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Pjsfangirlforlife chapter 19 . 7/12
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I really love this fic, and you have done such a good job with it so please update
Pjsfangirlforlife chapter 11 . 7/8
I have read this story before, and I read A LOT of pjo/hp crossovers and sometimes get them mixed up. I remembered that one had the hat and Fawkes as friends and they had conversations. I couldn't remember which one, though. I became so happy when I saw that this is the right one because I love their friendship.
Tenebris.Rosis chapter 19 . 6/27
Well, I finally re-read this whole thing again. Man, I really love this story so I am glad you haven't quit it altogether.
I love Remus and Nico's interactions, they are both so brilliant is like watching a spar of wits, and you can see them learning from each other.
Harry and Percy are both rather naive... I usually don't have anything against Annabeth's character, I don't still, despite her less than brilliant decisions so far, but I can't really see her surviving this ordeal, either one way or another, although I cannot see Percy recovering from her death either.
Nico and Hermione's interaction are the best. I love it when he teases her (she blushes easily).
Nico played the minister and Umbridge like a fiddle. They were dancing to his time without even noticing it. I love it because he is so cunning and he has this dark realistic side. He is definitely not the perfect hero that always does the right thing and is appalled by hard decisions like lying or killing when necessary. He understands the necessity of it.
Btw, that last scene was great. Although I really wish to see more of Leo, and hear his thoughts.
Keep going! Kudos for you and this story!
Martina chapter 18 . 6/27
I love your story. I love the plot and the way in which Nico relates to the magical world. I admire your writing, clean and effective enough to allow me easily to translate. if my bad grammar had not already made it clear to you, I'm Italian and bump into your story was a wonderful stroke of luck.
however I like the friendship between Harry and Nico, I hope the two have succeeded in creating a strong mutual trust, not only between them but also with Ron and their dorm mates, where I see a great way to make them feel all you know, more "normal adolescents".
last I wanted to congratulate you for NicoxHermione, I love them together and I sincerely hope you do not let him. I see a kind of tenderness in their two, like two people who, against all common sense, logic or other stand together and ... they work well and well. I can not wait to read the next chapter. Marti from Italy
HPPJ Fan chapter 19 . 6/24
This story is SO awesome! I seriously want to see the next chapters. Though, I just wanted to ask you, who is stronger, Percy or Nico? Anyway, will you give up before the story ends? Cause I want this story to continue till the end.
An Admirer chapter 3 . 5/26
Do you think Prince Nikolai is hot?
Hartemislover3693 chapter 19 . 5/16
I love this story! I remember starting to read it awhile ago but then you hadn’t updated in forever and I was upset cause I thought that you had lost inspiration. I wanted to thank you for continuing to write. Your writing skills are so amazing and much better than I could ever do. I love what you did to Nico in this story. I never would have imagined him like this but I feel like this is a great fit for him as a character. I loved the trial scene the most to be honest. Such a plot twist. Keep up the great writing and keep the plot twists coming!
Pussydestroyer69 chapter 19 . 5/16
When will your next post be great job by the way really enjoyed the last chapter
deathdragon121 chapter 19 . 5/16
please make a chapter 20 i love this story can you kill off Annabeth or reveal the story when Annabeth and Hazal meet? i would love that. great work! Nico is like so clever the way you presented him. please make another chapter. btw you are like sooooo evil! leaving us on a freaking cliff hanger! how could you ? soooo any way could you please like do another chapter or better yet do a another 10 chapters? you are like the best author and the best story i ever came across!
WhitePearlReaper chapter 19 . 5/15
DAMN. I know you said multiple times to pace it but I totally binge read this whole thing in two sessions, haha. This is fucking amazing. It's so hard to read how awful things are turning out between the Greek and Roman camps, but it makes sense. Also, damn, I know it's been written that it's been said that Nico is brilliant for coming up with his plan, but you wrote it, so lbr you're the brilliant on here lmfao. I'm excited to see what happens next! Ahhhhhhh excitement.
Lilliane Neilla chapter 19 . 5/11
Hello !

So … I remember comming accross this fanfiction a few years ago, and when I saw the update … I actually waited past my exam to give it my full attention xD

Anyway, since I've never comment your story before... this is probably going to take a while ! ( and since I read most of the author's note and your answers to the other reviews, I'm going to add my opinion of this too )

[It's longer than what I intended to do, sorry ]

Where to begin ? Well, the crossover and AU. I just love it. Really. I've read a lot ( and when I type a lot, it's A LOT ) of fanfictions in the two fandoms and a lot of crossover... and really, it's one of the best. You don't go ''the demigods are so much better and smarter than the wizard ( And I really liked the part with Chiron and Lupa which shows that wizards are considered a real threat!).

And mainly, you manage to keep the character in line and realistic … I just love it !
I really love how it's literrally a ''what if'' of HOO, and even thought I'm sadened by Hazel's death ( I did hope for a long time that it was just Nico who didn't perceived her life aura for some reason, but nope, she's dead ), and I really liked Nico and Reyna's friendship in canon ( mainly the fact that, at the and of HoH, she's like the only one not bothered by having to team up with Nico ). The fact that you did it whe most of the character and story weren't truly clear is amazing !
So yeah, I do think you've made one of the best crossover so far, and even if, because of life or other reason, you don't end it, I'll still remenber it as one of the best.

I've seen some people complain that they are a bit ooc but … well, it's an AU, it wasto be expected, and you openly say it ( what I'm trying to say is that I've read a lot of fanfictions where the character were ooc, and the author doesn't want to admit it. I mean, it's fine to be ooc as long as you warn or admit it, because I've seen some really good representations of characters where the author thought they were making them ooc because there are so many fic with characters who are ooc that it ends up making our view of some characters wrong … sorry, I rambling ).

And of course, one of the main complain... Nico's sexuality.
Well, you did say that you knew he was gay, and why he wasnt it your story.
And to be fair, you did write this before it was anounced, and you've made a good job whith the whole HerminexNico thing ( I really liked this chapter, because how you alternated serious and happy scenes ! ).
Personnaly, I prefer when the orientation of a character is respected when it is openly stated, but it actually didn't bother me that you made him date Hermione ( in a way, I can actually see them together, and you made me like this pairing ). And as long as it's not for homophobic reasons ( I did see fanfictions where Nico was hetero because the author refused that their favorite character was gay … it was kng of insulting ) I see no problem. In fact, if it hadn't been raised in the reviews, I probably wouldn't even have noticed it (I mean, it's a fanfiction, and even more … it's an AU !).
And to be fair, you wrote this before it was said in the book, so those who aske you to change it... I don't understand ( and like the sayong go, don't like don't read ) : you even made Nico say he had a crush on Percy at some point ! It's note like you deny it.
And you make som good point when you answer : it's true that Leo would probably have made more sense ( in term of character and representation, since Nico is not really a main character). But I want to add something that actually bother me about it. I did thought at some point that Nico could have a crush on Percy, so even though it wasn't the best way to show it ( come on , who actually believed for a second Nico could have a crush on Annabeth ? Maybe if they hac interacted more, but at that point, not really …), so I can see why Rick made him in love with Percy. And the reason I thought it was a good possibility is because Nico always come back to help him.
And well … I don't know if you've read a lot of fanfictions, but Nico seems to get a bit of an unfair treatment in many fanfics, even by his fans, saying he tried to kill Percy, that he betrayed him, that he did a lot of wrong things toward him, etc … And I'm always like ''What ? Are you serious ? Nico did a lot of thing for Percy when he didn't have to ! … '', because they both have an hard time getting along, and at the same time they work together and all … And now, rather than having to tell someone ''look, in book four, Percy thought Nico wanted to use his soul, but it wasn't the case, so stop saying he tried to kill him.'', I can just say '' hey ! He was in love woth him ! He didn't actually tried to harm him !''. And it … takes aways a part of the character, its depth, and what I liked about him. So yeah, I feel like saying Nico did things out of love rather than because he knew what was right and what was wrong, and was able to sort out his priorities and no let his personnal feelings influence his actions … it make me feel sad, because for me it takes away a bit of what made him Nico.
So while I'm not againt him being gay, I do have some problem with it, even though it's not so much his orientation than who he was attracted to.

Moving on . I liked the relationship between Nico and Percy, because that's what I would have like to see in the books ( them being different and all, but having lerned to get along ). I usually don't enjoy fanfic where they are depicted like this, because the author usually pin all the problems they had in the past on Nico ( when I say the fandom can be a bit unfair ...). So reading a fanfiction where that relationhip makes sens is refreshing. ( and seeing People refusing to see Percy's faults, especially after the passage in HoH when Jason says he doesn't trust Nico because Percy told him not to , and insist that Nico was the one who pushed them away when the others obviously didn't try to approach hurts. And really, why refuse to see a character's fault ? It's what make them deep and lovable. But I'm beginning to rant.).

And talking about relationships … I've seen some people asking for Will. And I need to rant somewhere ( and since you seem to actually read and have good arguments when you talk with people, I 's like to know what you think about the pairing). Because the main reason I ship them is the fanart ( I never saif the fanfom was totally bad ! ). I mean, they are really cute together and all. But I've seen a lot of fanfictions being really unfair to Nico while trying to depict this couple, and that's when I realized what was something bothering me.
While we can easily understand that Will had a crush on Nico for a long time, it seems that they didn't interacted before the end of Boo ( Nico saying, when seeing Will when Clovis shows him a meetin, that he rememenbred him as a healer who was on the first line during the battle of Manhattan. And I can testify that when everyone rejects you, you remenber it when someone actually apporach you, even if it's an akward interaction), and when they do, Will basically tells Nico that he didn't try to intergate himself. Like it was his fault people rejected him. And I'm probably way too sensitive about it, but I can't help but see Nico as that person who's being rejected when he has done nothing wrong, and who is still trying to be accepted. And while I like that he gets accepted in the end, making Will, who is made to be his love interest, says it was his fault because he didn't try hard enough ( like … REALLY ?! ), it hurts a lot. Maybe if someone actually pointed out it wasn't true in the book, I wouldn't have a problem, but I can't help but think that this sentence from Will, which is never said to be wrong, is part of why so many people depict Nico as this character who rejected people, and who didn't try to get accepted.

And that leads me to your Nico.

The Nico who tryed, who worked hard to be accapted, and ends up being rejected again. Who ends up being tired of being used then rejected. Of having to be nice. And who stop forgiving others. Because let's be honest, Nico forgives people really easily for someone whose main fault is meant to be resentful ( and I talk from experience ). And finaly see him stop being nice... it feels good. I probably shouldn't say that, but I love that he is getting angry. Because he has every rights to.
And seeing him being right and standind up for himsefl for once... and be acepted for who he is and not despite what he is... yeah. I just hope their reaction won't be too bad when they'll realize he is a demigod …
Nico being scary but still knowing right from wrong ( I was so afrais he was going to become evil … I don't want people who defend their own rights to end up being evil, I find that sad …).

And I finally comment on the chapter. Like I said, I loves that wizard ARE considered dnagerous, and are not put down by Demigods. I liked the scenes of Chrismas and New Year. I liked the way Nico goes to the ministry ( but I'm surprised people don't comment on the fact he disapears from Hogwart to sudendly reappaer, or maybe I missed something, or Moody's presence is what stops the question s ? ).
And come on ! I wanted to see his trial !
But well, it probably would have taken to long for the chapter, so I guess it's better that it will be in the next ! ( It doesn't stops me from wanting to see it though, especially nico's plan, and what Harry has to do woth it ).

( and the whole 'mana' and sticking the feet … I see what you did there ! )

So yeah, I guess I wrote a bit to much, but I hope you kow how good your story is !

[ I wanted to post this on Chapter 18 but the time it took me to write it you already ad the 19th posted ...]

Gods I was laughing so hard when Nico thought ''Checkmate'' . Really , I didn't expect that, this is pure genius ! ( I think I repeated this sentence at least a dozen of time ) When I saw Harry being wall to testify under Veritaserum, I did think that it could reveal he was telling the truth, but I didn't realized how it could play a role in the trial. This is pure genius ! ( yes, I'm repeating myself ).
Nice interaction between Percy and Jason, I'm glad neither of them are realy vilains.
wizardcrazy1 chapter 19 . 5/7
I LOVE UR STORY! This is the best Nico story I have read. I have literally reread this story 3 times. It is so much better than doing school work. Please update. I need more NicoxHermione or as I like to call them Dangerdi Angelo Granger). I can't wait for whatever happens next. Ur story is so addicting. ~Wizardcrazy1
Guest chapter 19 . 4/20
Hello! I’m back, and here with more love for your story!

I love how the trial worked out, it was extremely well planned out and there were so many interesting plot twists that happened! I love how you’re having Harry use his head a bit more! I’m sad that Will died, but that was to be expected and I agree that it’s better than killing off a few OCs. This was marvellously written, can’t wait for more!

I’m very excited for what is to come!
Zargham chapter 19 . 4/15
Plzzzzzzzzzzzz let Percy still be at least as strong as Nico.
I know this fic is Nico-centric and my favourite character is Nico too, but I can't bear the thought of Percy being weaker than Nico.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12
*Symathies sympathies*
*sensetiv sensitive*
Spelling correction. I only noticed after I alredy posted it :p
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