Reviews for The Charlie Arc
connor langille chapter 1 . 12/4/2014
this is so funny also if any readers have a youtube account and is good at animating tell me you name and make these happen
GMB13carat chapter 5 . 4/25/2014
Okay, please don't tell me you've stopped writing because- this is crazy good.

This stuff is amazing. Please keep writing! I actually considered animating these episodes, but you know- voices and stuff. :/

But right now it seems that there haven't been any new stories for like two years. Please, if you are quitting/ have quit, just write one more story and see how it goes, at least. Make a few dozen more people laugh!

nightmaster000 chapter 5 . 4/1/2014
Awesome story.
Guest chapter 5 . 12/28/2013
Awesome story. This last chapter was my favorite. You actually portrayed Aspergers Syndrome really, really well. (I have Aspergers and when I was eight years old I would go up to random people in the street and inform them that Dalmatians are the only dog breed able to get gout.) I hope you reintroduce Caleb'scharacter. As for the rest, I am really impressed with Charlie as a character; she is funny, smart, and somehow not unlikable. You managed to keep with the South Park style and sense of humor while developing your own story and for that I applaud you.
SomeRandomReader chapter 2 . 12/22/2013
Once again, excellent job!
SomeRandomReader chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
This story.. I, wow, I never read this kind before and I'm glad I did!


What else can I say about her, besides that she seems real, and as far away as the word "Mary-Sue" which I'm grateful for.

I love it, and I am already fond of the gender-confused little girl!

Now, I must read on, for my reading-adventure has just begun!
IhateMarySue'sSoooooMuch chapter 5 . 2/23/2013
I just read this entire fanfiction and thought it was amazing. I love how you keep people in character instead of turningthem into emo cry baby, pussies like most of the people on this site do.
Shomei No Jisshi chapter 2 . 7/6/2012
I'm still trying to get the tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard at Butters' line when Mr. Garrison asked him about child molestation, and the end with Kyle's mom selling Bonnie Hunt pictures.
Shomei No Jisshi chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
The main reason I came to this is because I read about it on South Park Fanon, but then when I started to read this, my mouth almost gazed open. It seems so much like a South Park episode, the jokes hilarious, and plot compleatly genius. The end, unlike when I read on Fanon, gave me chills, but Becca saying "Do we get pizza tonight?" gave me small chuckle in the shock. Can't wait to read more, AKA now!
LethalTempest chapter 5 . 1/10/2012
This is cool! I like how all the adults completely buy into the fact that their children have problems that have never surfaced before this.

Dr. Ingram: Does it make you angry when your friends don't do what you tell them to?

Charlie: No?

Dr. Ingram: Are you sure?

Charlie: I think so.

Dr. Ingram: And when you feel angry, do you ever want to lash out and hurt people? Do you think about hurting people very often, Charlie?

Charlie: No.

Dr. Ingram: What about the voices? Do you hear voices in your head?

Charlie (getting more freaked out): No.

Dr. Ingram: Do they tell you to hurt people?

Charlie: No.

Dr. Ingram: Stab people?

Charlie: No.

Dr. Ingram: KILL?

Charlie: No!

That is both hilarious and messed up! I LOVE IT!
x XRoweenaJAugustineX x chapter 5 . 1/4/2012
aw :) great story! please update soon!
LethalTempest chapter 1 . 12/27/2011
Oh, God! You are so funny! I love Butters, and I feel so bad for him. I actually like Charlie too, which is a surprise to me, because most OC's have the personality of styrofoam on wheat toast.

Kenny vomits blue globs on his desk. Mr. Garrison stares at the puke for a moment, then goes to the garbage can.

MR. GARRISON: My God, Kenny! This is paint!

CARTMAN: Oh, how sad… It's all his family can afford.

KENNY (angrily): (Shut up, fat-ass!)

Cartman and the others laugh. Kenny punches Cartman in the arm.

MR. GARRISON: Now, we all know it's true Kenny. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

MR. MACKEY: She says she's too busy to pick you up, m'kay? She also says that you have bad allergies.

CHARLIE: Oh… yeah.

MR. MACKEY: So she says you don't need to go to the hospital. She just said to give you an inhaler.


MR. MACKEY: Have you thrown up blood because of allergies before?

CHARLIE: Oh, yeah. Loads of times.

MR. MACKEY: Oh really. Then do you know what… [pulls out an inhaler dramatically]… this is?

CHARLIE: …An inhaler?

MR. MACKEY: …Oh. Yes, it is.

Jodiexxx chapter 2 . 12/21/2011
I'm back home! Going to, uh, read and review just this chapter first. When I made this ;_; face, I was crying tears of joy. Just so you know. 8D

Oh. My. God. Butters, you were molested by your Grandpa? Good lord.

I like this: "Mr. Garrison: Okay, class, let me correct myself: you can talk to me, a parent, or the principal, but please, do NOT talk to Mr. Mackey. He's a complete dumb shit. Now are there any questions? Yes, Bebe?"

"When you're feelin' down and blue, there's just one thing you should do… I'm gonna make love to you woman, I'm gonna lay you down—" Oh, that is SUCH an inspirational song, Chef. And Kyle, I still don't like you.

"Doctor: Oh, yes, of course. Well, normally we would start by administering E… Epi… [Sigh] The medicine that makes you throw up." TROLOLOL. Epicac. Where did you learn all this stuff? D: Lol. S-h-i-tting out the peroxide? I haven't really watched much episodes of SP where there're hospital scenes and stuff, but Hell's Gate hospital sounds pretty damn awful.

Yep, I'm getting the background story of how Becca ended up with Cartman.

"Cartman: Ha, stupid little kid! Go ahead, play with Mr. Bananapants!

Becca picks up the monkey and hugs it.

Cartman: Goddamn it!" Cartman did you think Becca was that stupid! HA!

Mindy is way better than the Doctor.

I giggled at this: "Kyle clears his throat. Cartman drops his stuffed animal.

Cartman: Stupid kid! Stop bothering me! For the last time, I don't want to play with your stupid little dolls!

Becca: But these are YOURS." BWAHAHAHA. You're caught, Cartman! And you're such an arsehole! I like him because he acts like a jackass half the time, but to be honest him and his antisemitism just right out annoys the guts out of me! "If there is one trace on the baby of being Jewish" Really? -_- I think his plan was hilarious. :D

"Sheila: I didn't TAKE that picture, sweetheart, my boyfriend did." What? Her boyfriend took a photo of her...naked? If I'd been Sheila I'd have slapped him silly. Or kicked him in the nuts.

"Becca: You are a good brother, Eric. You're the best big brother in the whole wide world." She is SO brainwashed. By what I like to call the Ericrapism.

I can't believe Charlie forgave Kyle so easily! That annoys me so much! I mean, he caused her injuries to worsen! True, he did get the ambulance and Charlie did go into another, better, home, but still. /growls angrily

Huh, weird. Charlie's going to be living with Stan? I thought in some of the one-shots I read I sort of got it in my head that she was living with Kenny (which wouldn't make much sense since he's poor and all). I probably read wrongly.

Anyway, poor Bonnie. For getting her nude pictures sold. Anyway, great part 2. I'm going to check out the next when I'm done being busy. )X Yay, you're working on another one-shot? Awesome!

loadsamoney chapter 5 . 12/20/2011
I enjoyed this story loads! It deserves far more attention that it's getting. You did the script thing really well; It's difficult to do a script and make it as entertaining as a story, but you managed it. The hilarity of everyone makes up for the lack of description tenfold!

Most OC's are Mary-sues, and are not interesting at all, but this girl was a very convincing character, and I could imagine her in south park.

You kept in character perfectly, alas, too many authors don't, and you balanced the innocence of the boys with their more mature language and knowledge perfectly.

I'm a fan of your work already!
Jodiexxx chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
I thought I wouldn't like this. I was wrong. :)

There're about ten gazillion lines I'd like to etch in my brain to remember forever, but since I have limited space here, I'd just list a few of my /ultimate/ favorites down:

"KENNY: (Maybe she likes rough sex.)" Oh, Kenneh.

"CHARLIE: I do not! I just… fell down the stairs.

KYLE: On your arm?

CHARLIE: …Yes." This reminds me of some book I once read. This guy, he had a hickey on his neck, and his best friend was like, dude, where did you get that? And he covered his neck and was like, I fell. And his best friend was like, "On your NECK?"

"WENDY: I love that name! Stan, do you think Charlie would like to go out with Bebe? When she saw him earlier at recess, she said she thought he was cute." and all the quotes below that had Wendy believing that Charlie was a boy. ESPECIALLY when Wendy made Stan go ask Charlie. If, you know, 'he' would want to go out with Bebe.

"Charlie doesn't move.

WENDY: Yes! This is so exciting! Bebe has a boyfriend!

Bebe runs up and kisses Charlie on the cheek. Charlie appears to be completely petrified. The two girls run off together." SERIOUSLY? /giggles hysterically

Wow. Does she have like some boyish haircut? I know of some girls who do. XD

"CARTMAN: I'll prove it to you! Charlie, pull down your pants!

CHARLIE: What? No thanks." I can just tell things are going to get interesting. Wow. Charlie must have monstrous strength in her leg to get Cartman to puke blood just like that. :O

And, I never really thought the Terrance and Phillip show was funny. Fart jokes aren't that funny. -_- I did think they were really cute, though. XD Terrance and Phillip, I mean.

Oh my god, Mr. Mackey. He pisses the crap out of me. Every time I see him come on, I have this urge to pull out my earphones so I don't have to hear him say m'kay. -_-

Cartman, you jackass! Don't kick a girl in the crotch!

"SHEILA: This is a JEWISH household, young lady, and we NEVER say the J word. Kyle, I think it's about time for your new "friend" to go home. [She leaves the room, mumbling.] And in front of Ike too; what a terrible influence.

CHARLIE: … I'm sorry for saying the J word.

STAN: Don't worry. There's no such thing. Kyle's mom just doesn't like you.


Charlie's mom is evil. Sort of. She seems bipolar. I want to hate her, but...:/

"BEBE: Ahem. This is a story of trust, of love, of betrayal… But mostly, it's the story of how I was tricked into believing that a girl was a boy, and my inner struggle throughout this experience, and after.

Charlie covers her face with her hands.

MR. GARRISON: Um, you're supposed to talk about a famous scientist from hist—" What the hell? (in a good way) You won't believe how long this smile has been on my face since I started reading this.

And this one, is possibly one of my ultimate favoritest(not a real word!) favorite quote: "MR. GARRISON: We all know what happens. Charlie is a little girl. How embarrassing. Take your seat, Bebe."

"Butter-Man and the Invasion of the Bad Guys." - this reminds me of Captain Underpants. :D I sort of feel bad for Butters in here. Actually, I always feel bad for him. But whatever; I still feel bad for him.

Regarding Kyle telling Mr. Mackey about what's going on: KYLE YOU TRAITOR I HATE YOU YOU STUPID JEW.

/reads to the end of Part 1

I was right. Kyle, you made a horrendous mistake and I detest you with all my soul now. I hate tattletales the most. And Becca...Y U SO OBLIVIOUS.

Um, I've come to the end of my review now. I like this story. I'll go onto the next chapter tomorrow/the day after tomorrow (because it's 11:31 PM and I should really be writing my own story before going to sleep and tomorrow I'm going out with my best friends and yay for run-on sentences and lol I should probably stop now). You may have found yourself a lifetime reader. ...if you continue writing stuff as good as these. Which, I believe you will. :D Yay. Great job, keep it up!


PS. Ooh, I've eaten those cookies before! They're good. They're my favorite flavor(?) for Girl Guide cookies:D Thanks for the links! My review made you laugh? ;_; Well, your stories made me smile. :'D