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Brunette chapter 25 . 10/27/2012
So, I loved Philippa's decision to leave the bracelet for Beni. When I started reading this, I really wasn't sure where it was going. But I liked her decision, this final closure (or is it? I'm still pushing for a sequel) between her and Beni.

I also like that Beni wasn't home when she left it. As much as I like their interactions, she already said goodbye in the previous chapter. And there's something so fascinating about her just leaving this priceless item for him. It makes me wonder what he would do with it, since, as we've established before, Beni really doesn't know how to enjoy good fortune when it comes to him.

All in all, a nice story, and a worthy take on a fandom cliche.
Brunette chapter 24 . 10/27/2012
So I read this chapter when you updated, and then the epilogue, and I've been thinking about both for a little bit.

I think the story wraps up nicely. I like the bar scene in particular. There's something very interesting about Philippa scanning the room for Beni and finding him. Saying goodbye was a nice close to their interactions, and I liked the way Beni handled it. It's almost like he forces people out of his life by not caring (pretending not to care?).

The final interaction between Rick and Evelyn was kind of a bummer, though. There was the suggestion of more, but not really a promise. For that alone, you should probably do a sequel. ;)

It's really interesting that Rick ultimatley decides to come back to America with Philippa, too. I suppose that's because his relationship with Evelyn never QUITE makes it to the point where he would stay.

Anyway, I thought the story wound down fairly well, and I was very fond of the epilogue, but I'll review that in a minute.
Brunette chapter 23 . 10/18/2012
Man, I can't believe it's almost over! Such a fun story, coming to a close...

Anyway, this was a good "descending action" chapter, kind of easing us back from everything that happened in the last couple. I think you tied up some nice loose ends, and the promise of receiving some Hamunaptra gold from the Med-Jai is satisfying for all of the characters.

Obviously, Beni getting away with his life is nice, too. :)

I'm curious just how you'll leave things with the characters. Without the whole breathtaking rescue of Evelyn from Imhotep's hands, she and O'Connell seem a little more distant now than they did at the end of the movie. They clearly still like one another a lot, but now that everything's over, one of them is going to have to stand up and acknowledge that there's something worth pursuing between them (or not, but that would be sad!).

The same goes for Jonathan and Philippa...though even less so. IS there something worth pursuing there? Jonathan, of course, is a doll who deserves to get the girl more than he does...but Philippa seems a little conflicted by Beni's presence in recent chapters, and it doesn't quite seem fair for her to "ride off into the sunset" with Jonathan.

Is Philippa going to return to America, with or without Rick? She's not exactly cut out for Egypt, but there's something kind of "wah wah wah" about her leaving while all the other characters stay behind.

You mentioned and epilogue, which kind of makes me assume that there isn't a sequel in sight (also, I'm not sure how you would make a sequel work in one sense, since the Med-Jai now have the books...WAIT. The Med-Jai are just returning them to Hamunpatra. So it's possible...though a sequel wouldn't necessarily have to have any focus on raising Imhotep at all. It could just be about Philippa. Sorry, rambling).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the concluding chapters. Definitely a nice story, and a nice take on the sister cliche.
Brunette chapter 22 . 10/10/2012
Nice chapter!

Seriously, this was a fun one, and I really enjoyed all the action taking place. Meela's exchange with the books was particularly clever, and it's hilarious that Beni's childish outburst of anger ended up being her demise.

Also, how great was the scene between Philippa and Beni? I thought the tensions between them was handled magnificently. Their relationship is fascinating. And I think having their past between them, from going to bed together to her asking him to come to America with her, just adds this fascinating level to their current interactions. Where is this going? Right now, they seem just as apt to get in bed together again as they do to part ways forever.

Anyway, a really nice chapter with some great characterizations. And I'm interested to see what they're going to do now that they have Meela, but no gold book. Update soon!
Brunette chapter 21 . 9/27/2012
I actually love the addition of the zombies. I thought that was pretty great, and it totally works in the setting. And really, why not? :)

This chapter was great. I think you handled the action very well. Action is so tricky to write, especially when you have to keep Rick interjecting the signature one-liners (which you also handled very well). I'd rather write pages and pages of dialogue that goes nowhere than one action sequence that moves the plot, so seriously, kudos to you. This worked well and it moved the characters at a good pace. You didn't rush it, but you also didn't agonize over the details. And that's quite a feat.

And I KNEW it was Meela! But, of course, who else would it be? Meela needs to be in more first movie stories. She just does. And I like the promise of some Meela/Evelyn past life interaction.

So they're about to get on board the barge...then what?! I'm a little concerned for them, with whatever trickery Meela has up her sleeve. Does Beni still have the key (could he possibly, since Meela seems to have used an incantation from the Book of the Dead to raise the zombies? I suppose he could always steal it back from her...)? How are he and Philippa (and their relationshiop) going to play into this? And how is their relationship going to be resolved?

So many questions! Seriously, a great update. I can't wait for more!
Brunette chapter 20 . 9/24/2012
Oh, duh, it's Ardeth. I kind of completely forgot about him.

I read this chapter when I got the update on Friday, but I'm just now getting around to the review, so I might need to refresh a little bit...

It's interesting to think about the Med-Jai spying on them and following them around, knowing full well that they have the books. Like so many moments in the movie, it has me wondering, "So...why not just kill them now?" The Med-Jai kind of fail at this whole protecting-Hamunaptra-at-all-costs thing. ;)

I also love that Beni is too quick and cunning for the Med-Jai. It's awesome because he's Beni, but it's also like...Who ISN'T? (I really can't get over how inept the Med-Jai's even canon, which is all the more perplexing).

Anyway, I have to assume that Beni took Meela out to Hamunaptra, and that's what's going down right now. What's going to happen next? And how does Philippa fit into it all?

As always, a great chapter!
Brunette chapter 19 . 9/20/2012
Ah, I love this story.

And this was an excellent chapter. I always think it's interesting how different people envision the Carnahan household. It's difficult to imagine them living in anything less than finery, even though they've clearly fallen on less-than-perfect times. I guess there's a definite sense that their parents left a legacy.

Anyway, that's always interesting to me.

Philippa and Rick's conversation was handled very well. I don't know if I've said this before, but you do a marvelous Rick. For whatever reason, he's a tough one for people to keep in character (I don't know if it's his voice, or simply the fact that female writers have trouble making sense of his macho attitude), and you always do very well with him.

It's nice for the two of them to have reached a level of closeness and comfort in their relationship. It's been a long time coming, and I think it happened at the right point in the story.

The most fascinating part of their conversation, though, was when they discussed Beni and how both of them have been "taken in by him." It's so interesting to consider them both giving him a chance, and why they would do that when he's so clearly...despicable. They share a level of pity for Beni that most people don't seem to have.

I also really liked Jonathan in this chapter. His lines were hilariously him, and I think it's great that he pushed the warden off of the boat.

And now...a cliffhanger! Who could be at the door? I have my suspicions (hopes?) that it's Beni, but who knows?
Brunette chapter 18 . 7/30/2012
I was so excited to see a new chapter of this! I've been hoping I would get the time to update some of mine, but we're in the middle of a big move and it's just not happening. But your stories always inspire me to update.

I love this chapter. I love Beni being reintroduced, I love him stealing the key, and I love him stealing the book. Is he going to sell them to Meela? That's my suspicion. It would be a great way to bring her into the plot (hint, hint).

And are they going to find him? Is Philippa going to have to tell Rick what has happened between her and Beni, for the sake of finding the key/book? And is Imhotep about to come back?

Ahh, I love this twist! For real, it's working so well, and I really like what it can do for the plot. With the Book of the Dead and the key on the loose, it's an obvious recipe for disaster.

And is Beni about to take some glory as the discoverer of Hamunaptra? Or will he just sell the stuff and move on with his life? He could totally do either, and I like that.

Again, I'm so glad you updated. And I can't wait to see what happens next! Maybe next week, when we're a little more settled, I can finally get a chapter up of The Scarab Society. Or A Good Time, the poor neglected thing.

Looking forward to the next update, and I hope your writer's block has past, or mostly past! This was definitely a good chapter, writer's block or no.
TheVengefulMermaid chapter 17 . 7/15/2012
Aww, glad that she and Jonathan are speaking and that she has his friendship again.
Okay. Back to the review.I just have to say I am completely glad I came across this particular story -Plus, I happen to like Philippa, she's got moxie alright! And she's no saint either, yet she still has her own insecurities.
Anyways what I like about this story is that I found the direction you decided to go with this very refreshing, it's just like stepping right into a new adventure and who doesn't love a new adventure?..Lol Rick O'Connell
perhaps?..okay lame jokes aside. I can't wait for your next update (:
Bardess of Avon chapter 17 . 7/11/2012
So I've been reading this the past couple days when I wasn't at work, and...oh wow. Normally I DETEST fics where an OC-especially if it's Rick's sister-goes along with the gang and changes the story. But Philippa is not obnoxious and not perfect and even though she does change the story, as far as I can tell, Imhotep isn't going to fall madly in love with her, and ALSO SHE IS A FLAPPER WHICH I LOVE, and she slept with Beni which is like what whoa, so...basically I love this so far. I am very excited to see where this goes, so...please update soon?
crouchingbunny chapter 17 . 7/10/2012
... I am not sure what to make of this chapter! Not that it isn't a good chapter, extremely well written, but Phil is getting scruples! Interesting turn here, although the story has slowed down considerably. Update soon!
Brunette chapter 17 . 7/10/2012
This was a nice chapter. I think it's good that Philippa finally had a moral breaking point and decided against sleeping with (or even kissing) Daniels. And her choice to continue on the high road was nicely illustrated in her choice to leave the key where the Americans would find it, rather than give it to Beni.

Also, Jonathan and Philippa's reconcilliation! I think it's relieving, in a way, that he's letting bygones be bygones, and their friendship (or more?) is starting anew. Choosing Jonathan over Beni is, of course, the right choice, and she's likely right that neither she nor Beni would be happy together.

Still...I missed Beni this chapter! What's she going to do about him? Regardless of her new decision to do right, she still has this odd relationship with him. And how interesting (if she does sever all ties with him) that she's going to be just another empty promise for him. It's not that he likely cared about running off with her, and probably would have abandoned her at the first chance. It's that she's going to be another person leaving him behind, as he probably figures everyone has, his whole life. (It would be interesting to see this addressed in some regard.)

And also, what about the key she has? And the black book? And the gold book? IS Imhotep going to be resurrected? Surely they can't have all the pieces RIGHT THERE and it still not happen...can they?

I do love this story! I'm glad to see you updated it!
Kitty Daniels chapter 17 . 7/10/2012
So close and yet so far for dear Mr. Daniels. XD So glad you updated again, can't wait for more!

crouchingbunny chapter 16 . 6/18/2012
Just can't say how well you portray the characters of the movie, I just have to ask how many times have you watched the movie lol it's really great! I'm finding Phil X Daniels much more palatable but i'm actually coming around to the Phil X Beni... i know i've had nothing but gag reflex for this pairing since the beginning but you have finally won me over. Beni aand Phil it is then! UPDATE SOON I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVERRRRR (in a non creepy way . i promise lol)
Brunette chapter 16 . 6/18/2012
I'm so happy to see this story updated! I can see with all the changes in the plot, how you might get blocked from time to time on what to do next. But I'm glad to see an update, and I'm really glad to see what's happening!

It's so fascinating to me that Philippa has the key and still. hasn't. given. it. to. Evy. I think it really speaks to her character and who she is. Even though she stole it in the first place, and it's her fault it ended up in Beni's hands, she seems content to keep it to herself now.

I LOVE the Americans and Dr. Chamberlain's conversation. Words cannot express. I love those characters and I think they're always so much fun to write/read. I love that the Americans discovered the compartment in the chest and have decided to take the Book of the Dead, and I love how helpless Dr. Chamberlain is against them. Have I used the word love enough in this paragraph?

Philippa and Beni's exchange (as per always) was fascinating. What DO they want from each other, excactly? Their relationship has been so intriguing throughout this entire story. And I keep waiting for Rick to learn about it. It's kind of this unspoken thing going on in the story that's "secretly" building suspense. IS he ever going to know?

And the end is a great twist! Is Philippa really going to sleep with Daniels? Really? That would just be craziness. The prospect is so interesting for the plot, and even if she doesn't, the fact that she seems willing to...for the sole purpose of stealing the book...for BENI, is just too much to handle. So you must update soon!

(Also, not to be a nag, but..."Deadly"? Where is that in the queue?)
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