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apeljohn chapter 12 . 7/25
Very nice fic. I think I might start using this story as my canonical example of how a protagonist can be overpowered *without* being a Mary Sue.

I particularly liked the reference to duck-billed platypi a few chapters back, in the context of "I can't believe muggles think this isn't a magical animal". Lovely bit of convoluted humour.
ak chapter 12 . 7/23
peut être une mise à jour bientôt?
apolausta chapter 12 . 7/22

I'm not sure if you still read reviews for this story, as it's definitely been a while. I see that your profile hasn't been updated either, so I really hope you're still safe, well, and happy!

If you do end up reading this, though - I mostly just wanted to say thank you for writing this! I enjoyed it a ton. Yes, Harry is overpowered as all hell, but that's obviously and the way you handle it is enjoyable. I'm loving his pranks, snark, and passive-aggressive smiling hahaha. I don't hate Snape, but he's definitely an irrational asshole when it comes to Harry. (Like honestly, he's just not a good person. Good people don't purposely instill terror into 11-year olds and then enjoy it, c'mon.)

I also really like your breakdown of you going against common tropes in your author notes, and your excellent reasoning for all of them! You have written one of the best manipulative Dumbledores I've ever seen. I especially enjoyed how you allowed us to see his perspective, which was honestly horrifically manipulative and disregarding of Harry as a person (and yet... believably canon. scary implications there), and then presented him more so how others would see him. This is, I think, how an actually extremely manipulative Dumbledore would function. Like you said, he's not dumb.

And your earlier point with the goblins! Accurate. I never really thought too deeply about their role in the Harry Potter canon but you're right, they definitely didn't seem like nice people just waiting for a kindly wizard to come along (*snort*).

IF I did have one critique, it would be on the slightly dry method of narration. I think other reviewers have mentioned it, and I do see their point. Sometimes things do tend to read as lists, or long descriptions with little color injected into them. On the other hand, you do scenes full of action very well.

I think one contribution to this is the way you write people speaking. I'm not sure exactly how, but I think some of the voices could be more genuine. One aspect to this is your sparse use of contraction in dialogue. In real life, and especially 11-year olds, but also just most casual people in general, people don't tend to say, for example, "I will _." "I will see you in the morning," sounds a little awkward and stiff, whereas "I'll see you in the morning" is pretty natural. It's a little thing, but makes a big difference, and it definitely adds up. That was probably the biggest thing that jarred me out of your writing, and I couldn't help but notice it constantly.

On the other hand, I recently read another very well-written fanfic (to a professional level, really) which had the same quirk. I hesitate, however, to say it's just a personal stylistic choice. I do think changing it would make the dialogue more smooth to swallow.

Finally, I've really enjoyed everything you written so far! Thank you again. You've set up a lot of exciting things, so I am a little sad that I most probably won't be able to see what happens, but you literally have no obligation to continue to write for people for free, haha, so don't feel guilty. If you don't continue, that's perfectly understandable, but if you do, know that I, at least, will be ecstatic about reading more. I'm sure others feel the same :)

And once again, I sincerely hope you're happy and well, and that this lack of updating was due to choice rather than circumstances. All the best!
Blood Winged Fallen Angel chapter 12 . 7/21
Hey Jerkwad! UPDATE! You've had THREE FUCKING YEARS TO ATTEMPT TO UPDATE! Either update or put it up for adoption. Sheesh...
WindyWords123 chapter 12 . 7/16
This is the best super!Harry story I've ever read. I actually quite enjoy overpowered protagonists, but it's almost never handled with anything approaching grace. You've thus far avoided a lot of the stupid cliches that tend to pop up (as you point out yourself in the notes. I appreciate those, because you always have a good point). I especially approve of the avoidance of bashing and characters whose annoying habits are deliberately exaggerated/made stupid because one doesn't like their traits (ie Ron, Dumbledore) or the opposite (Snape, Draco).

My least favorite chapter so far has been the one with the Weasley twins; I can understand what you were saying about that being hard to write. It seems like the characterization is off there, somehow, but I'm not really sure how or why. Just seems a bit off. Other than that, I've quite enjoyed this story so far and I can't wait to see Harry curbstomp the physical threats. I'm interested in seeing what the real conflict will be, too.

I really appreciate a lot of your silly-trope dodging, but I also love that despite the experience and power, Harry's a prankster. I think you do a good job or portraying the fact that he's mostly got the experience as Naruto to go on, but there is some influence from *Harry's* original soul. I mean, Naruto is also a prankster, as was James, but... I guess it makes sense on a lot of levels. Naruto probably would never allow himself to become stuffy, and I think there's some of the ninja attitude in his willingness to be a bit vicious with mean people. But there's also the fact that Harry would be eleven, if all this hadn't happened, and I think that affects the character in a cool way.

Oh! And about prison... that really isn't too harsh a punishment, I think. You're sentencing that one guy who attacked Harry to four years of solitary confinement without the sun. That's actually mildly horrifying, and people who think that guy's getting off light aren't thinking very hard about what that would actually be like. (Personally, I think Harry should find some way to give them therapy. Of some kind. Just leaving people stewing with their basic needs taken care of is unhelpful in the extreme, and he expresses the desire that they reform.)
Sefera chapter 12 . 7/14
It was a good story, just though I'd say that much. Better go to bed now, if I want to wake up in the morning.
Nihatclodra chapter 12 . 7/11
Is there even any hope of this updating anymore, or is it completely abandoned?
a nice fellow chapter 3 . 7/7
This is a great story and harry will always be powerful if he has accsess to chakra so don't worry about it
Left Head chapter 12 . 7/2
I would've thought that having lived for 200 years and having been hokage for 40 years Naruto would've learned that wrong-doing deserved punishment, not pranking. Pranks only escalate resentment and anger, not only in target, but in neutral witnesses too (immature children's laughter notwithstanding).
kpseipp chapter 12 . 6/28
This was rather good. I wish it had continued.
kpseipp chapter 11 . 6/28
This snape baiting is hilarious.
yrajdeepnayak chapter 8 . 6/23
too much description
totally usless
Rebmul chapter 3 . 6/22
so they re gona do the one thing that is guaranteed to piss off Naruto and have him slaughter their entire race
Rebmul chapter 2 . 6/22
ok this is a good fic but you go way to into descriptions most of this chapter was him describing and very little dialogue I like how harry takes no shit and cant wait for him to fuck with dumble dorks plans
Laukhi chapter 12 . 6/18
This is a really funny, and good story. Thanks for putting time into this.
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