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Guest chapter 38 . 9/15
I read this fanfic constantly, it’s so gorgeous and addicting! I would be over the moon if there was ever another chapter or even another story, it’s so crazy I literally cry every time, thanks guys for one of my favorite reads️
TReader12 chapter 8 . 7/16
L m Q
Guest chapter 38 . 6/8
I don't like how it ended
There should be another part of this story
korijarrells chapter 38 . 6/4
I'm literally hurting. I'm heartbroken and depressed. I've found myself having to put this down mid chapter because I cant deal with the pain of it. While the characters may not be real, the story is. The addiction is all the same. It's all reality and it's so fucking sad. Love is the best and worst thing to feel. Its heartbreaking and heart healing. You've managed to put into words what others cant even begin to describe and I hope you've experienced it. I also hope that you havent. Fuck... it's all I can say, just...fuck.
Aboutthosecullens chapter 27 . 5/20
I want to punch the fuck out of Edward to be honest. Dude I can’t believe he has the nerve to get mad at Bella like asdfjhfjlgsf this Edward makes me so mad he’s so fucked up. Not in the understandable way, he’s fucked up in the Bella should run the other way way
GreenEyedGirl94 chapter 38 . 5/20
This truly is one of my absolute favorite fanfics. I come back to this one time after time! You managed to create a story that is so damaged and perfect. It’s perfectly imperfect. If you ever wanted to do more, I would love to read it.
Nia chapter 38 . 4/20
This is really well-written, unfortunately just has characters who do not grow or evolve, or have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. The only person I liked was Garrett, at certain intervals. I think what I take away from this is neither of them know what "love" is. It's like I can literally be evil and the worst form of humanity and just SAY it's love? Edward is the shittiest of shitbags. And Bella. Yikes. First I wanted her to grow a spine or some semblance of self-respect if not self-worth. But then I decided she's so pathetic that she actually deserves to be trashed upon by the likes of shitty Edward, and I do hope they end up together, if only so other more deserving people are spared their drama. Ugh. Bliss had no reason to be as pathetic as she was, Edward none to be as fucked up as he is. Petey, sure. Everyone else is just a waste. But hey, your writing was good enough that I read it all, mainly because I was hoping you'd kill them both off in a really long, poetic chapter(s). Ah well. Good read. Wouldn't read again, though. They're the worst.
Guest chapter 16 . 4/14
I get that this is shaping up to be a “Bella is young and dumb” type thing, but how stupid can you get? I’m usually all into asshole Edward but this is too much. She’s an idiot. An actual idiot
futurecullen26 chapter 38 . 4/8
I'm simultaneously more than satisfied with this ending and less than satisfied/crying and weeping because I need more. Anywho, while I sob, I just. There are some stories you love so much and hit you so deep that as much as you love it, you feel like you wouldn't survive reading it again. There has only been 1 other story like that for me, and now there's two. Thank you for this beautiful, real, heartbreaking journey. I can honestly say this story will stay a part of me and how I see life for a very very very long time. Absolutely stellar job.
futurecullen26 chapter 29 . 4/7
Every chapter I read of this story is pure poetry and God, this last chapter had paragraphs ever deeper than the rest - the one about growing up and being the judges, doctors, whoever who just watched these awful things happen when you were young. That one got to me. And I swear y'all have a way of making me feel as crazy as Bliss does. Okay I'm done, off to read the next chapter. Just kudos to you all for this. This story makes my heart swell-hurt (have I mentioned I love your prose?)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
Shitty story. I mean Bella is just annoying af. Who the hell stays near a person like Edward the shitbag? He's doing so much bullshit... and she just keeps staying with him.
And oh man... that ending was bad af!
Impossible Love chapter 2 . 3/26
I just can't believe its 2018 and people are coming back from everywhere to read it and leave a review, You are so good, YellowBella!
Impossible Love chapter 1 . 3/26
I read this fic so long ago. I was in my first year in college. This year Im graduating, or next year perhaps. Anyway, Im witing my thesis and I think I'm talking about it. Just so you know. I loved it
Lafemmevegeta chapter 38 . 3/25
What a really wonderful story. If there is a part 2, this would be even awesomer,
QueenEpicness chapter 38 . 3/15
nothing puts me into a emotional spiral like this fic it's amazing and I can't find anything angstier
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