Reviews for A Very Green Hornet Christmas
ConfusedSoAmI chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
LOL! The only thing that Kato can make is coffee :)
B1ockh3d chapter 1 . 1/1/2012
Nice story! It really showed how everyone was like a family. You reviewed my story (Moved in,) and you had some questions. I would tell you over PM, but you disabled PM's. But I'll answer the questions here.

1) Acronyms for SAP and SARA?

I actually wanted to come up with stupid names to make comedic writing easier. Have you ever seen Kids next door? They have weird acronyms for everything. Anywho, SAP took me about a day to come up with. Creating acronyms really all comes down to what you're trying to say. I was trying to come up with a silly acronym for an artificial intelligence program that can think for itself. But AIP (Artificial Intelligence Program) didn't work. And I worked from there. Then I thought "Well, it can look and analyze a situation and think for itself, so... Situation Analyzing Program? That would be... SAP! Perfect!"

Now for SARA, it was easier. I already had the first two letters prepared, I just needed another two. I tried SAC (Situation Analyzing Car,) but that didn't have a ring to it. I then decided I would try to I've it a good name, and tried SARC (same thing as SAC, but the R is Robotic.) Then I pulled my hair out, and watched an original Green Hornet. In the opening theme, it referred the Black Beauty as a 'rolling arsenal.' So, I tried Situation Analyzing Robotic Arsenal. SARA. Perfect! It was a decent name, and it portrayed the meaning I wanted.

2) Interesting/mysterious story?

Simple one. I came up with just one mission, and that was how Kyle discovered Britt and Kato's double-life. Britt and Kato telling Kyle just didn't cut it for me. So, I figured I'll take the 'Batman and Robin' approach, and Kyle discovered it in the time of need, then goes and kicks ass. This actually worked out a lot better than I had hoped, and I planned it from the instant I started writing chapter one. So, plan one mission at a time and avoid plot holes and time gaps. I'm a very good person at that, and I keep track of how long I say something is and how long it's supposed to happen (for a better example, read my story 'Chrome's Brother.' I keep in track with the original timeline and my own timeline.) And also end each chapter on something interesting, like a cliffhanger.

3) You must be an EVIL GENIUS!

Thank you! And INDEED!