for Linus enjoying this con more than others - what happens when it gets personal.

Ah, Terry. *shakes head* Somehow these things go so much better in your head, don't they? Smiling for Rusty calling his bluff and the "not-quite-run-away". And sighing with Rusty for the smile on Danny's face. Yes. A lot of talking back from the brink.
InSilva chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Oh, you're getting a look for the A/N. Do not feel I am in any way distracting.

Smiling for Linus roping in the mark. He's so grown in confidence since we first meet him in the films. And I like that he listens to his instincts - "Wyatt had to think it came from him".

Terry remains petty and snide, seeking control in every situation, especially over people who blithely refuse to acknowledge his authority. And it might be aimed at Rusty but it's Linus's self-control that's ebbing. "All for one" spirit after all.

Like the gambling house set-up. A very Hustle-y feel to the set and am thinking it's next door to the warehouse that doubled as the Bellagio vault. And the convincer works so well. Wyatt definitely hooked.

Amusement at Danny helping Rusty check for grey hairs. Though agree with Danny that if "People saw this, they'd stop asking".

And more amusement for Rusty not actually getting dressed. Right about this time Linus will walk in. ;)
ParisAmy chapter 4 . 2/24/2012
I enjoyed this a lot!

I loved the ending with Danny and Rusty making bets on when Bobby would call.
light at last chapter 5 . 2/21/2012
The story ending is generally a good reason to make something the last chapter - at least, I think so. Also, long chapters are kind of intimidating to review because I always feel like I'm forgetting something and my incoherent ramblings are not sufficient, but here we go.

First of all, I appreciated my Christmas present of the first line a while back because I knew this first scene was coming. I love Danny feeling like he needs to protect Rusty at the same time that he knows Rusty can absolutely take care of himself and is also aware that this is a silly, paradoxical situation; especially because Rusty is also aware of all this and thinks it's kind of hilarious while also appreciating it.

They all did look pretty good in those SWAT uniforms. Enough said.

Also, I have a feeling that Virgil and Turk enjoyed tackling Linus way too much. And Linus knows it.

Also, I know I've mentioned to you before how impressive I find your con planning abilities. I will admit I had no idea why they were refusing to take part of Wyatt's money at the gambling club, but doing it in order to get the combination for his safe is great. Also, I appreciate Rusty's (and your) idea of a viable distraction...because sometimes, Terry just needs to be slapped. And I like that we're now planning "recovery/revenge for when Terry inevitably attempts to screw us over" right into the original plan for the con, and that Terry keeps backing their jobs because he's still convinced he'll win someday. And also, that the fakes they planted were probably actually better than anything Wyatt could do, just because Danny and Rusty know all the really good criminals.

Also, Rusty's "still not an exhibitionist" made me crack up a little. I don't know why exactly, it was just really funny. And also Livingston's acknowledgement of the inevitability of Linus eventually seeing Rusty's everything again.

Finally, Danny and Rusty's ability to predict exactly when Linus's parents will find out and call? Golden. Especially because they may or may not have told the parents themselves. On the one hand, I genuinely believe they could predict it without getting involved. On the other, that would totally be something they would do for pure amusement.

Anyway, great story, again, and please enjoy this really long rambling review of how awesome I think you are.
Mir chapter 5 . 2/15/2012
Hahahahahaha beautiful ending. It starts with Danny's anger and ends with a bit lighter atmosphere. I love how they gOt revenge on Terry. The man in some way, is predictable isn't he? Atill you had me at the edge of my chair throughout this chapter. And I'm due to meet a friend in an hour and I think I'm going to be late. It was that much of a wonderful read. Thank you!
light at last chapter 4 . 2/4/2012
Oh, Terry. This is just getting sad at this point. Also, the comparison between Wyatt, whose more willing to bet his own money because he lost earlier, and Terry, who just keeps going farther and losing more spectacularly the more times he tries to take on DannyandRusty...well, it amuses me. Especially since he doesn't recognize it. And Linus. So angry and so adorable. He's like a puppy trying to growl, the poor thing. Also, I want to know how Rusty gets to spend his evening, please.
Miru chapter 4 . 2/3/2012
NonononO much too short much too short. It's a wonderful update though, and I just can't wait for Danny to get back at Terry. Thanks so much for this chapter!
Miru chapter 3 . 1/31/2012
And all I can think of is Rusty! Put your pants on! Oh god what happens if someone walks in on them. I love the update like always, esp the protectivde streak Linus is showing Rusty. Linus really does seem like a puppy. Anyways thanks for the update!
light at last chapter 3 . 1/28/2012
Yeah,that right there would be the reason that people ask questions about them. Not really normal, but oh well. Also, I love protective Linus. He makes me giggle a little because that is indeed a reversal of the usual state of affairs. Also, Wyatt epic fails at smoozing people. I mean, super obvious, and fail-y. He deserves everything he gets.
Embry chapter 3 . 1/28/2012
Thank you for being the best Ocean's 11 writer ever.
ParisAmy chapter 3 . 1/28/2012
Liking the DannyandRusty part at the end :) made me laugh.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
InSilva chapter 2 . 1/22/2012
*Lots* more naked!Rusty. Nods. And smiling for all the plates spinning wildly in Rusty's head while physically, he's rooted to the spot. Mercurial intelligence.

Linus playing his part effortlessly, asking advice and making sure that Wyatt likes him, laying out the bait with phone call and the "fifty thou".

Giggling for "Titanic". Danny has a mean streak. And shaking head at Terry, just itching to have his dish of vengeance. And "close to unbeatable"? Think that qualifies as a compliment.

Danny playing almost himself. And I love the surprise waiting for Wyatt. "All about the effect". Absolutely. And Wyatt's heard all about Danny.

Can understand why it gnaws at Danny that Wyatt believes he'd turn on Reuben. Because Danny *is* loyalty. Has it rippled through him. See (nearly) all fic for examples. Love that Rusty can put it right for him.

Think Linus would be having nightmares about this kind of situation. Kind of a reversal of the usual. And I love his thoughts on how to express his gratitude. Though I have to say that fruit basket would get the same look as any kind of speech. Now box of chocolates...

Intrigue for Mr Falcon. Looking forward to seeing how the con plays. Looking forward to seeing how *all* the cons play. And hoping like Danny that they are two steps ahead of Terry.
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