Reviews for Before It's Too Late
9Tiptoes chapter 1 . 1/24/2012
Sam's subconscious sounds remarkably like Dean, probably as it should be.

Your analogy of the family being like a car: right on; perfect. And my favorite line is part of that: "every great thing in life just needs some work." That's really great stuff!

I think sometimes, Sam mistakenly chooses the 'easy' way. He went to school because it was easier than his life in hunting. Later, he chose Ruby and the demon's blood, again, because it was easy. Maybe...if he truly sat down to think about it, he might find out that he chose to say 'yes' because it was easy. Say yes, fall into a hole, done.

I haven't taken a lot of time to explore Sam in my own writing, which is odd, since I've always been a bit of a Sam!girl. But your piece here is giving me ideas that I may have to play with.

If you ever get around to doing more with this, drop me a DM. I'd love to take a look!