Reviews for Fire and Ice
yrrab chapter 2 . 8/2/2012
Pip may not be lucky in his pursuit of Estella but it can hardly be said that he has no admirers, at least so far as present day fan fiction is concerned. So many stories manage to find him in the horizontal position seemingly surprised at how he got kind of menage de trois described here usually ends up with one person being the center of attention whilst the other two hate each other. The saddest thing is that I think Pip is thick enough not to realize the compliment. Of course it could well be argued that this little short is not so much a love trio as a love quartet where poor Clara seems destined to be the hapless mediator, trying to get her husbands attention whilst at the same time preventing him from forcibly coming between Pip and Estella. This was an interesting little story and it begs a 'chapter two' in which I hardly dare speculate developments. Fun times for all no doubt.
Barry Waterfield chapter 2 . 7/29/2012
Very nice. I would not have thought to develop a story on these lines but it is such an obvious choice when I come to think. Women can be very perceptive. The author shows Clara to be a clever woman and more importantly takes Herbert's secret love and treats it with tenderness. I could well imagine Dickens taking this development. Pip as always of course,meets the requirements of a lovesick fool and Estella, well thank god I never liked that type, I've been spared a lot..