Reviews for Dynasty Series 13: Ties that bind
westernlily chapter 1 . 2/12
I love all your Dynasty stories, particularly this one. I'd love to see how it's going to end, so I hope you're going to finish it eventually!
heresvivi chapter 6 . 2/18/2016
PLEASE finish this wonderful story! I have a feeling Alexis & Blake will end up together. I think Dex & Alexis are the sexier couple & that the chemistry between them will always pull them back together. I hate the idea of Fallon & Dex! Too incestous. Plus what is going to happen with Blake's , Ethan/Tom , son? Since Alexis is my all time favorite character, And I think the most beautiful & sexy of all the Dynasty women, it is hard to fathom that Dex would find her daughter more attractive. As with Sable, I think sleeping with Fallon was to get back at Alexis. And that Alexis will always be the person Dex loves.
evenlulu chapter 6 . 11/6/2015
ss9 your writing is fabulous! You must finish this or at least update it. You really convey the characters emotional life beautifully. I've found myself moved to tears more then once reading your Dynasty stories! They are so well written. I absolutely hate that Dex & Fallon had sex. I am not a fan of this coupling. Sorry. I love how Dex & Alexis always are drawn back to each other & this Fallon indiscretion makes that possible reunion impossible. In my opinion. Also a big supporter of Blake & Alexis. Lol. More love scenes! Especially stories like The Elevator & The Office. more Alexis Drabble! Oh and a really naughty suggestion? Alexis & Jeff Colby hooking up. I could definitely see how Jeff would be highly attracted to her & in involving Dex & Fallon you have opened the door for a hurt Alexis to look for comfort and assurance. P.S. I always thought Blake protested too loudly about his hatred of Alexis. And back in the day always fantasized about the two of them sharing a few lustful nights together. Bravo!
Chippy70 chapter 6 . 9/10/2013
I know I am in the minority but still prefer Dex and Alexis together - there is too much conflict with Blake and Alexis. Avid fan - I cannot wait for the next entries
G chapter 1 . 3/8/2013
Love your stories! Can't wait for more! Keep them coming!
Reba-Brockfan chapter 6 . 10/7/2012
How horrible! Now she will have to talk about what happened in Australia with Blake. Will he find out soon that Ethan and Jess are family? Jess seems to have postpartum depression and Krystle seems to have symptoms again. Things are headed downhill. It's interesting to read. Update soon!
Reba-Brockfan chapter 5 . 7/2/2012
I'm glad that Alexis and Dex seem to be officially over. I hope that Blake continues to hang in there with Alexis. I like the Fallon/Dex pairing. I wonder if they'll get to finish or if someone will walk in on them. I want to see what you have in store for these two. Loved it! Update soon!
Reba-Brockfan chapter 2 . 1/25/2012
This chapter was so intriguing. The plot is really thickening now. Tom/Ethan was mixed up with Cecil/Charles/Logan against the Carringtons. I'm surprised that Tom/Ethan actually took Alexis to bed if he respected Cecil/Charles that much. Cecil really loved Alexis. He didn't want any harm to come to her. I like the idea of Krystle/Jackson and Fallon/Dex pairing. The possibilities are interesting to consider. Poor Jeff needs a love life already. He hasn't had someone to really love him in awhile. Fallon just keeps using him. I look forward to reading more soon!
unnamed visitor chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
While I don’t give Dex much thought and I think that he has become somewhat of a bad rash that won’t go away, I have to admit that the couple Dex/Fallon has crossed my mind more than once. While I am not really a fan of Krystal and still didn’t like that you brought her into your series I do feel bad that she had to find out about Blake/Alexis reuniting the way she did. I really hope she is not going to do anything stupid and just suck it up and move on with her life and hopefully with someone else. It obvious that Jackson cares very much for Krystal and has feelings for her and he might just be what Krystal needs.

What I loved most about this new story is of course my favorite couple Blake/Alexis and their scenes together were beautiful and very well written as always. I agree if Blake/Alexis are going to start over I think doing it in a new house would be a great place to start. One of my favorite Blake/Alexis scenes was Blake comforting Alexis while she was having a moment when her rape began to haunt her again. Maybe at some point Alexis should take her own advice and talk to someone too. One of the reasons why I hope that Alexis will learn of Jessica’s connection to Blake soon is so it will prompt her to confession her rape not only to Blake but Jackson so that both men can protect Jessica that bastard Ethan/Thomas Jr. I am very much looking forward to what Alexis has plan for Blake’s birthday and I hope nothing ruins it. Keep up the excellent work and I am looking forward to your next update of this story and The Christmas Carol as well.

P.S. When all is said and done please let the winner be Blake/Alexis and for Ethan to be rotting in hell where he belongs.
Reba-Brockfan chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
Things makes more sense now. Tom is Jackson's best friend, although he's not much of one. When is Jackson going to see Ethan for the man that he is today? I see a Jackson/Krystle pairing. I also see Ethan encouraging that one. I see a triangle between Adam, Ethan, and Marin. I also see a Fallon/Dex pairing. It wouldn't be the first time that Alexis and Fallon slept with the same guy, for example, Mark Jennings. I'm loving this new story in the series.