Reviews for We're Just Getting Started
izzyswag12 chapter 79 . 4/20
When will you continue this amazing story?
izzyswag12 chapter 78 . 4/18
When will you continue this story? I'm literally dying
izzyswag12 chapter 75 . 4/17
Please continue. This story is everything. Will you continue it?
izzyswag12 chapter 67 . 4/13
Omg. This is by far the best fan fiction story I have ever read. But I'm pretty sad that I'm almost done reading it. Please continue!
Guest chapter 79 . 4/11
Dear lizbean,
I'm posting this review from my iPod and I prematurely posted my last review without finishing it. So I'd like to continue so that I don't sound crazy lol.

I think that this interest in Rachel that Quinn has is probably only temporary. I think that if anything happened between them (besides the kissing they has already happened) that it will either satisfy the urge Quinn had to be with her, or it will make her regret ever acting on her feelings for her. I know in the last few chapters there was talk between Brittany and Santana or Brittany and Quinn or Santana and Quinn that Quinn and Puck have agreed to be separated, but was that a conversation that actually happened or just what Quinn wants them to think so that they will let her do what she wants with Rachel?

I really hope that you've just been really busy this past year (it's almost been a year!) since you last posted a chapter. I may not have an account on this site, but I have been checking on it every few weeks to see if an update has been posted. I really hope that you have time to come back and finish this story because I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Thank you for writing such a lovely story. I hope it's not your last.

A Loyal Reader
Guest chapter 79 . 4/11
Dear lizbean,
I've been a fan if this story since I came across it about 3 years ago. I love the Brittana that you have made in this universe. It's probably as close to canon as you can get while different enough to have some room to do what you want with the characters. I have read this story probably 10 times through. I really like where everything is going and I can't wait for the second glee dinner. I also really like the Unholy Trinity friendship and how it's grown through the story. I think that Quinn and Puck have the perfect example of a relationship to strive for in Brittany and Santana. They are going to have a lot of work to do if they both want to salvage their relationship, and despite Quinn's interredt
Fruith chapter 79 . 3/31
How did Quinn ended up in Brittana's bedroom and so hungover?! And what about the Hickey? I'm dying to know what happened the night before! Ugh!

Tina - now I want to push her even more. Pretty pretty please let sombody push her because she really annoys me!

I'm excited ar Quinn's party extravagant!

Thanks for the roller coaster ride in your WJGS universe! I hope you continue to share to us this universe until the end. I hope to read from you very very soooooon! Sending lots of hugs and kisses from me to you! Hugs! :)
Fruith chapter 78 . 3/31
Why Does Santana wants Quinn to wear shorts or long pants? What is wrong wit Quinn's dresses? Ahahaha almost done... Again. :)
Fruith chapter 77 . 3/31
Okay. Now I understand Quinn a little bit more. :) i felt like I was Santana all throughout this and the last chapter and I feel like I also owe your Quinn an apology. Hahaha :)
Fruith chapter 76 . 3/31
Aarrghh! There are so many things that can happen in one night in your universe. It looks very exhausting. I love how you can shake things up so easily between them. One moment they love each other and the next they're ripping each other's throats off.

Why is it that Quinn is so stubborn? Why can't she be fair to Puck?

I love their family but they're driving me crazy! Hahaha
Fruith chapter 75 . 3/31
I'm happy that Quinn's action was finally called out by Santana. Judy and Quinn's moment is one of my favorites because it showed how much better of a mother Quinn is as to Judy.

I'm looking forward to Quinn's house party and how would it turn out. Please hurry a bit in your 80th chapter. :P
Fruith chapter 74 . 3/31
Almost done. Haha I can't believe Quinn in this chapter. I mean her progress in discovering herself is really good but she's like trying to mess it up. This side of Quinn frustrates me to no end. She's like having multiple personalities. Does "some things are best to stay unspoken" applies in this chapter? Hahaha Now I kinda want to push her too.

But No. It is still Tina that I want to be pushed.
Fruith chapter 72 . 3/31
I've noticed many potential foreshadowing in this chapter or maybe it's just me reading too much into your every word. Maybe Tina changed her ringtone? Or Sam? But why?

Can you make a scene where Santana pushes Tina? (I'm sorry. I just really want to push Tina) haha
Fruith chapter 71 . 3/31
I noticed that Ella is a little bit more close to Quinn than Tony. I mean she's a little attentive and affectionate of her Aunty Quinn. Is there a reason behind that or is it just because she's a little Santana that is very protective of Quinn? Hahaha

Tina - I just wanna push her.
Fruith chapter 69 . 3/31
How did Quinn knew about changing diaper and stuff? I mean yes she had Beth but didn't she gave her away before she got the chance to do all those stuff with her? And how long has it been between Brittana's wedding and when they saw Quinn again? And last one, was Brittana there during Quinn's pregnancy? :)
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