Reviews for We Wish you a Legendary Christmas!
Chrissy chapter 3 . 5/27/2017
First off, I don't know who Drew is, so no reason for me to hate! :D

Second off, I loved this book, I found it extraordinarily touching.

Third off, when Mew said that her and Arceus should switch, that got my mind going. Can you next holiday season, make a chapter about that?


Guest chapter 3 . 11/18/2014
You tend to have a lot of dark fics. It's nice to see you doing something with a lighter tone for a change. Not that your other fics are bad, of course.
Dustchu chapter 3 . 8/30/2013
Whew! finally read this. *Wipes sweat away*

And wow was this a great chapter! :D good work and awesome job as always my friend, awesome writing and so on! :D

Pretty intense fight with the Brother duo, thought they wouldn't make it there for a second, glad they made it! :D

wow, Drew huh... Who the hell is Drew?

And wow, dang. that fight with Reaper Mewtwo and Epsilon. Holy crap! that was awesome, good job on it.

Love the tree of beginning, love it! :D Mew is awesome! :D I would so hang with her! :D

I feel kind of bad for Zephyr, Lost his brother. dang.

And, I really did not expect this from Reaper at all. "he had a soft spot for children who were far less fortunate than the humans that had befriended the legendaries." I really did not expect him to go out and get gifts and give them to the kids. Holy crap that was, pretty nice of him to do... I liked it. :)

well awesome job awesome writing and amazing work. I rate this whole story. UBERAWEPICDARY! :D good job and till next time my friend! :D

Dustchu: May the Aura be with you. *Salutes*
Dustchu chapter 2 . 8/29/2013
Wow, this chapter was pure awesomeness! :D

The start was amazing and when it got to the descriptions of Laia Tina and Larissa, Three letters and half a word.
B-e-a-utiful They were drop dead Amazing! :D

and everybody having a good time, the gifts and the whole eating thing made me Lol everywhere! XD

and freaking Ash. what is the deal with his stomach anyway?! is it cursed to never be full? XD

and the scene between Leon and Dialga, that was awesome. I loved it!

this whole chapter was so awesome, no. UBERAWEPICDARY! :D good work, awesome writing and amazing job my friend. keep it up for future fics and stay frosty! :D
Dustchu chapter 1 . 8/26/2013
Awesomeness! :D I would straight up love to spend the holidays in Kanto. I think that would be awesome :)

This chapter was very awesome! :D right down to the characters and the place they were in! :D

and your description of Dialga, one word... Hot! :D She is very similar to my description of her in TOTD. hmm... I wonder.

I loved this chapter, awesome work and amazing writing! :D I love your work! :D I will read the next chapter later as I need a break, been reading all day. bunch of fanfics and City Of Bones which is actually pretty good. :D

Dustchu: till next time. May the Aura be with you friend and ranger. *Salutes*
technoWriter15 chapter 1 . 4/14/2013
:D yay
Ardtornismyname chapter 3 . 12/23/2012
yep you should totally have Arceus and Mewtwo interact in the main story sometime.
The Gray Dragon chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
This was a very interesting take on the holidays for Legendaries. I liked the different perspectives that were given throughout the chapter. I also found it neat that your other story played a major history for this story.
Palkia, always the warrior. Never takes the time to enjoy the peacefulness of now.
Uh-oh, does the big steel tank of a Legendary have a crush on a certain individual, Leon? :)
MegaAuthor chapter 3 . 12/20/2012
Megaauthor here wishing you a Merry Christmas to you on Kuala Lumpur (I'm on a holiday mood). You are darn early for a Christmas fic, but what the hell, it's fine so long as I'm enjoying reading abd reviewing.

Oh, and thanks for the heads up on no merry spirit. I'll try and enjoy it with the best of my abilities.

Archeus and Mew are so darn cute in their on world; one is stressing out and the other keep tugging the sleeve expecting present to pop out XD. I guess it's now official that Mew is officially the most annoying pokemon character ever, and a darn cute one too!

While most human characters are doing their things (combat crime, training, charity) I'm surprised that the're is a pokemon battle among the legendary. And even though it's just a spar, the magnitude of its sheer power is undeniable.

I can't stress out how OP the legendary pokemon is, but at least they are legendary for a reason.

...and speaking of legendary...

Ash is trying to become a legendary trainer? Ha! Good luck with that Ash! You must at least beat all region gym genuinely, beat each continental Elite Four and their champion and then best the one trainer living on My Silver to claim that title.

...which begs the question, does the legendary pokemon even know the existence of 'him'? If they do, shouldn't they gift 'him' a gift too? I know what Raine will give 'him' though; a rematch! Go get 'him' Raine! Your Original is supporting you!

Raine Reddins: you heard him! Give that 'guy' a proper rematch!
Blade:we're rooting all the way here, just remember to keep your head up and fight with renewed confident. There is no shame on backing down
Raine Reddins:...yeah, what Blade says!

...well, even my OC is rooting the spin-off characters. So I'll see myself off. I got myself a fic working here too on Chrismas, it goes something like this;
"My life for Aiur!"

No rating for you, since it is Chrismas and all. Here is some Internet Turkey for you, fresh from Far Cry 3 world :P

Ardtornismyname chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
Victini and Keldeo: *cutting down a tree* It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday. Not your normal average everyday!
Kyurem: Sounds like someone felled my old Coral tree. Victini, Keldeo, why'd you do this to me?
Victini and Keldeo: The world feels like its in loverly!
Kyurem: *angry* Go away before I harm you bodily!
Victini and Keldeo: This christmas feels like the very first christmas to me! The'll be shopping decorating and plenty of snow!
Victini: *pointing at Kyurem* Hey Keldeo who's that under the mistletoe?
Kyurem: *comes out of mistletoe* What? Who? Me? Would you look at the time I should go! *runs away*
Genesect: *hanging up decorations* People seem a little more brotherly!
Cobalion: *hands Terrakion a present* Here's a special something from you to me!
Victini and Keldeo: Even all the trash on Christmas it smells so sweetly! This christmas feels like the very christmas to me!
Victini: *waving arms around in a stupid and goofy fasion* Lalaladadalala Lalaladadalala lalaladadalala lalaladadalala
Kyurem: *emerging from cave* What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy!
Victini and Keldeo: Step outside we've got something for you to see!
Kyurem: *seeing the decorations* Victini take this stuff down immediately!
Victini and Keldeo: Chestnuts roasting and burned to the third degree!
Cobalion and Virizion: Tonight things are as good as they seem to be!
Keldeo: *putting a star on christmas tree* A star on top will complete all the scenery!
All Legendaries: This christmas feels like *Meloetta pops out of nowhere and sings in a high piched voice* The very first christmas to me!
All Legendaries: This christmas feels like the very first christmas to me!
Imperial539 chapter 2 . 8/22/2012
The only thing that comes to mind is incredible. Unlike other stories of it's length, I understood what was going on at all times. Easily one of the best Pokémon stories on the site. Also, being a fan of the Ash and Latias paring helps increase my enjoyment of this story anyway. The OC's you've added don't actually clash or seem forced into the story. That seems to be the biggest problem on the site, too many OC's that don't fit the story. (Sorry if they're actually real characters, my knowledge of Pokémon, or at least the Japanese names for characters, is limited.) The only thing I see that could be problematic, is that this sort of acts as a spoiler for Uprising, but still a great story regardless.
SMA-H chapter 2 . 3/30/2012
Cool fic! Nicely written. ALTOSHIPPING FOREVAAAH!
MegaAuthor chapter 2 . 12/26/2011
Yeah! Merry Christmas to you! And It's 2.50am too! God I really need to sleep in time...

Ash, Latios, Laia and Giratina! Together! While the dimwit eating more than a legion of Rangers could compasate! This does not go well... :P

While it's funny how Ash is now in his 20th (and as a dimwit he is, had no freaking idea what romance is... Jesus Christ!), its rather amusing to see how the others would talk about some sad, joyful moment and the guy would just OMNOMNOM his burgers neglecting everything around him... I wanna see him do that in the middle of the battlefield just so it sounds rather funny... and awdward at the same time. :P

Archeus got presents, the legendary got presents, the human got presents, need I said more? :D

It's rather sad that another spoiler is here, but that spoiler turns out to be... rather off topic for the pokemon universe... is that a good thing or a bad thing? Please don't make a spinoff of another intergalactic badasses that came to ruled Earth just because they had cute creature (called Pokemon) and a deliciously consumable biomass (that's human folks) to assimilate and to OMNOMNOM on.

Yet another pokemon... you know what? I should be thankful to even read this fic so who really cares? I had a wonderful time going through this fic that any complain simple outweights it all with Mew, Dawn, that dimwit Ash and whoever it was that is just as important as Santa Claus(and due to this Christmas holiday, all things are meant to forgive and forget)

And you are one cunning bastard to... breaking a 4th wall to keep the spoiler away from harm.

Though generally not as bad as the first one, I'll give you a high score of 11/10; 5 points are your Christmas Present, so be very thankful lad.

Have a jolly Christmas in Hong Kong dude, and enjoy while it last, cause in 2012... who knows what might happen?

Nicole: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! (sigh) I'm so out of character.

Germi: I think you look rather jolly!

Nicole: I'm not even smiling.

Leon: Wait... do I know you?

Nicole: oh oh, our covers are blown! This calls for a strategic retreat!

Germi: See you again china-boy!

Leon:... how did she... know my...

Dialga: something tells me you have a cute name...

Leon: I DO NOT!

Merry Christmas Soldier!

Arsenal18 chapter 1 . 12/25/2011
This story seems interesting and well thought out. Hmm two big legendaries cooking that an interesting picture to think of. Great start of a story and update soon.
MegaAuthor chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
Wow dude, Christmas is coming and this fic actually throws every merry season out of the window with rather depressing talk about the past and the war and... wait are we talking about the same Merry Christmas scene, or is this all NOT so Merry Christmas?

I dunno man, perhaps its your taste for giving out Christmas presents; a mix bag of joyful moment and sad memories.

Archeus and Mew are... CUTE! Mew was happily playing and trolling (TROLOLOLOLOL) with Lord Archeus despite being a Genetic Legendary, and bold too, being able to nag her way to beat Archeus own game. Being a Alpha Legendary is all good and fun, but if there is one creature that could subdue this big bad pokemon, it will definately be the First Generation Pokemon Legendaries ;P

Ahh... another Black and White Pokemon Legendaries, but this time they live in Unova, not restricted to Archeus Rule. Err... not much to say other than their comment on baking cakes and... wait... Legendary Pokemon that bake cakes...?

It's the end of the world already! Hell has Frozen over! Flee! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Now then, the rest of the story involve Leon and Jimmy with the respective Legendary Pokemon tolling around in this human lifestyle, small humor bone are confirm to tickle the muscle, but what really takes away the 'Merry' part is how depressing it is. Not that I would judge you from making a good fic, but please reframe from this 'painful past' and focus on 'HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS' cheerful atmosphere... then you can properly snag 2 pokebirds with one pokeball.

Oh, and you should also warn the people who is reading this fic with a big warning sign like 'SPOILER ALERT! CONTAINS SPOILER THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN IN POKEMON HEROES; UPRISING!'

Just focus on the merry part of the story and leave the painful ones behind (in other words, lock that painful and possible spoiler contain part in some locker and throw the key into the pacific oceon; we don't need it)

Still, I would love to see the next chapter, hoping that this fic is as epic as its name.

I would rather give you a 6/10 scale, but if you took my small advice, I might ram up the number in your favor.

Enjoy the holidays Soldier; you earn it.