Reviews for Gohan's BLEACHED Journey
TheRealDeal44 chapter 1 . 5/24
Man so unfair right when it was getting good
Guest chapter 9 . 3/30
Wrong. Kid buu is weak compared to Super buu-_-

Goku himself stated He was no match base Super Buu in the Manga. Lol

Do some research
Kitai-chan9 chapter 9 . 3/31
If you do find someone to adopt this story can you please make an update on it so everyone who was following it can continue on with the other person version of this story? Please and thank you!
Jewlbunny chapter 9 . 3/29
Dang. That explains a lot. I have a lot on my plate too, plus I don't know a lot about Bleach. So I can't help you there. Please inform us when you have someone who will write this. Hope to read more of your work soon.
Spencer Chamberlain chapter 9 . 3/29
Roman Reigns Follower chapter 8 . 3/28
15 months plus and still nothing
Harukei Jet Prime chapter 8 . 2/17
It's been more than 1 year, when are you going to continue.

P.s: Song of the day: Rhapsody of Fire - Dawn of Victory.
ShyOtaku chapter 8 . 2/16
Two words: Update soon
It's a good story and I want to see how the original plot of Bleach will be changed with Gohan added in.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/24
Your kidding right? Gohan is Captain class and up!
Johan chapter 8 . 12/11/2014
You have to update again this story is amazing
Drama Llama-Sama chapter 8 . 11/20/2014
Update dammit! What the hell, you just up and stopped writing? Why? You can at least give some sore of explanation.
Spencer Chamberlain chapter 8 . 10/4/2014
Mr.Staypuft chapter 8 . 8/29/2014
Good story here. I hope more updates are coming. Keep it up. I can only hope for a slightly longer chapter next time.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/22/2014
actually kid buu is stronger than super buu in he's base form
however if it's super buu with gotenks or gohan absorved then it's super buu

true mystic gohan is stronger than ssj3 goku but not that much he is not that much stronger than a super saiyan 3

also remember goku wasn't shore if he could beat fat buu but after their battle he admited that he could'v slaughter him and if he went all out against normal super buu and threw everything at him without giving up he could decimate him
mystic gohan was able to whoop him easily so why not super saiyan 3 goku
comparing kid buu to super buu I think kid buu would annhiolate super buu
Guest chapter 8 . 8/21/2014
you know I think you should put buu in this story because it would be really awesome to see the captains face off against him they cut him,stab him he regenerates it would be really awesome
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