Reviews for Ashes, Records, and Window Panes
sue1zide chapter 3 . 10/1/2016
My opinion is based on only hearing her POV. I don't care for her uppity character. I'm pissed about his affair and his attitude but I feel he just gets sucked into her little game. She's crying for help but no one hears.
Due to my BP I'm not in the right frame of mind to continue reading this right now. I wouldn't be able to give a constructive review.
I'm bookmarking it to continue after my manic episode subsides.
Thank you.
sue1zide chapter 1 . 10/1/2016
At this point I can't see what she's fighting for.
Kickinl8tr chapter 14 . 9/29/2016
Love his story it was recd on Fb group. I have read before but good reread
APL chapter 15 . 9/25/2016
Fun story
kmfroggi chapter 15 . 7/27/2016
This was a wonderful story! Not every marriage is perfect, life and loss are the hardest things to make work, it was good to read a realistic story, marriage is wonderful but hard. I'm so happy they worked it out! And I command you for being so young and writing such a grown up story, it's sad that readers stopped reading because your young, that's stupid really! Can't wait to read more of your stories
Lady Moon Shadows chapter 10 . 7/16/2016
Ok, so he didn't sleep with her. He did have full intentions of sleeping with her though. He sought her out. He went to her house. He kissed her. Just because he stopped it before he had sex with her does not give him a free pass. He cheated again!
Lady Moon Shadows chapter 8 . 7/16/2016
So is he admitted that he cheated AGAIN? When Bella asked if he had been with Laren during their therapy and then now when she said forgive him a third time... It sounds like he did it again.
twiclare chapter 15 . 3/22/2016
That was a long haul for them but worth it in the end! Loved the story (which I saw rec'd on Facebook) thanks for sharing.
Pathomnemonic chapter 15 . 3/19/2016
Loved this story! I'm so impressed you wrote this at 16 years old - blows my mind!
Pathomnemonic chapter 7 . 3/19/2016
Oh wow. Speechless.
ruinedbyrob chapter 15 . 3/15/2016
Fantastic. Thank you for sharing.
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 13 . 3/14/2016
I think he should fly once a month, not drive...just sayin
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 12 . 3/14/2016
I knew she was taking a job away from where they live. Maybe he can follow her this tine.
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 8 . 3/14/2016
Thank goodness that bitch wasn't pregnant. Burnt Edward should have told Bella what Lauren was doing.
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 7 . 3/14/2016
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