Reviews for Our Little Angel
Kent chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
Vanessa means a lot to me too. This is way late but for as long as I've known Vanessa she's never had it easy. She never gives anyone she knows at school or home her Fanfiction username so I had to hunt this down. When I saw this on her favorites I jumped at the chance to comment. I feel weird because I'm invading her space. But THANK YOU for doing this for her. I understand why Fanfiction helps her get through her addiction. With the support of you and everyone else I'm happy she's happy. She's been through a lot and just seeing her smile because someone liked her story or because she has a new story idea is the best thing ever.

My favorite chapter is the first one because it gave Vanessa hope. And apparently it gave her someone like you.
nightmare chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
Vanessa means a lot to me too. This is way late but for as long as I've known Vanessa she's never had it easy. She never gives anyone she knows at school or home her Fanfiction username so I had to hunt this down. When I saw this on her favorites I jumped at the chance to comment. I feel weird because I'm invading her space. But THANK YOU for doing this for her. I understand why Fanfiction helps her get through her addiction. With the support of you and everyone else I'm happy she's happym
littlewonders914 chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
Happy WAWWE day! This was so amazing! WAWWE is one of my favorite fics on this site and this most definitely did it justice! Lomille is actually my favorite thing in yeh world, so even if this didnt have to do with my fab fic I still would have loved it, it was really fantastic and super cute :)

I loved how little LJ looked just like Logan, so cute. He must be adorable if he's a mini Logan ;)

The Lomille romance is beautiful! You did a grey job with this!

Hmm... Now for the hard part... My favorite part of WAWWE is... EVERYTHING? Blah idk it's so hard to pic just one part of the entire amazing thing. So immature pick top 2 things, plus they are really different things so yea

the first one is when cam is doing everything to seem happy and doing what everyone wants her to do outlet to make them happy. I'm not sure what chapter it is o just know it stars with "I went to the pool like Logan wanted... I did what Logan wanted" not in those exact words but Rhys the general idea, yea I really liked it because it shows that even through what Cam had gone through it shows how she still tries to be strong for everyone and be who they want her to be. It's not exactly a good thing that she does it but I felt it was very in character and made te story much more realistic. I don't know why it's my favorite but if always just stuck with me.

My other favorite is when Logan asks her if she would like to marry him, and she says no cause she doesn't lim him, she loves him and would love to marry him. So yea really different from my other favorite cause it's all fluffy and what not.

Oh and I have one more but it's not a moment it's jut how Kendall knew about all of cams cutting and everything first and how he was such a great friend to her.

God I could go on forever with favoritest but then I would be telling you the entire story...

But back to yours, this was fantastic and made me cry and the little angel stuff was adorable and the picture of LJ made my heart break and yea, just wow, this was really good!
Logan's Honey Pie chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
It's amazing! It fits perfectly with WAWWE! My favorite part was the dream and when Camille told Logan what he looked like. Just imagine a little boy, a little image of Logan with the same grin, eyes and nose... *starts crying*

It's really beautiful! And it's an awesome thing that you write this for Vanessa! :D And happy WAWWE day to you as well. :D
prettylocks111 chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
Omygosh! This was so beautiful, Harita(: I know Nessa really appreciates this(: My favorite part of We Are What We Experience? That's tough. I should have thought this one through...Well, I really liked when Logan first found out about Camille being pregnant. It was the first chapter I read and it was such an awesome way to be introduced to Vanessa's writing, because it was such a powerful chapter and I could really feel Logan and Camille's emotions the whole time. I just knew that she was an amazing author then, and I was immediately hooked. I love all of the chapters, though(: I'm so happy that I got to know her and follow and support her this past year. This story really inspired me to start writing in the BTR fandom and I can't thank her enough for that(:

This was such a sweet thing for you to do for her, Harita, and it was amazing(: Happy WAWWE day to you, too.
BTRlover96 chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
This was sooo... Beautiful. Amazing one-shot. We Are What We Experience is of my favorite fanfics. And my favorite part? Oh gosh I have to many. One of them is at the beginning of the story when Camille thinks she will have to raise the baby by herself bc Logan was gone for like 3 days after Camille told him she was pregnant. When Logan came back and tells Camille he's sorry and they have their little moment. That was just too adorable. Also when Logan asks Camille if she would "like" to marry him and she say no and the guys were listening behind the door and then Camille explains herself and says that she would not like to marry Logan, she'd LOVE to. That's just a few but I have soo many more. Again, great job :).
BTR girly girl chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
No, you deserve a review. This was utterly amazingly sweet and romantic and you blew me away with your Romantic Lomille! Seriously this was just soo perect, i think everyone who enjoys reading BTR fanfics should seriously consider reading this. You did Poeticjustice13 fanfic "We Are What We Experience" justice is all i can say. You did that amazing fanfic justice. I am soo proud of you. You did an awesome job, Girl! Just amazing.

Highlights- When you described LJ's apperance and adorableness...He sooo much reminded me of Logan that i think my heart stopped beating for a moment. I cant even...and the part when she woke up and Logan broke down after he heard her dream being about LJ. Camille when she was comforting him. And when you descibed Logan looking like a scared child...How are you sooo perfect? You are perfect...just sooooo perfect!

Do you even know how i feel when i read any of your stories? Well first when i notice a Lomille story by you i fangirl. Yes i fangirl and start screaming inside and i feel like i am going to explode then after i start reading you A.N. i notice you endearing kindness and how sweet and thoughtful you are to say such kind things about someone. Then i start reading your wonderous amazing masterpeice and just after the first sentence i feel like i am floatng on a cloud. You put me in heaven with your Lomille stories. After i start reading further into your astouding story i experience emoions i seriouly didnt know I even had. Tears rush into my eyes...and i cry becase this should freakin be an episode as well as WAWWE. These two masterpieces should be an episode. No kid. Then the ending with th whole angel thing. I I...the hanging up the pictue of LJ. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

Now my fave parts from the awesome piece of work by Poeticjustice13- That story was more than i could litterally perfection was tooo much. I adorded the ending because it showed how much they got through with together. They got through their hard times with each twins. That was magical and the wedding. I hadn't heard of the wonderful story until after she finished it but believe me i read it like in 2 days. I am sooo proud of you and her for doing sooo much justic for Lomille! I think i am going to have to write a Lomille now after this...Anyways amazing job Girl, you rock and you are very talented. Do not think for one minute that you are untalentd because you are sooo talented that it's aweing. Amazing work! I am

so glad to have gotten to know you! You are amazing!

BTR girly girl~
poeticjustice13 chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
My favorite chapter of WAWWE is chapter 18 because thar was the first time you reviewed. When u told me that you had been reading my story all along. Because of you I began to appreciate all my other silent readers and it was the first step to a friendship with you.

I've never in all my life had anyone do something like this for me. I get by thinking that I'm a bad person but knowing I was able to help you through your bad times and bring a smile to your face is amazing. Thank you for the AN. There are some pretty legendary BTR Lomille authors so you saying all these sweet things make me feel worthy of being in this fandom.

I'm in tears right now so don't be surprised if the rest of this review doesn't make sense.

Knowing that you would do an outtake of WAWWE is breathtaking and trust me you did more than justice. You did everything perfectly and kept up with the story perfectly. Camille's emotions were so tangible that I felt like I was her. I was in her mind seeing that beautiful boy and thinking about about how much I wanted him to be mine. It was amazing.

The way you incorporated things from WAWWE still amazes me and I'm beyond impressed I'm in awe. I'm just speechless. Honestly, I wish this was part of WAWWE because its so good.

Harita, I need to thank you for so much. You have gotten me through days I could've sworn I would have never lived through. You give me hope that I will be okay. You and Em are amazing.

My favorite part was when she woke up. I don't think I ever portrayed Logan's emotions that well in WAWWE but you did what I couldn't do. You gave Logan a very beautiful spotlight in this one that I had trouble doing. The part when they put his picture up. That killed me completely! That made the whole thing complete it was perfect. He really is their little Angel.

Most authors would want a review about the story but what you asked for brought me to my knees. I stopped breathing. That was such a good idea. I can't wait for people to read this not because I want to hear their favorite parts but because I want them to see that you are not just another writer but that you are the real deal. I love you so much Harita and I can never thank you enough. This is the best thing I have ever read on this site, not because it came from WAWWE, not because it's Lomille but because it came from YOU.