Reviews for Dirty
Bobobuck chapter 1 . 7/25/2015
Thank you for writing the Commando Fic. Even a short, silly story is a fun extention of these great characters. Wish you could write more. :-).
LongLiveTheClones chapter 1 . 1/7/2013
For some reason, I never read this before but this is an absolutely delightful story and very very funny. But, it's also easy to relate to because Fi is so insecure in this and for anybody who has ever had an insecure moment and made a mistake and then not known how to recover from it... well, it is just so easy to imagine being Fi as he is in this story. Parja's reaction to his admission is just priceless. They are a delightful couple together and one gets the impression that the two of them can weather any storm together.
Etain-Skirata chapter 1 . 1/7/2012
Fi, Fi, Fi... Still the class clown, even after the bomb blew up in his face. Now there's that added level of truly doing things he didn't mean to because of what happened on Gaftikar. And that was a large part of the reason I found him so endearing in RC. I never understood why KT found it necessary to torture the commandos every chance she had.

Then again, Fi not realizing until after he turned away from the room that it had, in fact been the right door he had started to enter was the first time it really struck home for me the trouble he faced while the war was taking place, after his injury.

This fic showed me what KT, who had two and a half books, could not... That Fi *did* struggle with even the seemingly simplest things.

It's one thing to brush over things because a pro-fic writer is trying to tell another story. It's something else when they don't let their readers empathize with their characters because of generalizations. For example, to say, as KT did, that he got lost half of the time... The connection I made was based on the context it was made in ("big" city, not at Kyrimorut). I guess Kyrimorut does make sense in retrospect as somewhere he would get confused, though.

Another great RepCom fic from you.

On a side, real world note, I hope your semi-concert experience went well.

Queen chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
This is so cute!

It took me a little bit to understand exactly what the problem was - we all know Fi and Parja are a couple, and if they're living together, then presumably Fi should not be feeling the need to freak out at the sight of a freshly showered towel!Parja. Once I got the newness of the relationship - or at least, this stage of the relationship - it made a bit more sense.

They're such a sweet couple, too - so full of good humor. Fi's...well, Fi, but Parja reacts so well to his quirks and his sense of humor, it really shows how well they work together. Grah, naked Hutt! You know, you don't really think about it in canon, but...omg, naked Hutts. *facepalm* I think my eyes will bleed a little every time I see Jabba now. Still, the whole conversation just flows nicely, since Fi and Parja compliment each other so well. Maybe a few 'Danger! Clean Mando!' signs will be helpful...

As always, you do a great job capturing the thoughts of the clones during the story. Fi feels a bit insecure due to his injuries, but even though he does, and he goofs up a bit, he still has that sense of humor about himself that makes him *Fi*.

Wonderful work, as usual.
DoubleEO chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
LOL, this was funny! It was cute! Good luck!
laloga chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
It's after the fact, but I hope the concert was wonderful!

Cute? Definitely! As I think I've said, my knowledge of RepCom is limited, but I always enjoy your work.

Loved Fi's awkwardness, and how it's tied in with his recent injury, though there's no sense that he feels angry or upset at his condition, just embarrassed. We've all had moments like that, where we don't know *why* we do something stupid, but we just do, and I could really relate to his mental "facepalming." And of course, in his mind it's a HUGE deal, one that he obsesses over - enough to run outside in the freezing cold - and agonizes about until Parja gently shakes him out of his funk and he remembers..."oh yeah, I like this girl and she likes me." So cute!

Also loved the mention of the steak, how his mind kind of keeps circling back to food, perhaps as a way of grasping at something familiar, but also because...well, he's a clone, and those fellows are notoriously hungry. :P

Loved the description of her hair as seen through Fi's eyes: soft, smelling like fruit...soft. :)

Really, this entire thing was lovely and perfectly executed. I'm enjoying your take on RepCom, and look forward to seeing more of your work! :D
Epona's Chosen chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh that so cute :) and im very proud of myself for understanding most of it! YAY! Lol, i loved the idea and it awesome. Luvs you!
sachariah chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
Good grief...

Funny? Cute? Are you kidding me? This was brilliant!

Like always, you capture that "domestic ineptitude" about the clones that makes them so kriffing adorable while still being the rough, tough soldiers they're so famous as. Of course, clone or otherwise, we all have embarrassing moments, and in terms of writing here you've perfectly summarized the sickening, "epic facepalm sensation" the succeeds the realization of a a huge mistake being made I actually felt bad for Fi - mistaking your girl for someone else is a slip-up of a guy's nightmares. :P

I could probably C&P my compliments regarding your romance writing across all of your work, but I love the simple, almost quaint observations that Fi makes even while he's brooding over his lot. His recollections of how he met Parja, how she looked, always bearing the stains of her daily work, and even her bedtime habits (*loved* this line:"...unless she fell asleep on her face, in which case she would start to snore in an admittedly cute but annoying way that usually made him roll her over." Just... Adorable). He's clearly taken with her.

The comments about the steak - or lack thereof - was another nice (and cute) touch. You've done a fantastic job working in these little details into the narrative that give the peice a very "real" feel.

Aw... such a sweet scene when Parja brings him in. Although... the naked Hutt analogy was *really* uncalled for, Parja. Good grief... (Fi's reaction was priceless, though now I think my disgust for Jabba has tripled. Brazen crime slugs...). That mental image aside, it was such a... relaxing, I guess, moment between them, especially when Fi realizes how nice she actually is when she's "clean" (and his thought re: "Women." Ha! Give up already, Fi. :P).

Lovely piece, as always. I look forward to more. And I wish you well at your concert tomorrow... timezones notwithstanding.

God bless!