Reviews for Dusty
Guest chapter 26 . 4/11
I love Garrett. I wish she went with him, but right is not right to people so wrong nothing else is right. Sigh.
debslmac chapter 38 . 4/4
loved this story
RandomReviewer chapter 1 . 4/1
Good luck with your book :)
GuardianAlex chapter 38 . 4/3
Congrats on piblished
debslmac chapter 4 . 4/3
ladymonia chapter 38 . 4/1
Thank you for this Beautiful story!
I'm dying to khow what happens next! Don't let me wait toooo much plz ;)
janosch73 chapter 38 . 3/28
This review is so damn hard to write. How do you even comment on something that has drained you emotionally, made you weep and sob, laugh and squeel all in the same story? This story had such an impact on me that sometimes I could only read one or two chapters, at one point I read till four in the morning because I couln't stop and right after that I had to be at work at 9. At some points the secrecy and the unbelievable feature that nobody realized their relationship or how Edward's parents didn't really deal with his addiction started to get to me and really annoy me. Sometimes also the story seemed to drag a bit but the biggest reason why this story had such an impact on me was that you two are freaking writers and poets with a capital letter. The vocabulary, the synonyms, the raw feelings and especially how you described their love just got to my bones. You could make a fortune with publishing those love lines in wedding books! They were just epic. I also loved how you portrayed the friendship between Alice and Bella.

And I don't really have the words to describe your E and B. In this whole fandom I have the toughest tome reading about E harming himself with hard drugs. And damn how selfish and cheating but possessive and broken he was. I loved your really girlie B but her two faces made me hate her, too. But that's what good writing does to you. It evokes emotions and you are never ever the same again. That's what happened with me and Dusty. I'm so glad you are publishing Dusty. It definitely deserves a bigger audience and I can't wait to get my own copy of it!
misslibby chapter 38 . 3/21 was starting to think you guys were really gonna do it. separate them. I don't know how I could have swallowed that after what you put me through for them. shit. I am not ok, I gotta find a short sweetward right the fuck now.
Epic-Azn-Failure chapter 38 . 3/19
I fell in love with this story. I cannot count how many times I cried, but I know that while sad, this story was beautiful. I started reading Pickup Truck and noticed in the authors note that there's a future take for this story. I was wondering if the future take was chapter 38, or is it not posted on fanfiction. If you could tell me how to find it, that would be lovely. Also congratulations on publishing.
bodyelectrics chapter 38 . 3/18
You are such a good writer i made an account to follow you. I feel like this fic is engraved in my soul lmao
Guest chapter 1 . 3/12
I didn't know this was still here... Rereading now.
Mgonz595 chapter 38 . 3/13
Finally finished reading this, I lost touch for awhile. This story stuck a cord in me, made me remember my dusty. All the hurt and love so good it hurt and the addiction to the boy. My heart broke all over again along with Bella's but I went back every time just like Bella did, I could never say no either. Hope we get to see a glimpse in their future. In the end of my Dusty story, I never answered his last phone call. You write beautifully.
Groundedforlife chapter 38 . 3/8
Wow. Just wow. I haven't read a new fic in a while and a friend of mine mentioned that she was reading one that consumed her. I decided to give it a shot and it was quite a roller coaster. I am not much for reviewing. I never have anything other than "love this fic" or "can't wait for another update". Thanks for writing this fic. I hope that I can get a glimpse of Bliss's and Dusty's future someday. It doesn't matter to me if they are together or apart, as long as they are ok.

Thanks again!

Guest chapter 38 . 3/3
LOVED THIS! Awesome story
emilygb6 chapter 38 . 3/4
3rd read-still makes me cry like a baby. I love you people.
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