Reviews for Path of the King
TigerJacob chapter 46 . 43m
Excellent fluff, will you be adding the additional smut here later on or is it only on pattyron? Either or thanks for the read.
Guest chapter 45 . 52m

Also, congrats on getting married.
A Whimsical Seishin chapter 46 . 1h
Congrat on your wedding and an excellent chapter.
bobo77 chapter 46 . 1h
this was quick
brtk136 chapter 46 . 1h
Well, you know how to make other people happy. I enjoyed this chapter a lot - this date was so sweet (well, until one point, but even after that it was great). I like that you are developing characters in these interludes. Perhaps it sounds stupid, but I am glad because of that - this makes them something more than fillers.
I said it once and I will say it again - have a great day and I hope that your wedding will be wonderful!
Best wishes!
MWkillkenny84 chapter 46 . 1h
... no comment. Ed é meglio che Taiga non venga _mai_ a sapere del 'commentino' di Raiga...
paolotejadaj chapter 46 . 1h
Great chapter and congratulations. I just hope for some Shirou x Satsuki scenes, because I want her to still be part of shirou’s harem. Until your next update
VN-Novels chapter 46 . 1h
Dammit! I wish I had cash to read the smut part!
The Increasing chapter 46 . 2h
ZenithTempest chapter 46 . 2h
Thanks for the chapter and enjoy your wedding. I do hope this story does end up in a harem pairing, considering how much you've teased it over the course of the story. I say this now only because Satsuki's lament on moving on indicates that perhaps this will be a single pairing, which seems like a waste considering how realistic you've made all of these different character relationships.
Gitaxis chapter 46 . 2h
Very sweet. I ship it.
Reader47 chapter 45 . 3h
Excellent chapter as always and congratulations on your wedding!
rc48177 chapter 46 . 3h're making me want to pay uuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Quathis chapter 46 . 3h
Yeah, Shirou seems to have well and truly embraced his new relationship status. I wonder how long it would take for Medea to feel comfortable enough to try making him jealous again. Seems Shirou didn't exactly make her hate the idea of a reoccurrence here. Given the previous misunderstanding with his relationship with Medusa, she may or may not feel like tickling that sleeping dragon again if the Gorgon's beauty and allure gets her feeling down about herself in Shirou's eyes. Or maybe it would just be a reversal of positions for them. Hard to tell at this point of their new relationship. Until next time.
MarcosWitt chapter 46 . 3h
Congratulations, Hope you enojy your weeding!... J
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