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NoctisStella20 chapter 6 . 7/27/2012
"It's Madoka!" Eria yelled.

"Believe it or not... Puella Madoka Magica is probably the only enjoyable anime that I can ACTUALLY watch..." Samara murmured.

"Alright! Look at the finale! That's one way to end it... IN STYLE!" Jason cheered.

As they danced, Cleric is the only one who danced with the most spirited moves while Vaan stays on the sidelines because he hates musicals. Eria tried to urge Vaan to dance.

"You said it!" Jason remarked next to Tai's bedroom.

Ha-ha! Now this is one way to end a fanfic! And now for the survey:

Fave Characters: EVERYONE! But yeah, i guess I'll go with Matt Ishida, what do you say?

Fave Villains: Lucemon and Myotismon.

Fave New Characters: Petermon and Tinkermon! I instantly loved them at once!

Fave Cameo Cartoon/Anime Characters: Almost everyone? But if I have to pick one... Twilight Sparkle! LOL.

Fave Comical Moments: Love Love Dance. That gag never gets old!

Fave Heartwarming Moments: The dance.

Fave Scary Moments: Aldruindramon, nuff said.

Fave Battles: The final battle. That's one way to end it with a finale... in STYLE!

Fave Unexpected Twists: Okay, I DID not expect the Love Love Dance part. That's so cool!

Still need some work to do but keep a good work at it! Just remember to make your own original twists and remember to try and synchronize it with the actual parody! Oh and don;t forget: make the dialogue as interesting as you can! :D
NoctisStella20 chapter 5 . 7/27/2012
Time for my next review!

"Lucemon... a fallen angel Digimon with an effeminate voice... why am I not surprised?" Jason commented dryly at the ghastly beauty in front of him.

"It's the apocalypse! We're doomed!" Tom cried out maniacally as Apocalymon rains his attacks upon them.

"Pizza crust? Are you a fan of Pizza Hut or something?" Jason yelled.

"I am SO not taking Apocalymon seriously now." Eria replied deadpanned.

"Woah! A fusion!" Jason gawked, "If Dragon Ball can do it then why not us?"

"Please Vanhell..." Samara replied coldly, "We are not meant to fusion with one another. Think of the atrocities you can create.

Team Elemental let out an awed sigh at the final defeat.

"Now that's what I call Fourth of July!" Hitsuki grinned at Alduindramon's destruction.
NoctisStella20 chapter 4 . 7/27/2012
Alright! Time for the next review!

"Ugh!" Ray Lin winced at Burizalor, "Myotismon is way much more bishie than him!"

Evil queen much?

"HOLY GUACAMOLE!" Jason cried out at Burizalor's first form, "The second one is far much more uglier than the last one!"

"NO!" Ray Lin lamented greatly at Jason's fact.

"It's Myotismon!" Eria gasped.

"Oh, finally!" Ray Lin squealed in glee. Samara responded by knocking her head on Earth.

"Can't villains be quiet with their plans just once? We already know it's all about destruction and stuff like that!" Vaan grumbled at Virus's proclamation.

Yes, Shoutmon will definitely be Simba...
NoctisStella20 chapter 3 . 7/27/2012
"Oh, jeez. It's HOOK. Is he going to fight a Digimon Peter Pan or something?" Jason chuckled in amusement before he saw Petermon, "Oh, never kind. Carry on."

Petermon and Tinkermon? It makes a lot of sense and it's canon material!

"Oh, if ONLY Petermon is real..." Ray Lin grumbled.

Tom's face turned pale as he saw Leviamon chased after Hookmon, terrified of the monster.

"Awww... I wish I had my own prince charming to dance with..." Eria sighed lovingly at the dance part.

"Keep dreaming." Vaan mumbled beside her.

"OH COME ON!" Jason seethed his teeth, "They cut off the best part! Why can't they make TaiXSora canon?"

"That castle doesn't look Disney..." Hitsuki mentioned at the gothic castle.

"No s*** Sherlock..." Samara added.
NoctisStella20 chapter 2 . 7/27/2012
Another chapter! Alright!

"Ugh..." Vaan's eye twitched in disgust at the Love Love Dance scene, "I'm not looking at them the same way again..."

"You have GOT to be JOKING me." Samara bluntly facepalmed at the dance.

"BUBBLES!" Cleric screamed in joy as he was surrounded by bubbles and frolicked around it, much to Samara's dismat.

Roy stared at MLP bubble and shrugged casually as Sally smiled at it.

"Oh, wait! Don't go!" Jason desperately tries to hug the Panty and Stocking bubble but it popped, "Damn..."

"THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN KINGDOM HEARTS DREAM DROP DISTANCE PEOPLE!" Jason cried out as he frantically tried to swam away from Whamon in futile.
NoctisStella20 chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
So this is your Fantasmic! fanfic... nice! It has a bit flair of originality although you need to work on synchronizing it with the actual Fantasmic! soundtrack...

But other than that, it's good! :)

"I want to go to Tokyo Disneysea..." Eria laments on the corner.

"Ah, yes... imagination is a powerful thing... it's a pity that reality always ruins it for us. Last time, I dreamed that I have my own harem only to be zapped by an alarm clock." Jason pouted.

Tom appears hiding from the corner, "Isn't this musical piece supposed to be set with Mickey Mouse and the walking broomsticks or something? Not a Digimon fight?"
JNaegi chapter 6 . 1/17/2012
Good conclusion to an up in hands adventure. Glad everything was able to turn out for the best. Here is the survey

Fave Characters: Tai, Sora, Agumon, Mimi

Fave Villians: Apocolpmon, CaptainHookmon, Lucemon

Fave New Characters: Gokuwmon, Tinkermon, Wendy

Fave Cameo: Seeing the Senshi at one point and seeing Kung Fu Panda

Fave Comical: The digimon singing

Fave Heartwarming: The dance with the couples

Fave Scary: Tai's dream becoming a Nightmare

Fave Battles: They were all good!

Fave Unexpected: Seeing other characters not normally seen, like all those cameos

Interesting story you had going, it was enjoyable to read!

Kanius chapter 6 . 1/17/2012
Great parody, my friend. I enjoyed the end with everyone coming together and cool cameo from Madoka Kaname.

Now for your survey

Fave Characters: Tai, Agumon, Karin, Dimitri, Sora

Fave Villains: Burizalor, Virus, Alduindramon, Myotismon

Fave New Characters: Gokuwmon, Petermon, Tinkermon, ShenPeacockmon

Fave Cameo Cartoon/Anime Characters: Madoka

Fave Comical Moments: The whole Peter Pan parody and the Love Love Dance scene with the Xros group.

Fave Heartwarming Moments: The dance with the couples

Fave Scary Moments: Aludindramon and some bits of the whole nightmare scenes

Fave Battles: VictoryGreymon/Omega X vs Aludindramon

Fave Unexpected Twists: Madoka showing up the way she did and Virus tricking Tai.

Cool parody. Looking forward to whatever else you bring out! I am preparing to revive my YYGDM fics (Dawn of Chaos and Pharaohmon Redux) soon. DoC will be updated later this month. Redux will return next month along with DFK Season 2.5 (late-Feb) and the first of the DF Movie fics (this will be a surprise).

Until your next story! :D
Kanius chapter 5 . 1/11/2012
Yes, it's about time Tai and Agumon defeated the nightmare villains. Nice debut with Alduindramon, a very frightening and powerful villain, and can't wait to use him in the forthcoming Cross Generations story (if everything goes well and as planned).

The pizza joke is back. Oh boy. Nice chapter and I can't wait for the conclusion!
JNaegi chapter 5 . 1/10/2012
That was good, Tai and Agumon finally conqour the nightmares. No matter what,Apocalymon always has to mention that pizza joke, I guess he wants some pizza or something?

Anyway keep up the good work and like how you are using disney characters or whatever movies you can find :)
Kanius chapter 4 . 1/9/2012
And son Tai and Agumon face the villains that ruined his dance. This also marks the (non-canon) debuts of PuiPuimon and MajuYakonmon, and ShenPeacockmon!

Evil twist in the end with Virus tricking Tai into pushing the button. I wonder where Tai and Agumon are going next? This definitely was bitter sweet revenge from the bad guys. Looking much forward to the last chapters!
Kanius chapter 3 . 1/9/2012
That was a fun little chapter. I liked the Peter Pan parody and cool to see you using those new Digimon based on Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Hook. :)

Nice touch adding a dance with the couples. It was cool to see Dimitri and Karin in there.
JNaegi chapter 4 . 1/8/2012
Good chapter dude! All those villians are giving it to Tai and Agumon and hopefully they can come out of this?

Keep up the good work!
JNaegi chapter 3 . 1/4/2012
Another good chapter. It's good seeing a dream version of Peter Pan, Capatain hook and Tinkerbell and nice touch with adding Sora, Matt, Mimi, Dimitri and Karin, it was cute!
Kanius chapter 2 . 12/24/2011
Oh, what a riot with the Xros Wars cast there and the 'Love Love Dance' added more hilarity!

This is a really some trippy stuff. I'm liking where this is going. The cameo bubble images of the different worlds and heroes was cool to see.

Oh boy, Tai and Agumon land on a pirate ship? Wonder what this could mean for them?
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