Reviews for Sepia Tock Hearth Warming Carol
Peter Armstrong chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
[walls of text show how much readers care, please bear with me]

I truly loved this story. While at times it can be rather difficult to understand in that there are a few typo's, absent words or quotation marks, and occasionally the dialogue is too sparse to articulate what is happening in the scene- although for the most part that sparseness of expositional dialogue is what, in my opinion, makes the dialogue sound so believably realistic and conversational, and is one of the many marks of quality of the story.

I love to see Sepia be further developed as a character. I just can't describe how much I loved this little Christmas story of Sepia's. The premise was an extraordinarily imaginative way to rework a classic story as a framing device, and the conflict rooted solely in developing Sepia as a character speaks to the merit of the narrative. It flowed beautifully, and you applied the concept of Sepia being constantly mistaken for the Doctor in great form.

I was so glad to see the adventures of Sepia had updated. Your original story remains an outstanding favorite of mine, given that it's a fantastic interpretation of a character and fandom trope favorite, a story with a distinct and vivid characterizations, and the time travel concept was executed so exceedingly well and in such a context that it was never confusing, hard to follow or ridiculous and only benefited the story and revealed what a clever writer was a work.

But I digress. In your little Hearth's warming Carol, your fantastically clever imagination is back again! Your uncompromisingly dry humor returns in spades, and I can't stress enough how alluring and interesting, if not refreshing, the (for lack of a better term) pragmatic attitude of your stories is. Your characters are smart, and just seem like such reasonable, realistic, and BELIEVABLE individuals! They don't react out of turn, the emotional responses are reasonable and not overdone. The controlled emotions are a nice change from the flagrant and melodramatic reactions most fanfiction characters suffer from, the reactions of Sepia and other characters are very rational, deterministic and composed, contained, disciplined and reserved reasonable. THe character interactions are endearing and cute and simple and so very relatable. I love you Sepia and your Colgate, and your Trixie and Soarin'. They're all fun and cute and contrast wonderfully with the attitude of Sepia.

For what its worth, your Sepia is practically head canon for me. I truly adore your characters and their "simple" lives and interactions framed against such extravagant circumstances, and the message behind the story, Sepia's future self returning to change him, and the mark he leaves in life, just... I hesitate only out of principle to use the word "perfect".

A wiser man than I once wrote "A book in and of itself can sit on some shelf somewhere, gathering dust and rotting away, but a truly good story will stay fresh in a reader's mind forever."

It may not be a book, but the latter half of that message hods true to me. I would love to see a final epilogue close this series if there is nothing left to be said, if just to get closure for the characters whom I place such value on. Please?
Martin Wolf chapter 1 . 12/25/2011
I have to say, I've been enjoying this series as a whole, and this is no exception. My only criticism is that the last section of dialogue is a bit of a nightmare to understand. I reread it three times before I thought I knew what was happening. Not even because of the whole Future-Sepia/Past-Sepia thing, that was clear. It's just that sometime it isn't clear what a character is referring to, as in: "Must be expensive, all of this." What, exactly, is "all of this?" Regardless, I liked the story. Happy holidays!
monus chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
Excellent story, I liked how you put the whole story altogether, but there were minor grammar mistakes here, and I'm not even into the Doctor stuff.