Reviews for Bring It On Home
WIERDO chapter 12 . 7/12
OMG you said allons-y! 3 33333 I love this btw
Missdellusion chapter 14 . 7/5
This is weird this is... Strange fetishes and sexy men indulging in them and I can't say I don't approve.
You're quirky I like you. This was fantastic. Keep up the good work

I'm still laughing over the Lincoln bit
Missdellusion chapter 3 . 7/4
Gods damn... Castiel that was just... Omigods Stahp Castiel! Why would you do this?
Nerdlee chapter 30 . 6/27
I am that horrible lurker. I am the greedy, selfish devourer of stories. I can't seem to stop long enough to tell you how much your words brighten my day or move my heart. I just need more, so I selfishly gobble up the next chapter telling myself that THIS time I'll be better. And now I have guilt. But I also had amazeballs of a destiel story. So I'm thrilled out of my gourd, but I feel a little ashamed too. That's normal-ish. Right?

Unidentified Oblivion chapter 30 . 6/19
Oli chapter 30 . 6/12
I know it's been a few years and it is almost doubtful that you're still on here. But thank you so much. This made me smile and cry and I even had to take a break reading it because it was just so good. So thank you. Thank you very much and please always be a writer.
Heckyehbaconpancakes chapter 30 . 6/10
Why was this so good? I can't ever read anything again because it will never be as good as this. You basically just ruined my entire life. But I'm okay with that.
Heckyehbaconpancakes chapter 22 . 6/10
You make me so content.
Heckyehbaconpancakes chapter 10 . 6/10
I'm just going to declare my love for you right now: I love you like the sun loves the moon. From far away, but with enough ferocity to light the night's sky.
Heckyehbaconpancakes chapter 9 . 6/10
Is it weird that you're now my favourite person in the entire world? You're like a badass sibling that I kind of also want to make out with. But not in an incesty way.
Kojo123 chapter 30 . 5/27
THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD! I love it! I read it all in less than 3 days! I couldn't stop! I hope you kee You writing and you did a very good job!
pearlmj.hz chapter 30 . 5/15
Adorable, amazing, and keep the AUs coming. The more alternate universe the better... Lol
Sharon chapter 30 . 5/14
Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! I don't think I can type that enough. This was a great story, with lots of humor, a little sadness, angst and more humor. I've bookmarked this story as I will be reading it repeatedly any chance I get.
Hetaliafangirlchan chapter 30 . 5/9
love this story so much! I just keep rereading it because I love how you write the characters. also because weird Cas is my favourite Cas :P
Bookaddict22 chapter 30 . 5/4
How have I not found this story already? Your writing is amazing. Usually in all spn fics, castiel is the docile one. I love how totally opposite it is in all your stories. Hippie Cas is fabulous. And finally a fic that does justice to Sam as Destiel-shipper extrodinaire. This story made me extremely happy, so thank you
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