Reviews for Hallowed Time Twists
Guest chapter 5 . 8/18
I can't be the only one who was about to start singing "Harry Freakin' Potter" from AVPM when Teddy called him that.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 28 . 6/30
It is really great how Voldemort just had so many advantages that even with all the advantages of having future!Harry and future!Ginny, the good guys aren't remotely having an easy time. I wouldn't even say they're winning. They're just losing much much much more slowly than in canon. (I'm assuming Voldemort is still very gradually destabilizing wizarding society in the background of the story.)
Prince Pondincherry chapter 27 . 6/30
I like the idea of the Cloak having little extra powers like "reducing Horcrux contamination" since, while it is awesome and useful, it does seem a bit underpowered.
I have to complement you on some of the most creative uses of canon spellwork in Harry Potter. No ridiculous "magic cores" or "blood magic" or "goblin magic" or "Harry being awesome for no reason" or anything like that, but you still managed to have the heroes escape a dragon and goblins by setting the dragon on the goblins (unfortunately likely killing a few), exploding the floor, turning the former ground into a lake, and flying through the lake. Awesome!
As for the acting skills, it's a nice take-that to the people who say canon Harry is lame.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 26 . 6/30
I keep waiting for more to happen with the Teddy-meets-his-parents plotline. I mean, Tonks's reaction is great, but I expect by now Remus is taking Teddy avoiding him as a sign that he's a terrible father or some other such nonsense like that.
I LOVE Jamie's reaction to finding out what they're doing. "YOU'RE ACTUALLY COOL PARENTS!" Lol.
Oh no, that last part is pretty ominous. Be safe!
Prince Pondincherry chapter 25 . 6/30
I've always thought they got a bit too lucky in canon, what with never going after the wrong object for a possible Horcrux. (The fake locket doesn't count, they were looking for the right object, they were just too late.) Glad to see you're fixing it.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 24 . 6/30
I have no idea who attacked Katie or why. Poor Katie, though, always getting attacked.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 23 . 6/30
I love how, although in canon people wanted Harry to teach them in the DA because their DADA teacher was terrible, in this story it's because he's great.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 22 . 6/30
I'm really wondering (hoping) that the "kidnapping incident" is in another of your stories.
I actually don't know of any fics where the future world doesn't care that Harry vanished. Usually they just don't even talk about the world he's from, or he's not one of the people who vanished. I really like your explanation of what happened, though.
The "Seriously" pun is terrible, although I bet they don't realize it, because of what happened to Sirius.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 21 . 6/30
That was, in fact, a really awesome take on the cliches. The end scene was pretty good too. I love how they'll be thinking of Harry being a teacher because they already know Harry as a teacher.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 20 . 6/30
This might be one of my favorite Harry/Ginny fics, on top of everything else good about it.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 12 . 6/30
I LOVE what you did with Ginny-the-Dumbledore-bashed!
Prince Pondincherry chapter 8 . 6/30
And the kids don't realize that they're probably helping their dad sleep as much as he's helping them.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 3 . 6/30
It seems really ridiculous that Harry could teach at Hogwarts without changing anything. Even with Obliviation, it removes the whole DA and everything about Umbridge, which are HUUUUUGGE changes.
Prince Pondincherry chapter 1 . 6/30
Whoah, is Harry actually going to the past with them? That's different!
fanfics4fun chapter 6 . 6/25
I am totally stealing the idea of Audry and Arthur geeking out over magic and muggles for my headcanon.
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