Reviews for The Second Mew War
14Cookiesinajar chapter 7 . 11/23/2013
I have several critiques (Some goo and bad) for these two stories and they fall into two groups: Character Presentation and Plot.

-Breaking up of the Senshi. What? Okay, they have there nit-picking fights now and then, but when you get down to the core they love each other with their whole beings. They may be "obligated" to protect Usagi, but in their hearts they are doing it by choice. Rei, Minako, Haruka, and Chibiusa are all tied in the "who loves Usagi most" game only after Mamoru. When Galaxia attacks Usagi in Sailor Stars, who is it that protects Usagi? Um... Rei!
-Haruka. We've had our discussion concerning Haruka before so I wont go into too much detail. Just I think this time you "stretched" her too far. What she did to Lettuce, um, never!
-Hotaru. I really liked what you did with her. The fact that she couldn't use her glaive with the Mew Aqua and how she realizes this grace at the end. I really, really, liked her scene with Ichigo.
-Chibiusa. Okay, I'm personally partial to Chibiusa as a character. I see her progression as a character and her slow maturing over the coarse of the series. Your Chibiusa seems to be stuck in season "R" or maybe not even then! Chibiusa was pretty bratty in R, but because she was young and trying to keep up her act as someone who was tough and didn't need others. As time goes on she becomes better. She bickers with Usagi, but it comes from them being so alike and their ages. She loves Usagi with all of her heart. In Stars (Dang Anime!) she comes back to save her due to this.
-Minto. Why does Minto always hate Ichigo in your stories? They're best friends! (Its just like Rei and Usagi!)
-Berry. Yes, a total "Mary Sue", but since it was so short of a manga she couldn't really develop as a character. Also we did not get to see her developed more in an anime version so her characterization was hindered in that aspect as well. If she were developed I could definitely see some jealousy and tension issues arising from her interactions with Ichigo, so I was more forgiving of this. I could see some stubbornness and bickering arising, but her leaving/kick out? No.
-Lettuce. Ehh. Okay I guess.
-Pluto. That's all I have to say about her for now... Pluto.
-Them fighting. I could never see this story happening. They could never betray Usagi.
-If it were to all boil down into a massive brawl, I could see the fighting that took place coming into play. Not the Senshi against Senshi, but with the Senshi vs. Mew. I could see the Senshi getting the better of them, only to get beat down when the Mew Aqua was found. The Senshi have more experience and power but the Mews are more agile and /I feel as if their battles are more strategic. The Senshi are mostly "fire as much as you can!" and the Mews always seem to have to work together to defeat the enemy. The exception would be Mercury.
-Replacing Usagi with Chibiusa? Wouldn't that really screw things up? Pluto is to protect time, not mess it up with paradoxes, and if Usagi was killed, Chibiusa wouldn't have been born! Plus, like I said earlier, Chibiusa loves Usagi.
-Hotaru being bonded eternally with Setsuna. What? They have a mother/daughter-like relationship, not master/servant! I don't like how Hotaru always seems to just do what the others say. She is her own person, and many times, it is she who tells the others what to do!

I didn't mean to attack your story so hard! We just don't see eye to eye in our interpretations of the characters and my reading of the story suffers because of this.
SuperNova23 chapter 5 . 4/18/2013
I don't know if you still watch this space or not, but upon re-reading this, because I like it, I noticed one massive flaw. Life scan not overpower death. In fact, in life, we learn that death is more powerful than life. Until the dead start rising, death will still me the more powerful force.

But at the very least, one cannot override the other. If one is present, the other must be. I have two examples:

1. Lucifer. God cast the fallen Angels from Heaven to hell where Lucifer became Satan. If God was truly benovelant, he would have destroyed them instead of punishing them and leaving them to tempt humanity. But as God is the ultimate Good, there must be an ultimate Evil to retain balance. So he cannot destroy Lucifer without ending the Universe, as ours is one that is governed by balancing of opposites.

2. Shiva. Two of the chief Hindu gods are Visshnu, the Preserver, and Shiva, the Destroyer. At first it seems silly to worship one who aims to destroy everything, but they know that destruction must exist in order for new creation. As such, Shiva and Visshnu are often combined into one god.

In summary, Death is greater or equal to life, and as such, the fight was handled poorly.
chilled monkey chapter 7 . 2/1/2013
"In the anime, Haruka pretended to be a guy and hit on Sailor Moon quite hard."

No she did not! Haruka NEVER "pretended to be a guy." Usagi and Minako just assumed she was one. Haruka even points out she never claimed to be a guy.

"She even kissed her once, if I remember correctly."

No, at least not in the anime. The manga maybe, but not in the anime.

"I believe that what she did to Mew Lettuce in my story, and how she died, are consistent with the character as presented in the anime, only I carry her character to extremes that the anime did not."

Rubbish. Haruka's a flirt yes, but she'd never molest or sexually abuse girls.

"In other words, I didn't like the character, and I made her pay the price."

Wow, what a petty and small-minded attitude to take. If you don't like a character fine, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But having them behave grossly out of character is just not right.
SuperNova23 chapter 7 . 7/21/2012
I have a few problems with this story, and I will outline them very clearly.

1. I disagree with character killing, but I can get past it for the sake of a good story.

2. You damaged some of the SM characters, a couple beyond repair:

Michiru - She loved Haruka more than she loved anything else. In the Stars scene where they die, they don't mind as long as they're together. Yet you had her get over the death of her soulmate in roughly one day. That would not happen. Also her magic mirror wasn't used to reflect Mint's arrows, which is what she would have done.

Setsuna - Setsuna loves Mamoru, and knows and accepts that he and Usagi are destined to be together. She works toward Crystal Tokyo, and acting in such a manner as she did would undermine everything. Her fixed point in time is undefined, but she knows what is happening in the future, and she wouldn't act unless it was needed to correct the time stream

Chibi-usa - This is more of a nitpick, but Usagi and Mamoru would never lay a hand on her, ever. In the manga, when they aren't even sure who she is, after she pulled a gun on Usagi demanding the Silver Moon Crystal, they still offer her a place to stay and he gives her a Tuxedo Mask doll. Also, in Sailor Stars, she risks her life to save Usagi in the manga.

As for the story itself, it was truly well done. My like of Haruka changes depending on the story (since she is surprisingly consistently written). And I can't bring myself to dislike her as much as I used to.
The Queen of Water chapter 7 . 5/28/2012
That was cool and great!
Strawberry Moon 007 chapter 7 . 1/15/2012
i liked this one! altho i like all the sailor scouts equally i didnt like how uranus and neptune tried 2 get sailor moon 4 saving sailor saturn at the end of supers so i like what u did. but im really happy 2 see that the inner senshi are back 2gether! :D and now on good terms with the mews who i like now :) and of course Usagi and Mamoru's love is one of the most powerful! :D