Reviews for Negative Reality
Neko Shen chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
I smiled when I read the summary and thought that this would be very interesting (and a chapter idea popped in my head).

I still love that Guilty Gear Reference haha. I don't know if you know the other two (only other two I know) from BlazBlue and Fist of the North Star (Arcade made by the same people who made the Guilty and Blaz) or I probably missed it x-x I forget easily. (Rethought about it, I think I saw the Blaz one somewhere or I could be wrong.)

Moving on and ignoring Dio's temporary sad moment of exista- *WARUDO'd*

I wasn't expecting Meiling to go Dragon on Dio haha. A Scarlet Weather incident! Go Patchy! To be honest I was like "Oh my goddess a Sukima reference?" But then the note. Well I learn something at least haha. Still need to learn. Don't know whether I should say Poor Tenshi or Baka Tenshi.

Fun everywhere in the SDM, still new to the LoZ thing and a RPG info haha XD. Sadly I still don't know the 398 thing D: (San kyu hachi?).

Poor Remi has her personal stuffs broken, charisma breaks galore! Then a Wild Yukari has appeared! I wouldn't never expected it (and I should have! It's Yukari after all.)

Haha I only saw 7 people get sucked in (Sealed from the inside or will it expand grabbing more victims?) Can't wait for the next one, take it easy writing this heh.
Ryuunotaki chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
Ara ara~

It seems like Yukari really spoiled the battle, eh?

I've seen (all right, read) it quite a few times already, but these "people appearing in the middle of two powerful attacks" scenes really still tickle my humour.

Lesse what Yukari has in store for them in the alternate dimension, eh?