Reviews for Worth It
NabikiB chapter 8 . 1/26
Should have dropped in on top of UNIT and let the division chaplain do it. Or didn't you think of that?
pinstripesandconverse chapter 8 . 5/27/2015
"or we could have sex later and then again when we're married" i laughed for a solid 5 minutes
WolfBat122 chapter 8 . 1/6/2014
I had a minor (major) spazz attack when Donna appeared. She's my favorite! Love the story!
NabikiB chapter 5 . 10/20/2013
Last paragraph needs an edit. Everyone in the fandom knows that the Doctor's hand will feel COOL to Rose...or any other human.
lifelane chapter 10 . 9/22/2013
This is so perfect! And I love your default picture. :)
lifelane chapter 6 . 9/22/2013
dragoncreators chapter 10 . 9/9/2013
The Rose and the Doctor, in the TARDIS, as it should be :) .
dragoncreators chapter 9 . 9/9/2013
I love this. to bad you on't finish these scenes, but it is still awesome.
pizzaintensifies chapter 10 . 7/28/2013
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Emily chapter 10 . 12/15/2012
sequelsequelsequelsequelsequ el
LostInWho chapter 10 . 12/14/2012
Very sweet reunion story - it just does my heart good. The goodbyes with her family were so hard to witness - poor Jackie! Love this bit at the end, showing that though her absence has broken down some of his barriers, he still struggles with the truth of losing her. Lovely story - can't wait to read more!
Into The Vortex chapter 10 . 9/20/2012
Love it, love it, love it! (bounces up and down happily) I would love a sequel your writing is excellent! Just right! Brilliant! I can't express how much I enjoyed that one!
catiebug26 chapter 10 . 8/30/2012
I absolutely loved this. You have no idea how much I do. It was amazing :)
TheAngelofIego chapter 10 . 4/26/2012
Love it.
Paradoxpixie chapter 3 . 4/4/2012
I will have to finish this later
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