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Aurora Jarrus chapter 30 . 6/16/2016
it's over nooooo I want a sequel!
Skythorn chapter 18 . 1/29/2013
AGH I WASN'T DONE TALKING! Anyway, this is no joke, NO JOKE, so professional, so perfect, so just wow. Alright, I have read many a fanfics in my days, but yours is not a fanficition, it's a book with borrowed characters. You interpretations are so wonderful and the way you morph personality and action is amazing. You are an amazing writer, and truly have talent. I love how unlike many fanfic writers make Magiya not a 'Mary-sue' I will call it. I love her trust issues and everything. I love her defenses, and her short temper. You also don't MAGICALLY fix her right away, you make it gradual. It is wonderful. Also you show what TRUE mistrust is. You don't over exaggerate or underexaggerate. Honestly I could go on for hours about that alone. Your work is amazing, and the chapters are perfectly lengthed. Not ridiculously long, but just enough to keep you going and having your jaw drop at the at words. I AM SO GLAD YOU ALREADY FINISHED IT AND I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT HAHA! Anyways, and your vocabulary and use of profanity, BEAUTIFUL. I admire and ENVY your skills
Skythorn chapter 18 . 1/29/2013
Okay, so HEY! I haven't posted a review yet because I have been to busy reading like a psycho
A Drop of Starlight chapter 11 . 11/10/2012
Yes, so true. The moment of truth.
A Drop of Starlight chapter 9 . 11/10/2012
Aw man. Magiya really messed it up for the two of them. D:
A Drop of Starlight chapter 8 . 11/8/2012
Oh my gosh. Beautiful chapter. And the end part. Ahh, with friends like Rolith and Artix ... life would be no end of laughter. LOL I just couldn't stop laughing at the last part. :D
A Drop of Starlight chapter 7 . 11/8/2012
Oh man. I totally remember this scene from the game. It was not pleasant, especially when I had to battle the monster thing ... lol. Still. Your writing skills are awesome!
A Drop of Starlight chapter 6 . 11/8/2012
LOL the last few lines ... ROFL. The three of them are such a wonderful team!
A Drop of Starlight chapter 5 . 11/8/2012
Uhmmm ... LOL. This chapter was AWESOME, and I had fun imagining what it would be like to try to control magic ... But I admit that line of Artix's at the end rather bugged me. LOL
A Drop of Starlight chapter 4 . 11/8/2012
Aw man. Ever since I'd first read this chapter, I'd always wanted Magiya to somehow open up to him by the end of the chapter, or the next (sometime soon). But at least they'd made up by the end and were living HAPPILY EVER AFTER YESSS!
A Drop of Starlight chapter 3 . 11/8/2012
LOL I just looked at your title and was like ROFL. Great title! :D
And the terms Rolith used too ... ROFL. I wanted to laugh but couldn't, or else I'd look insane just laughing out of the blue at the computer :)
And recalling Artix and Magiya's fateful meetings. Ahh. Opposites attract, as they say, and it was true in this case! They are the perfect couple! :DDD
BTW I love Artix. He is such a good-looking NPC and nice too! (I just realized what little of a life I have, fangirling over NPCs for lack of a guy)
A Drop of Starlight chapter 2 . 11/8/2012
Hi Awesome-Writer Juliet! LOL I just wanted to review the chapters I haven't reviewed yet, because your story is so cool it deserves all the reviews possible! :) So I will make my contributions. :)

Reading this again ... the prologue was such a sad beginning/ending (now that I've read the entire story). And I just realized, thinking back on the story, how easy it is for one (technically me) to relate to Magiya. Idk I think I've been through one of those phases when I've been antisocial like her. (It was not fun, and I hope no one ever experiences it.)
LOL I tried to post this for the prologue, but the site told me I'd already reviewd the first chapter. Haha I was just reading this first chapter for like the millionth time ... :) I just couldn't help it. :) The song you picked is so awesome! And just reading the story allows me to imagine everything so vividly ... (I admit I sometimes feel like Magiya). Anyway, just rereading this story. And having the awesomest of fun while doing it! :D
Jellybelly Puffypants chapter 30 . 11/6/2012
I'll NEVER forget Artix and Magiya-their story(written by an amazing author, not to mention!)is just too great.
(Leaves to sob and grovel in room)
MusicalPoetess-Is-Not-In-Use chapter 30 . 11/6/2012
My gosh, I really can't really put into words how I feel. You know, when I first read this I thought, the person who wrote this must be a famous author or something. It took me a week before I could work up the couage to PM you, but boy, am I glad I did.

I am really and seriously crying right now. This story holds a great deal of sentimental value for me. You know, when I discovered fanfiction early last August, I began to change drastically as a person. When I began this schoolyear, even my friends noticed how different I've become. Remember that story I told you about? Well, I knew jack-squat about writing when I started it. Through reading other stories, some advice from both my other friends and you, and research about the mechanics of character development, I managed to see how sad that story was. Now, If somebody looked at my writing then and now, they wouldn't believe I wrote them both. Where does Zhi Lao'Hu tie into this? Because THIS is the story I came to when I needed to see something good. THIS is the one I checked back at three times a day. THIS is the one that sent me spiraling off to becoming what I am now and currently developing into. THIS is the one that means everything to me. How could I not cry at the end?

I love everything about this story, starting with Magiya herself. She's carefully written into being with what looks like a solid iron wall around herself, but if you look and read closely, you find the chinks left open so you can look in and see what Magiya has inside. So you can love her as a character and as someone who embodies a bit of everyboy's faults, including your own. I took that invitation, loving and hating and FEELING right with her.

I love the plot, the way she refuses to see what's right in front of her, hoping that she can just leave things this way, to dip her toe in only as much as she wants to. But in reality, as we have all discovered at one point or another, you can't twist the way of the world to your liking, and at some point, you discover it's all or nothing. You can't just continue to toy and talk the way you feel like and assume that it doesn't affect anybody. Everybody eventually discovers this, some harder than others. Magiya certainly found it hard.

I love the romance, the twists and obstacles. How Magiya knows that he likes her, and she knows she feels the same, but wild horses couldn't drag that confession from her. In fact, it wasn't wild horses. It was one slut of a necrmantress, the death of the person that meant most to her, and one persistent friend. The saying is right - true love never dies. Sometimes it IS elusive. Sometimes it's hard, and even painful. But in the end, the hardships only prove to make that love sweeter.

Really what I'm saying is that I love this story. I would have said that in the first place, but it would have been bland. Why am I saying it now? Because now you know what's behind it. When I say I love it, it means everything I've written here and more. I know that Zhi Lao'Hu is a story(and a damn good one at that). But to me it's really a whole lot more. I'm going to say thank you right here. I think you can probably imagine the things I mean behind that, so I won't go into the full page of them. Just... wow. I love this story, and everything inside of it. Heck, I love you too, like the sister that I never had :) You know what, wish I could meet you too:) But I can still give hugs! *tacklehug* See?

This is the longest, and really most meaningful review I've ever posted. Then again, this is the most meaningful piece of writing that I've ever seen. So once again, thank you.

-Poetess (aka Michelle) D
Kirei Ryuusei chapter 30 . 11/5/2012's over. I know how painful it is to finish a story both for the writers and readers. I'm rather fond of Magiya and Artix and now, it's over. I can't say that enough because it casts a slight hollowness with the ending. But, it was a great ride with such a wonderful and dedicated author.

Hopefully our paths cross again,
Kirei Ryuusei
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