Reviews for Landslide
Guest chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
I love your YamiXSeto so much.:) My sister and I have read all your fics on your website. Best YGO fanfics there are! You capture everyones personality perfectly! It bugs me so bad when people write Yami like he's a little girl, and he's just plain nuts! Which is prob true, but you know what I mean.:p

I hope you keep writing! :3
Nenya85 chapter 3 . 6/15/2012
Hi! I liked how quiet this chapter is, and in the end, how kind of peaceful. It really shows the way all the characters have grown and matured since the start of your series. Kaiba freaks out a bit at the beginning of the story, but he calms down, manages to work things out with Sugoroku and his brothers without needing Yami’s help. He knows he needs to apologize to Yami and he does it simply and without flying off the handle or going overboard thinking Yami’s going to leave, because he absolutely trusts that Yami’s not going to do that. That’s a sense of security that was totally absent before in his life. There’s a real sense we’re seeing a more mature Seto Kaiba here – one who has even managed to confide in someone besides Yami.
haruka-kinns chapter 3 . 6/10/2012
hi :) to be honest i really really admire your works, its like im reading a best seller book, i really love how you play with the characters without fussing with their personalities and you made them bloom even more. :) i’ve been reading the arc for three weeks, and everytime i read its like, “okay i’ll continue tomorrow” then suddenly “no! i have to know whats next” haha, seriously, your such a good author :) lovelots...

kinns 3
dragonlady222 chapter 3 . 6/4/2012
I'm glad he figured out that Yami is a keeper. Some people never figure it out and keep looking for something they already had. I loved this arc and happy writing!
queenofwordplayVII chapter 1 . 2/21/2012

I would just like to start off and say how much I admire you for your work and the skill you have to write the way you do. I've read almost all of the Kai-baby and Yami-kins series, and the way you play with their characters and make them your own creation, and still making them the familiar Kaib and Yami I grew up with. I love it!

Not only do I admire your work, but I can see how creative you are! The way you've taken this series and made it your own; I do very similar things and I'm so happy to find someone else who enjoys taking these series we grew up with as kids (or whenever you found it) and making a new creation out of it!

Just wanted to show some appreciation - I've been a fan for a few years now, but I didn't realize all the fics were by the same author until recently. :) Keep up the fabulous work!

- Seven
kiki2222 chapter 2 . 2/6/2012
Awwww poor little confused
Nenya85 chapter 2 . 2/5/2012
I really liked the give and take between Seto and Sugoroku in this chapter. You can see why Sugoroku reacted with shock and disapproval, but I could also see why as this happened right after he assured Seto he would listen to anything, Seto would react so badly. I liked the way Sugoroku set himself to win back Seto’s trust, and how difficult it (and Seto) was.

It was really touching when Seto finally asks why his relatives didn’t want him – and if it was because of him. You really conveyed the sense that this has been in his mind, but that he never could bring himself to ask. I like the way that there are things he can tell Sugoroku that he’s never told anyone. And I liked it that Sugoroku was wise enough to give Seto space at the end and not challenge him when Seto says he doesn’t care, but simply thanks him for confiding in him.
ilovemanicures chapter 2 . 2/4/2012
One of my favorite things about your writting is that you manage to make sentimental parts, not seem mushy.

I know I didn't word that as intelligently as I could, but that's basically what it really comes down to -

I love the bond you've created between Sugoroku and Seto. It's something I can see actually existing. Like all of this is really apart of the Yugioh series.

It makes me laugh really. Your so much better at writting Yugioh then the actual writers, that in my opinion, were you in charge of the American dub series, it would have been MUCH more popular lol xD

And I highly doubt anyone could rightfully disagree with me on that ;D

Any-who, this was a fantastic update. You really managed to clear Seto' head while also adding some character development to both him and Sugoroku.

I admire you greatly for that and am really looking forward to seeing how the rest of this story will go!

Thanks for sharing, your the best! 3
dragonlady222 chapter 2 . 2/2/2012
I'm glad that they talked. Seto really does need to relax more. I know he will accept Mokuba and Noa in their relationship. They told him about it he just needs to wrap his mind around it fully. Yami will help him there. I'm happy he has people to rely on even if he does not acknowledge it most of the time.
ilovemanicures chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
It's soo funny finally being caught up to date with your story. I honestly expected for the story to, if not fully than to be at least half way done by now lol

It's kinda cool because now I feel like I can really be apart of the series and review each chapter as it comes by!

Speaking of which,

This chapter was a great opening! It's soo funny to think that this is the ONE situation that can cause "problems" for Seto and Yami in that department. Especially since not even Pegasus was able to do that way back in Summer lol

When Seto went down to fix a birthday breakfast for Mokuba, all I could picture was him making French toast. I swear I got all chocked up ToT

It's a shame though that his plan backfired so badly on him... Add that morning wake up to a sleepless/sexless night and you've got one fucked up Seto Kaiba :/

I knew he'd end up going to . Though I personally envisioned him just blurting out: "How does it feel seeing Yugi grown up? Does the initial ach ever go away?

Though I suppose Seto would need to be a little more comfortable around him before he lets anything like that slip out.

Though I was greatly amused by their "conversation" if you could call it that ;D Seto explaining his 18th birthday made me feel so sorry for him and at the same time made me burst out in laughter. My 18th was -if you can imagine- actually worst than that. But that last line about Yami and Yugi' email is what made me choke do to lack of breath lol

I feel kinda bad for Yami throughout this. He was just left high and dry while Mokuba and Noa were still... *cringe*

I can't even type it... e_e

But any-who, this was an awesome opening and I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of it! :D

Thanks for sharing your awesomeness. Your awesome! x3
sherabo chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
Geez its been ages since I've been intertained by your stories and you never disappoint my expectations. I'm back, funny in my heart I've never been far away. Great start and I'm riding in the back sit down the road into the future with them. Awesome start, truly love Seto's choice. Happy Holidays to you and yours...
Nenya85 chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
A very intriguing beginning. It’s funny but the moment I keep going back to is the one where Sugoroku is trying to get at how Seto felt about his rather dreary birthday and Seto, who obviously has no clue what Sugoroku is driving at finally comes up with, "And Yami and Yugi sent me an email wishing me a Happy Birthday…?" I don’t think that anything could show more clearly how unused Seto is to having anyone care about him than that, even now, after having been with Yami for years and having opened up enough to be coming to Sugoroku in the first place, he STILL can’t understand what Sugoroku is asking or why, or even think that anything was missing from his own 18th birthday.

And I loved the image of Seto in Sugoroku’s old station wagon (lol).
mofalle chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Yay a new story arc. I love your attention to detail. Poor Seto being only 23 and with ED problems.

"Mokuba might take the day off. I told him it was okay yesterday… " I find this line funny. Here Mokuba is all grown up and Seto is still telling Yami what Mokuba is allowed to do - like a child.

The scene at the game shop has me worried. Seto seems disconnected to reality. It makes me wonder if there is something more physical going on with Seto then just the emotion aspect of the day.

I can't wait to see what Sugoroku's comes up with. Since Seto didn't go to school, it's not like he has expierance ditching classes.

The conversation at the end about the cars was cute. I can see Sugoroku cackling like a manic, imagining he's driving the Batmobile, Mach 5 or General Lee doing turns at an insanely fast speed if he ever got behind the wheel of one of Seto's cars. Station wagon is definately the safer route to go.

Thanks again for the great read, please post more soon.
Candy world chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Please update soon

I like the story especailly at the start was Seto having THAT kind of troubles with Yami?

dragonlady222 chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
Poor Seto, no parent or parental figure should walk in on that but Seto should have knocked. I hope he and Sugoruko have a nice long talk and a good time.