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kikis2 chapter 1 . 4/22/2012

Good call :)

I'm always amazed by what you come up with. It's crazy and wonderful and I can't wait for more...
CharlesTheBold chapter 6 . 1/12/2012
Exciting end to the story. I guess the best part is the couple's response to the moral challenge represented by Dunn: Dylan is willing to argue with Joan even when he is anxious to marry her, and Joan has the integrity to turn down the job/bribe for her father even before she hears of the mayor's offer.
SamoaPhoenix9 chapter 6 . 1/10/2012
You are very welcome for the feedback. I always try to give you feedback when I have something to say because you never get enough reviews for the quality of your story.

Yay! You know I've always held out for Joan and Dylan for all these years no matter how many other people you had them connect with. Jimmy was a wrench in the works because I could see her happy with him. With luck, this time Joan will say yes to Dylan and make it permanent. Please don't break my heart by having them separate again.

You always end with a twist. Poor Agent Brown.

You know I think of your continuing seasons as canon for JoA, right? I hope you do, because they are amazing.

CharlesTheBold chapter 5 . 1/8/2012
Clever parallels. Helen and Algae are both seen by outsiders going into traces. But while Helen's daughter protects her mother by substituting herself, Algae is pressed into becoming the goat, in more senses than one. And number one's don't-question-me rule is contrasted by the Girardis' involvement in a democratic election.
SamoaPhoenix9 chapter 5 . 1/7/2012
I hate you, Sandefur. Really. But in a good way. You and your cliffhangers.

Don't make us wait too long.

It is nice to see Joan and Dylan one step ahead of the bad guys.
Jillian chapter 5 . 1/7/2012
I know the good guys don't always win, but prayers help, right? So shall I pray you write a scenario where the good guys win, and maybe Jane should pray too? Have you ever read Sophie's World, a primer on philosophy? I'm getting flashbacks. Of the good kind.
Jillian chapter 4 . 1/5/2012
8 Dylan! God be with you...
CharlesTheBold chapter 4 . 12/31/2011
So all the "instruments" are finally finding out about each other - Joan, Dylan, Grace, Annie. Dylan presumably learnt about his Dad when Joan gave him the complete story, and Helen will presumably be brought in soon. I like the development. All the secrecy creates drama, but it also involves the characters in a lot of fibs. Are they going to team up more in the future?
SamoaPhoenix9 chapter 4 . 12/30/2011
Augh! The ending!

My favorite line in this chapter: "Perhaps you can trust me to babysit."
CharlesTheBold chapter 3 . 12/28/2011
Good update to an interesting story. My favorite part is Grace staying in character: hating the politics but repressing her misgivings out of loyalty to her in-laws, and "protected" by her precocious daughter.

I wonder what Cute Boy God is going to tell Grace? It's going to be awkward if he visits two girls and neither knows what the other is doing.

One thing puzzles me - Dylan sees the stake-out groups and dodges them, yet he doesn't tell Helen or Will. After all, wouldn't he assume they are there to protect Will, rather than Joan?
SamoaPhoenix9 chapter 3 . 12/28/2011
As always, a great chapter with a fantastic conclusion. I wish I were as creative as you. None of your plots ever seem recycled no matter how many bad guys come to get Joan and the people in her life.

I never tire of when 'cute boy God' shows up. Can't wait till the next update.

Moon FireStar chapter 3 . 12/28/2011
omgoodness you shocked me with adding "The Unit" but that last line just straight knocked me away
luckydarkpage chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
so ive spent the last couple of days reading your JOA fics... and i have to say... im incredibly impressed with how youve taken this show... i also like how much darker this series has become... it makes for an interesting contrast with Charlesthebold's stories... however i would like to see Joan work with Jane Lane or Lizzie McGuire during an assignment and see how that goes... or possibly even Jane's first assignment.. the time jumps between stories throw me every once in a while... like Joan's miscarriage or finding out that Helen was pregnant again... or i possibly missed those stories... there was one or two i didnt read.. lol.. i can wait to see what happens next... later!
CharlesTheBold chapter 2 . 12/22/2011
So Grace is learning more and more; she now knows that her daughter as well as herself are in touch with the supernatural, and presumably she'll remember that Joan, not Annie, first came up with the name "Yah-Yah". I suspect she will be unable to resist using "astral projection" to spy on Joan, in spite of the latter's warning. I wonder if the algae guy will come back for revenge, or prudently keep his distance.
Jillian chapter 2 . 12/21/2011
8O Grace is learning about Annie. Didn't see that one coming. I wonder how much she will wonder about in retrospect, if she will feel bad about not listening to Annie earlier or if she will revise her unspoken assumptions about how many people talk to God and who else could there be? (Hm... Joan did have God "delusions" and she seems to bring down a lot of evil people...) But not too soon I hope. But how soon is too soon? That is the question. And will our favorite angel be making a reappearance?
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