Reviews for The Way of the Force
baran chapter 17 . 3/3/2012
Yay for Leia! She's slowly becoming my favorite character in this story! You are right, we need more strong female characters. Great job on the Vader/Luke/Leia conversation; I like it how you change the movie lines just a little bit to fit the plot - that way I can picture the situation very clearly in my head. Eagerly waiting for Sunday... Damn the time zones...
Riku Uzumaki chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
How many guilt trips will Vader have to take before he finally realizes that he's being a coward?
Orlok Tsubodai Bahadur chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
good chapter and i cant wait for more so plz update as soon as possible.
Jacqueline Roget chapter 17 . 3/2/2012

I do hope daddy lives a little longer in this one...
TriGemini chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
Great chapter to read.

Sounds like the party is about to get started.

Can't wait to find out, how Leia's presence effects Luke's confrontation with Palpatine.

It doesn't sound surprising that Leia wouldn't be too thrilled to see Vader after everything that's happened.

Nevertheless, Leia did insist on going with Luke-so now it'd be a good time for her to control her anger and deal with her issues. Because what'll come next for her and Luke isn't going to be any better, especially with Palpatine involved.

Looking forward to more. Until then.
FireShifter chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
Great chapter! I also liked the last chapter as well. I particularly liked how showed the different reactions between Luke and Leia as they confront their father. I like how portrayed the light radiantly from Luke and the understandable disgust of Leia.

Keep on writing! :D
KHLostEmpress chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
Happy rejoicing for three updates a week!

I can't wait to find out how the addition of Leia is going to change things (I still think Anakin is in there!). I loved the chapter and am looking forward to the next update!
I Am Not a Human Being chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
Good :)
LVB chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
I'm starting to get nervous! OK, I've seen RotJ a bajillion times but I'M STILL NERVOUS! Leia's presence is a wonderful addition. And yay for more updates :D
Jedi-lover chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
Nice twist to the story. Now lets throw Palpatine down that exhaust shaft or whatever that pit was and get Luke back to Mara for some bootknocking. And I am sure Han wouldn't mind Leia coming back to him for some of the same.
Lys8375 chapter 17 . 3/2/2012
I like it! The interaction between Vader, Luke and Leia is well done and I suppose it was expected for Leia to be bitter and angry. But in that case, she will be ven more stunned when Vader (if he will still do that in the story and we can always hope) will save the two of them from the Emperor (I hope).

I can't wait for the next part!
Betrys chapter 17 . 3/1/2012
You know I LOVE this chapter!
TriGemini chapter 16 . 3/1/2012
Excellent chapter!

It figures that Palpatine would feel the need to drop the bomb on Vader about knowing what he'd been up to with Jade, then proceed to tell him about knowing that Luke was on Endor and that Leia was his daughter, also.

Although, I'm still trying to figure out how Palpatine knew about Vader and Mara's plan-and about Leia?

So can't wait to find out, how things turn out next.

Until then.
baran chapter 16 . 3/1/2012
So... Vader is still acting like a good ol' Sith... I like the way you gave the character more depth - it's really interesting to see his inner struggle - but has he really lost it? I can't wait to read that. And how the hell did Palpy know about Vader's and Mara's plan? BTW, Wonderful Winter/Tycho scene!
Endor Solo chapter 16 . 3/1/2012
Be strong, Anakin! Come back, defeat the last remaining parts of Vader, and help bring light back into the galaxy!

Have I mentioned how much I cannot stand Palpy?
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